10th Jan 2008, 13:18

I have a 200O Mercury Mystique (97,000) This car is my only source of transportation. So I try to keep up on things because I don't want a car note. I think it was 2004 I needed a fuel pump. February of 2006 my personal mechanic suggested I do a full tune up, change battery, timing belt and front brakes. I did all those things. Next thing I knew by spring it was on the back of the tow truck. The check engine light would come on and go off. The car started stalling. Came to find out I needed a Fuel rail sensor. Once the check engine light started I fixed around the problem like oxygen sensors, fuel filters. After the fuel sensor was in place 3 days later the check engine light would come on and go off for weeks. Until one day I guess it got tired; I sure was. I continued to drive it because I was still getting the same reading. So eventually the light stopped.

Next the headlights they were foggy so I had to replace them both. I now have 2 beautiful clear headlights. The cream in the auto parts store didn't work for them. The next problem was this winter (2007) no heat temperature gage wasn't moving. Had the thermostat changed, gage moving heat working. Oh and the a/c works (knock on wood).

The current problem now is the car is bucking or surging. Thought it might be water in the gas so I put the treatment in the gas tank. The surging stopped for 2 days and its back. Along with the bucking the o/d light sometimes flickers. This bucking only happens when the car is moving and has warmed up a bit. Plus its not with every ride. This mornings ride was pleasant. So its back to the dealer.

14th Jan 2008, 08:07

I have a 1998 Mystique that has only 48,000 miles on it. It has not had any problems until now. Yesterday while on the interstate the speedometer/odometer suddenly went out. Then the car began bucking lightly when changing gears. I didn't think much of it and planned on taking it to the mechanic when I got back in town. A few hours later while in downtown Baltimore, the bucking got much much worse and I wound up taking it to the only mechanic I could find open on a Sunday evening. Has anyone else had similar problems? I'm worried I'll have to replace the transmission which makes me angry given that the car is worth nothing now AND has such low mileage.

8th Oct 2008, 02:05

Hi everyone... well first off I own a Mercury Mystake 1996... I bought this car about 6 years ago, from the very moment I took possession of this piece of junk I have been having problems with it.. let me enumerate all of them:

1: Problems with the two front windows, not going down or up.

2: Friggin trunk leaking all the time when I try to open it.

3: Water inside the back lights.

4: The door lock system on the drivers side not functioning properly, which caused the entire locking system to be replaced.

5: The damn fan blower needed to be changed twice.

6: The heating switches needed to be changed twice also.

7: Cup holders broken.

8: When I open the doors, the inside lights are working when THEY feel like it.

9: The now infamous engine overheating.

10: Water pump had to be changed 4 times in only 2 months!!... no joke.

11: The transmission shifter had to be replaced once because it just popped out by itself.

12: Wheel bearings had to be changed twice on both of the front wheels.

13: Catalyser and flexible had to be changed twice.

14: Doors making squeaky sounds when I open them.

15: The trunk lock system had to be changed once because of water going INSIDE the trunk.

16: The light bulb flasher is dead, causing it to click continuously, like if my flashers were constantly on.

17: Power steering hose needed to be changed, because of massive oil leaks, which by the way almost killed me, because the steering wheel would not turn at all.

18: Car stalling when slowing down and trying to turn at an intersection.

19: Changed all the electrical wires that connects to the spark plugs twice.

20: Squeaky sound coming from the back wheels... had it fixed, the actual problem was because of the calipers that were too small for the actual car... I have been told by my mechanic that this was a known fact from Ford, but they refused to tell the car dealers.

21: The door/window sealers from the outside coming of all the time, causing water to infiltrate itself between the doors.

22: The air flow system just on top/behind the engine needed to be replaced.

23: Solenoid switch replaced.

24: Numerous electrical problems.. too long to enumerate.

Trust me, I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember all of them. Now I'm sure you think I am JOKING... well I am not...unfortunately.

Don't believe me??... LOLOL...go buy yourself a Mercury Mystake and I'll see you on this forum very soon.

7th Jan 2009, 14:37

I bought my "mistake" last March and it's been such a problem we nicknamed her "Christine" like the Stephen King novel... LOL..

Anyway, the battery light came on and I replaced the battery and had the alternator checked... The mechanic said the alternator was OK... giving out 12 volts steady... had the car back about a week and the light is on again but blinking... Anyone have any ideas as to why this is going on??

BTW a day after I got the car back, the timing belt assembly went and that had to be replaced... added that to the new engine (was done the day I bought the car) the new tranny... then rebuilt the back end... the trunk leaks (the floor and when you open it) and the driver's side door has been fixed 5 times...

I would love to get rid of it, but I don't know who would buy it... LOL.

21st Apr 2009, 21:00

I bought my 1996 Mystique in 1998 with about 50,000 miles on it. I currently have almost 300,000 miles, and it has performed amazingly. I feel bad posting here with so many others having had such a difficult time with the car, but I cannot even begin to say how much I love my car.

Some of the problems described here I have had. My alternator has gone twice, and was rather pricey to replace, but I cannot hold that against the car. My water pump impeller did implode as some of you have experienced. My trunk leaks, but I believe I'll be able to fix that. I have replaced brakes, but found I could do the work myself very inexpensively and it was extremely easy. The dealership wanted to charge me $800, and I was able to do it for about $130 with no trouble.

My car is a V6 5 speed standard, and I believe the standard is much more reliable than the automatic. I've had a lot of work done, but with almost 300,000 miles it's not unreasonable for things like struts, plugs, O2 sensor, and fuel filters to be changed. She needs bodywork badly, but Maine winters have a way of making rust. All in all, I'd buy the car again in a heartbeat.