1993 Mercury Sable SE 3.8 liter from North America


A purchase I have regretted


At 83,000 miles the head gasket blew. This cost about $1500 and took about 2 weeks to fix.

The starter needed to be replaced at 85,000 miles.

Both catalytic converters needed to be replaced at 90,000 miles.

The muffler and entire exhaust line needed to be replaced at about 92,000 miles.

The radiator needed replacement at 100,000 miles.

The water pump needed replacement at 100,000 miles.

The timing chain and gears and the cover to them needed replacement at 100,000 miles.

Transmission is not broken, but it is lazy when shifting between park and drive or reverse and drive.

General Comments:

The car has a surprising amount of power, handles relatively well, and rides quite comfortably.

There is a constant worry that something else will need to be repaired.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2002

14th Dec 2002, 02:17

No way you must have be hard on your car mine has 107000 miles and it still runs like a dream and I'm only 20 years old.

22nd Feb 2004, 10:40

I am currently replacing Both head gaskets on vehicle at 90000miles. Major Dealer service was done at 60000 which consisted of replacement of all heater hoses. Serpentine belt and water pump, motor mounts, front struts, brakes, radiator. I also replaced the transmission shifting cable (that was a eight hour job). I've had to replace the alternator once.

The sable has great power, comfortable seats, good ride, and ample room interior wise. Unless your somewhat mechanically inclined...I'd think twice before buying this CAR.

1993 Mercury Sable LS 3.8 from North America


A practical joke with no punch-line, and no laughing matter


Transmission failed completely at 146,000 miles.

Exhaust shield rattles badly and started doing that at approx. 130,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely a rip-off.

While it runs well and offers great performance and comfort, this is only applicable when the car runs at all.

The transmission failed like clockwork at 146,000 miles. I was forewarned that it would fail before it reached 150,000 miles, and I ignored the advice because the car ran very well when I first purchased it.

Needless to say, Ford Motor Company obviously planned this failure. They like to see hard working folks like me shell out $2,000.00 to fix their practical jokes. I'll push this car in a lake before I replace the transmission, because as sure as God made green apples, something else will go wrong as soon as I have it repaired.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002

28th Aug 2002, 21:44

I have read this and other comments about Sables and I am bewildered about something. 146,000 is high mileage and it seems likely that things would begin to go wrong.I'm not clear on why problems on a car with over 100,000 miles would bring such criticism of the vehicle. That said, there is a weakness in the transmissions in these cars. But the most glaring weakness is the motor mounts. Taurus and Sable have weak engine mounts that should have been recalled.

1993 Mercury Sable LS 3.8 from North America


100% junk


Front motor mount @ 33000 miles.

A/C @ 33000 miles.

Heater/AC blower @ 20000 miles.

Power antenna @ 59000 miles.

Head gasket @ 62000 miles.

Transmission is slipping, started @ 58000 miles.

Brakes @ 35000 miles (normal).

Brakes @ 63000 miles (normal).

Tires @ 40000 miles (a little too soon).

General Comments:

The dealer told me any 8 year old car with 62000 miles will have a head gasket blow.

He must have never owned anything but a Ford!

I call this car my Dis-sable...

One word: Junk.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2001

25th Aug 2004, 12:37

I bought a 93 mercury sable with 248KM on it. Four days after I bought it, the fuel pump is dead... other than that, the car runs very well. I think it's normal since it's 248KM (155 Miles)

1993 Mercury Sable GS Sedan 3.0 L V6 from North America


Comfortable and stylish


Front engine mount.


Temperature sending unit.

Had the catalytic convertor welded to the exhaust.

Air conditioning went out.

Left front turn signal blub replaced.

General Comments:

Although for the motor mount breaking, the only other major problem with the car has been overheating. I thought my radiator had gone bad, yet, as I studied the problem closer, I replaced the coolant and I realized that it needed more coolant after it has started and it had ran for sometime.

This car gets a lot of bad remarks by people who own them. Yet, when you don't take care of your car, it won't take care of you.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2001

13th Oct 2001, 19:09

There are recalls or service advisories for motor mounts on this vehicle.

29th Jun 2002, 05:48

We have had our 1993 Mercury Sable for 3 months now. It has a 3.8L. We purchased the car from an elderly women who kept good records. The car only has 18,000 miles on it. The car was great for the first month that we had it. For two months now it has been sitting in our driveway with a blown head gasket. This car was impeccably maintained... so at this point I think that it's the car, and the poor design of all its components.

9th Aug 2002, 07:26

We bought our 1993 Sable in 1996 and have maintained it well. However, at 85,500 miles we found our selves with an $1800.00 bill for a blown head gasket. Two and a half years later at 103,769 miles we are told again that the head gasket has blown. Ford has refused to reimburse us for our cost the first time and when we called them again about the second time the head gasket has blown, they again refused any responsibilty even it is well documented that there have been having ongoing problems with the 3.8 litre engine. In this case we opted not to fix the car, but to trade it in on an import. Our experience with Ford has left a bitter taste in our mouths and we refuse to purchase Ford in the future not because of the failure, but because of poor customer service.

17th Jan 2008, 21:41

This car is junk.

6th Feb 2010, 19:22

I bought this car in California in 2009. It had 109,000 miles. It cost me $1100. I paid $700 for major tuneup and a tire. I drove it to Ohio. It ran like a champ, and still does. The rear window defroster does not work. Other than that, it's the best transportation bargain I've ever had and I've been driving for 40 years.