1990 Mercury Topaz GS 2.3 HSC from North America


A proven warrior with superior stamina


I replaced the exhaust three times, brakes three times, complete front end twice, starter once, alternator once, and two out of the four power window motors. The door hinges need replacing, nevertheless there ain't nothing wrong with the radio.

General Comments:

The 1990 Mercury Topaz is a real road warrior. No car last forever; however, at 210,716 miles my Topaz continue to provide reliable transportation.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2003

1990 Mercury Topaz L 2.3L from North America


I love it


The a/c doesn't work, clutch went brakes that's just about ever thing that's gone wrong.

General Comments:

Its been in several accidents, but its still on the road and running fine, I have started to do it up, exhaust, tinted windows, cold air induction system, body kit, rims, spoiler, but ever thing is very hard to find for this car, so I think that's all I'm goin do to it. it pretty fast too, its 5spd and I can do 110km/h in 3rd gear, but the car maxes out at 180km/h, but still I'm satisfied.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2003

2nd Mar 2003, 13:24

Hot rod * lead foot * just bad driver *

1990 Mercury Topaz LS 2.3 pieceoshit from North America


A low performance from point A to point B (hopefully) kind of car


The alignment is unbelievably off.

The exhaust system has multiple problems.

The air conditioning is hot no matter what.

**incredibly loud humming noise from exhaust system.

Steering and handling is thrown way off while handling bumps or turns.

General Comments:

The topaz is pretty slow to climb speeds and is extremely hard to handle at higher speeds.

It is not a very reassuring car for highway driving.

It feels cheaply made and is not trustworthy at all.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2002

26th Nov 2005, 16:17

Moral of the day is: "It's a tempo, what did you expect"? They are exactly what you described, cheap, ugly, slow, and poorly made cars. I'm actually happier to see less and less of them on the road today after what I have seen with them.

1990 Mercury Topaz LTS 2.3 turbo from North America


Luxury car with attitude!!


Transmission went at 118,000.

Tie rod ends broke and wheel bearings went out.

Electrical problems such as headlights.

General Comments:

Pretty fast car, not a Ferrari.

It's red with black racing stripes.

Overall pretty reliable, let me sit one time when the transmission went on me going up a hill.

Overall has provided for me well.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2001

1990 Mercury Topaz L 2.3 from North America


An awesome car for someone who wants reliability, but likes to have some fun


Exhaust from the manifold back had to be replaced.

Front left spring and strut had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I love my Topaz. I got it for my birthday last year, it was my first car, which is still nicer than most of the cars my friends drive.

It has almost zero rust on it because I bought it from a Canadian guy. It handles really well, I've driven it all over Michigan, it does really well in the snow.

I totally recommend this car, it has room enough for 5 if you're friendly, is super fuel efficient, and can hold its own against Neons, and Shadows, I've beat them both.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

4th Jun 2001, 19:44

First of all. The radiator hoses had to be replaced, got new system, then it had to be replaced again in about 1 year, then the tranny went, got it fixed, then it went again. Got a brand new tranny now.

Overall, the car does work fine, it's just lacking guts and power, and isn't very reliable when you are thinking of a long term car. Not one of the best cars to buy in my opinion, but it has no rust at all. Overall, I give it a 6/10.

29th Sep 2002, 11:34

I own a 1990 topaz, which I received as a gift.I've owned it four years now, and I have to say for a car with 230,000kms it has performed rather well.

13th May 2003, 22:49

All my comments about the Topaz are that it is a worthless piece of junkyard trash.

Considering my car has only 105,000 miles, and does not rule well. I have maintaned it to the point of no return. I think that a car should last longer than that.

23rd Mar 2011, 12:48

I bought my Topaz L in 1990 and it still runs today. Well maintained. Same engine, same tranny. Still gets great mileage.

Better than a lot of the new vehicles out there.