1991 Mercury Topaz L 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder from North America


A great little car for new drivers


Alittle bit of an oil leak around the block, but fixed it when I tightened the bolts.

Car rumbles when idling, but I stick it in neutral to make it more smooth.

Gas pedal can be a bit stiff when not used for awhile.

Brakes squeak a bit at first, but are fine whey theyre warmed up.

The speakers on the door don't work, probably because they aren't hooked up. I wouldn't know why they're not hooked up in first place though.

General Comments:

It's my first car, and I am pretty happy with it.

It's got the chrome grille and transparent headlight covers, which make it look a little more better than the stock ones. Stock comes with an ugly white plastic grille with almost opaque headlight covers.

It's in great condition considering it's 12 years old. The only interior problem is alittle hole in the carpet by the brake pedal, and an unusual amount of grease under the passenger seat.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any ABS brakes so it tends to lock up when the brakes are slammed, and wants to steer right also.

I've seen in almost all other Topazs/Tempos out there that the black paint between the driver and passenger doors chips a lot, fortunatly mine hasn't and it if does, I'll put some touch up paint on it.

I do all my own maintenance in the schools auto shop, so I only pay for parts, which aren't too expensive considering they're standard Ford parts.

It doesn't have a lot of power, but it does make a very meaty sound when I accelerate for some reason.

It's a pretty fun car considering it's my first. Not the best by far, but it gets me around.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

1991 Mercury Topaz four cylinder from North America


Mostly dependable, but repairs were getting more frequent


October 1998 (40,000 miles) : two outer tie rods replaced.

August 1999 (58,000 miles) : Rear brakes replaced, belts replaced, front-end alignment, new right axle, new plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor.

January 2000 (65,000 miles) : new battery.

August 2000 (73,000 miles) front brakes replaced, left axle replaced.

January 2001 (82,000 miles) : Exhaust system replaced.

July 2001 (93,000 miles) : New tires.

November 2001 (97,000 miles) : New starter. New speedometer sensor.

June 2002 (108,000 miles) : New valve cover gasket.

September 2002 (113,000 miles) : New gas tank, new muffler.

Also, around 2000 the seat belt locked up, and I had to cut it with a razor blade to get out of the car.

The right-side windows had a problem where they would go down, but not back up, at least not until the following morning after the car had been sitting all night. I never had this fixed. Just stopped using the right windows.

The ignition switch was going to have to be replaced eventually, too. It was possible to get the key twisted around in there in ways it shouldn't be.

At about 90,000 miles the ratcheting mechanism in the driver's seat-back broke. I didn't have to have it replaced, but the seat would no longer hold it's full upright position. I had to settle for the second position, which is a little more laid back than I would prefer, but I got used to it.

General Comments:

This car is more complex than it needs to be with electrically operated mirrors and windows.

But I got my money's worth out of it because it was practically given to me by a great aunt.

I actually used the mostly-decorative trunk luggage rack once to transport a piece of exercise equipment.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2003

1991 Mercury Topaz L 2.3L from North America


An excellent beater


Lot of ball-joint work, tie-rods, etc. When you corner like I do, it really highlights this car's major weaknesses.

Basic replacement stuff: brakes, muffler, etc.

Air-conditioning never was great, and is now archaic and can't be serviced by anyone.

On a hot day, the gas line would get a vapor lock and you'd have to let it cool for at least a half-hour before you could even start it. This is a chronic problem with this model. I've heard if you upgrade the fuel pump or keep a full tank this is less frequent.

Rust became a problem. In addition to cancer on the body, the floor boards were beginning to seriously deteriorate.

General Comments:

Basically a good, solid car that did very well in the Alberta winters, both for the cold and ice/snow.

I did regular maintenance and the motor always ran fine. Mileage was somewhere around 25 MPG. I've heard the 3.0L engine had good pep and was also good on gas.

A very weak front steering/suspension design was a big disapointment, so go easy in those corners!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002