1993 Mercury Sable GS Wagon 3.8 from North America


Don't let the ride and comfort fool you. Buyer beware!


Front struts were replaced upon purchase.

Front and rear brakes replaced at the Ford dealer. New brakes make horrible squeaking noise.

Starter went out at 95000.

Stalled as I was pulling out of a parking lot with my wife and 3 children. Fortunately, the on coming car stalled too, avoiding a potential accident. 3 sensors were replaced to the tune of $350.00.

Transmission hesitates and the engine seems to surge when accelerating.

Pulls to the right (even after Ford dealer aligned it).

General Comments:

I fell in love with the ride and comfort. For a car of its age, it looks nice. Unfortunately, the love affair ends with its looks.

The car is constantly falling apart. My right turn-signal works only when it wants to.

I have only had the car four months, and I have no trust in it. I ignored people warning me not to purchase it, but I didn't listen. Do not make the same mistake I did. Look for a Toyota or Honda. They may be more expensive up front, but are well worth the extra dough.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2001

1st Apr 2004, 03:15

I just purchased a 1993 Mercury Sable Wagon. And the first thing that I was in love with was the comfort and the overall looks of this car. When having it checked out by the dealer, I was told that I need motor mounts on the right side of the car. I did not go online before the purchase first or I would have known that this was one of the major problems with this model. Be smarter than my self check out design and recall on whatever you are buying before your purchase. This is a lemon bought from the drafting board.

1993 Mercury Sable GS Station Wagon 3.8l V6 from North America


Power steering pump.

Failure to start (starter replaced twice, rewired 3 times).

Suspension knocking.

Fan (interior) motor blew.

Cruise control failed.

Power windows failed.

Water leaking into rear window.

Electrical problems (all lights blew at LEAST once each).

The mechanics at the dealer were incompetent at best. I was in the shop with this car every second month for 2 years, when I got fed up and unloaded it for a Toyota Camry. This car left me completely stranded on 4 seperate occasions. But I got lucky and was able to work other transportation. When running errands or on trips, I'd often leave the car running and locked, just in case it wouldn't start again.

Complaints to Ford or the dealership went completely ignored.

General Comments:

Very good ride, pleasant to drive, excellent comfort especially on long trips. But you were never sure to get back.

From a reliability point of view, it is absolutely, and without a doubt, the worst car I have ever owned, new or old (and I've owned some pretty sad affairs).

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Review Date: 14th July, 1999

2nd May 2001, 11:10

I completely agree!! I've had my starter replaced 5X!! The a/c no longer cools/the heater failed/the exhast system broke down etc etc. Ford has an obvious issue with the starter that should have been addressed with a recall. I'll never buy any vehicle from Ford after this.

25th Sep 2002, 14:25

I also agree... our 93 sable has had 2 head gasket repairs, new engine, 4 water pumps, new starter, nightmare electrical problems that seemingly are not fixable. Worst car in the universe. Ford should be ashamed of themselves for not standing behind their shabby product.

14th Oct 2003, 12:29

Problems described in this post and replies exactly mirror my experience. My repair costs roughly equal the original purchase of my '93 Sable LS wagon.. A beautiful and absolutely crummy car. Ford recalled the same engine for 94 and beyond models, but would not even discuss the same problems with my '93 3.8 V6. Every time I fix a problem, another one pops up. Have never had a car this bad. If you have a chance to buy one of these used run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. I will never, read that "not in a million years" ever buy any Ford product again... not ever! Not even a lawn mower!

22nd Mar 2004, 10:42

I have a 1993 mercury sable and the only thing that went wrong with it was the transmission. It costed 1600.00 but the dealer paid for it because of the deal I made when I brought it. One month, anything goes wrong, bring back and it will be fixed. This happened two weeks after I bought it. So far its been a good car.

27th Nov 2004, 18:46

Bought used in 2003, power window in pass/rear rusted. Electrical connection by drivers foot corroded, water must be getting into relays somewhere because of intermittent problems with interior lights/fan/locks. Discovered corroded wire on connector to ignition unit (on top of radiator) intermittent problem that just kills engine... cut out connector and directly connected wires... PROBLEM solved! now I am checking every connector! I advise anyone with stalling problems to check this connector!