2nd May 2007, 19:39

My wife owns a 2.0 liter 1998 Mystique with automatic transmission and it has 93k miles. It was bought used with less than 50k miles. I have the same issues as everybody else. The vehicle was running great until the timing belt broke off, that was my fault. Check engine light came on and car would stalled, change one of the O2 sensor and that fix the problem. I nearly loss my head when opening the trunk because the door came down on me like an ax, the door won't stay up I have to use a piece of 2x4 to keep it open.

Now the car stalls when the A/C is running, and the vehicle shakes when traveling at 70 mph. Does anybody know what could cause the stalling?


3rd May 2007, 04:46

The 1996 Mercury Mystique CD4E had problems with the valve body in the transmission. The plungers stick, break and wear out in the valve body.

Most times if you buy a rebuilt transmission valve body with the new solenoids, put that in with a new filter and trans oil, it will solve the bucking and shifting problems.

You can buy a new valve body here: http://www.valvebodyxpress.com/prodView.php?theId=37

Good luck everyone!


12th May 2007, 12:36

Miguel. I have a 96 mystique gs, I had the same problem with my car stalling with the ac on, I disconnected the wiring harness from the ac compressor and the problem is now gone. so I would get your compressor looked at as it may be the source of your problem.

3rd Jun 2007, 01:43

Ha ha, I have had almost all these problems too with mine. I just haven't minded as much because I got mine cheap when someone else couldn't afford the payments. Lets see...

I glued the antenna up since when it would come down after turning off the radio, it would get stuck there.

Slats on the heater vents and cup holders broke because of cheap plastic long before I got it.

Air conditioning has leaked away its antifreeze every single year.

When I open the trunk water pours down on the things inside it.

Gas tank doesn't open except for auxilliary override.

Speedometer cable broke.

Check engine light comes on randomly and often.

Coolant light comes on whenever it has been raining.

Seat motor broke so the seat is stuck way towards the front.

One of the power windows doesn't work right.

Water pump broke. I replaced it myself (only took me 6 hours!). Then that one broke too.

Kept stalling (got new spark plugs and cleaned injectors, which helped for a while)

Now it is having trouble getting going from a stop. I just read somewhere that the air intake sensor is known to be defective on these things. Too bad it's not a cheap part.

Oh, and finally, if you ever need to sleep in you car for any reason, this thing is more uncomfortable to lie down in than the dirt.

Well sure it breaks a lot, but then again because of the bad design at least it costs twice as much as other cars in mechanic labor to repair.

21st Jul 2007, 12:11

I bought a Mystake a few months ago from a guy who only used it for a few miles to town and back again. I wanted something cheap with mileage, and got it cheap. Now, boy am I paying for it! The battery light was always on, so thought its just one of those quirky things... not so. It died on me, so I had the alt. and battery replaced. Light stayed off for a few weeks, running well. Light has come back on, flickering, off again, on again. Now it died, and I cannot get it going. When the air is on, (only on high tho., no other fan speed has worked) I am certain I can feel the car slow and surge slightly, so after reading all these other ppl's issues, my tranny is about to die also. I am taking it to the nearest 'push pull or drag' sale and be done with it. This car is total garbage!

11th Aug 2007, 04:47

I have a 1999 Mystique (manual transmission and purchased brand new and now has 107000 miles) that has most symptoms already mentioned. The first thing I noticed right after purchasing the car was that it would drag and slightly jerk with either the A/C or defroster on. The owners manual said they were normal. However, I now think that this was the first symptom of the problems with the Mystique. I have recently been battling the check engine light issue (car jerks when taking off in first gear and continues through third gear) and had ERG and O2 sensors replaced, which solved the problem for a couple hours (that's right - hours). The mechanic I have been dealing with has finally suggested that it is a faulty computer and recommended to get a new one. The problem is none can be found. I have checked Motocraft's web page and have had Ford dealers and junk yards in Canada and the US try to find a computer, but with no luck.

P.s. Before taking the car to an independent mechanic, it was taken to a number of Ford dealers and none were able (or willing) to identify the problem.

24th Sep 2007, 15:32

I own a '98 Mystique and it has generally been a good car. It now has 185,000km as it was used for a company vehicle. The AC doesn't work, and the fan only runs on high. But the biggest problem is the stalling. It only seems to happen when it is really warm out. Has anyone actually figured out a way to fix this???

25th Sep 2007, 16:58

I bought a 1995 Merc Mystique, 4cly, for my daughter. I thought it was a great deal: 78,000 miles, body excellent etc. The previous owner said the only problem was rough idle and stalling at stop signs. I thought no big problem, just clean the idle air control (this works on all normal cars). This was a nightmare to get at (go from top not underneath car like they suggest) move fuel lines and a couple other small things in the way. This worked fine for a while. Now it starts, stalls in 3 or 4 seconds. I have checked timing belt, fuel pump, fuel injectors, all sensors and read everything there is to read about this piece of crap - nothing. I am thinking it must be a bad wire harness. I would never trust a dealership since this vehicle is their cash cow. Everything on this car is poorly designed (e.g. try changing the pcv valve). I want to dump this thing, but don't want anyone else to get ripped off, like the guy did to me. I was just layed off from GM and have some time to work on the car. Every car has problems, but nothing like this car. Don't buy and make a mistake like me!

4th Oct 2007, 07:53

I own a 1996 Mercury Mystique. When I first start it, it sometimes stalls. Also when I turn on my air conditioner it starts stalling more often. But know my air conditioner doesn't even work. Another thing is when I try to open my windows at the same time, the passenger side one goes really slow. If you know why these things might be happening please post a response.