1991 Mercury Topaz LX from North America


Great second car - reliable!


Front end work - CV joints, ball joints.

Rear spring.

Body is starting to rust.

General Comments:

Bought this car for my son for next to nothing. Very reliable and comfortable to drive. Lots of interior room and handles nicely. Should have had the car undercoated when I first bought the car - some rust!!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2003

1991 Mercury Topaz L 2.3L from North America


An 'OK' beater car


Passenger side tie-rod was very loose & was replaced.

A/C system failed (AC compressor is gone)

Transmission & Left lower engine mounts broke off (engine was flopping around inside engine compartment)

Horn does not work.

Valve cover leaks oil.

Automatic transmission makes a whining noise at highway speeds, all fluids are OK, has done this since new, irritating on long trips or highways use.

Both left & right CV joints have had broken CV boots, more than once.

Cooling module burned out more than once, thus the engine does not have a cooling fan, the cooling fan was rewired to a manual switch (added a switch on the dash) so that I can turn it on when the coolant heat is getting too high.

Daytime running lamps do not work (daytime running lamp module is burned out)

Fuel pressure regulator failed (got stranded in the US)

Nice, long crack in windshield starting from passenger side, to about 1/2 way through drivers side.

Uneven tire wear.

Car stalls once in a while (usually at red lights)

Car idles very rough and almost stalls every time I start it in the morning, all maintenance has been kept up with, it's a chronic problem with these cars.

Turn signal relay blew out.

Exhaust pipe and muffler has rotted off, was replaced several times, entire exhaust still has multiple exhaust leaks.

Engine light cames on, computer registers an EGR out of spec problem, EGR and all its components were replaced, problem persists, probably something wrong with main computer.

The car did pass emissions, and I put a piece of electrical tape over the light, thus I will leave it alone.

General Comments:

The car is somewhat underpowered.

The 3 speed automatic transmission is a joke, it seriously needs a 4th gear for highway driving, plus it makes way too much noise.

I drove a friends 5 speed manual Topaz which was fine.

Handling is not too terrible, the car is light (measured in at ~2700lb)

The car is fairly roomy inside, but the interior is very plain and featureless, not even a coffee cup holder.

Not comfortable for long distance driving. A recent 4hr trip on the highway (in the summer) was pure torture. Uncomfortable seats and no AC was brutal.

I am a mechanical Engineering student (Automotive product design, final year) a class mate and I did a study on my car (for a suspension & steering design class).

We found that this car is an incredibly efficient design (IE CHEAP).

It was amazing to see how many corners could be cut, how little material could be used, and how multi-function components can be made (to cut costs).

I was astonished that the front sway-bar was used as a strut bar for the lower I-beam control arm... and the sway bar is rubber mounted in large thick rubber mounts, which gives the suspension an incredible amount of play, thus the heavy and uneven tire wear on this model of car.

The car measured in at ~2700lb, the industry standard for cost of manufacture is around 60-80cents/lbs so this puppy cost about $1700 to make :P keep that in mind when U buy your $50,000 car/suv, it cost the manufacturer only about $3200 to build that thing, now that's PROFIT! :)

And don't dilute yourself that a lot of R&D went into it, cars have been made for over 100 years, I think the industry engineers know how to put one together quickly :)

The car is not with out its positive traits. The car has been fairly reliable in the sense that it does start 99% of the time, and it will get you where you're going.

The car also handles bad weather very well, deep snow does not bother it, ice, slush, heavy rain does not change its handling much (U still have to be careful of-course)

And the car is cheap to buy.

My previous car met an unfortunate end (it was stolen) so my parents gave me this old Topaz so I have something to drive (until I finish school).

I am really looking forward to a nice new car.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

19th Jul 2006, 03:46

I own a 1991 Mercury Topaz and the only real problem I have with it is the AC compressor leaks and needs to be replaced. The car has little power because it doesn't require much power. It is not designed for the racetrack. I have had no problems with tire wear. I agree, it could use cup holders, but that is a simple problem easily taken care of a wal-mart. You can get 4 cup holders for about $1.50. The transmission on my vehicle is fine and the car is not loud at all.

Overall I have found the Topaz to be an outstanding car which is also great on gas. I get approximately 27 mpg highway and 22 mpg city.