1990 Mercury Topaz L 2.3 Gas from North America


Pass this car up for a used bargain..


All of the usual things...

The brakes needed replacing quicker than usual.

The axles needed replacing.

The ball joints and the tie rods were prone to wearing out prematurely.

The fuel pump began running intermittently, and then stopped altogether. It left me in the middle of a busy intersection one day.

The gas tank rusted out.

The the car started every time! Except when the fuel pump quit.

The acceleration that the car had was very surprising at times!

The seats are comfortable for long trips. I now own a Honda and that car is a lot more punishing, although it is 1000 times more reliable.

General Comments:

This car is a cheap car in comparison to a new car. Do your homework if you choose to purchase a used car. Unless you pan to buy new, I do not suggest you buy this car. It is simply too old to be reliable. Better values exist. You can save money by doing your research on the reliability of used cars. On top of that, since the car has been discontinued for more than ten years, the parts will be harder to come by. Pass this car up if you plan to buy used.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2005

27th Nov 2005, 22:15

Apparently this guy really has nothing else to do than to talk about his topaz and praise it. Also, apparently you (the commenter) care enough about the Topaz/Tempo reviews to read them. Geez, somebody needs to stop the ego trip or talk about a real car instead of cheap junk from over 10 years ago.

1st Dec 2005, 21:40

Thank you for your comments. Being the original commentator I can assure that all my comments are factual and I can back up all of my allegations with documented repair records. I am not trying to slam this particular make of car, but more importantly to inform potential buyers of the particular problems I have had with the vehicle while I have owned it. My only purpose on this site is to inform potential buyers of the potential risks (given the age) of the vehicle so they can make an informed decision.

1990 Mercury Topaz GS from North America


Good for the price.


The car drops into neutral when accelerating too much through a left hand turn.

The drivers side brake caliper has been destroyed.

General Comments:

It is a cheap car and not a diamond in the rough.

It will get you from point A to point B cheaply and semi-quickly.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

1990 Mercury Topaz GS 4 Cylinder from North America


If you plan to buy an old cheap car, there are better options out there


The transmission up-shifts too early, and down-shifts too late, creating an annoying shaking throughout the whole vehicle.

Alignment is bad, the car will run right off the road if you let go of the wheel.

The car has a tendency to shake violently and stall when idling at a red light.

My exhaust system needs replacing.

General Comments:

Even at only 47,000 miles, this car runs poorly, and it has been maintained regularly.

The ride is loud, shaky and breezy with an annoying rattling noise.

The turn signal switch tends to pop-loose, a minor annoyance.

The seatbelt doesn't make me feel safe at all.

The brakes are spongy.

The accelerator is stiff.

The engine is loud and aggressive sounding.

Headlight/wiper/fan/Hazard light controls poorly placed.

Handles badly in the rain.

Seats uncomfortable.

Poor placement of trunk release/gas door.

Terrible MPG (18 street, 20 Hwy).

Here's the good things:

The trunk is very spacious.

The cruise control and power windows seem to work fine.

Speakers sound exceptionally good.

Warm heater, cool A/C.

The tachometer is a nice option.

Nice over-head cabin lights.

Overall, unacceptable for a well-maintained car with low miles.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

23rd Jan 2005, 23:39

I am proud owner of a 91 mercury topaz gs and have had no major problems. The car has 140 thousand kms on it and runs fine I will admit performance is lacking and the ride is nothing like a buick or a golf cart, but this is my first car and love having CHEAP transportation all repairs have been normal wear and tear, brakes, muffler, tires, thermostat.

The rattling at idle and during light acceleration can be EASILY FIXED by taking it to a mechanic and they take off some kind of protective cover off the cat.