27th Jan 2007, 16:38

Topaz's are Great!!! I had one for my first car and it was a good running car, but it was VERY rusty... The last problem that I had was the coil spring was in the middle of breaking and I just ended up junking it. And now I am a proud owner of a tracker.

27th Jan 2007, 19:44

Somehow I find it hard to believe that a $50K SUV only costs $3200 to make. I never knew that you measure the cost of manufacture of a vehicle by the pound. If this is true, Porsche and BMW must really be making a killing on every new car they sell!

11th Oct 2010, 20:24

Good day.

I presently own & drive daily a 1991 (made in 1990, of mostly 1988 factory-date components). 2.3l,.. 3spd automatic.

Very good service!

I previously owned a 1993 Ford Tempo 2.3 5spd... junked at 300,000 km. No problem, just had to have the head rebuilt... otherwise standard auto troubles. Also great service.

The 1991 has 225,000 km right now... runs, but has similar glitches as previous commenter... sometimes stalls,.. oil leak, check engine light.. (I had this problem inspected,.. turns out to be a faulty EGR sensor.. not EGR valve itself. Passed E-test flying colours!

A/C is poor quality... not worth fixing. Both my cars had large leaks... hoses,.. evaporators... My advice; replace ALL hoses, evap, cond, receiver etc. if you want to rely on hot days.

Bad weather will not to stop these Troopers... they traverse snow,& ice (with appropriate tires) no problem. I would buy again IF I could find one not rusted. Rust is enemy #1...

Factory design glitch... they made the passenger side CV shaft mounting less secure, & the tire wears rapidly.

Overall, they are good average sedans.. good daily drivers!

There are many on the road yet here in Ontario.

BTW, the brakes are superb.