24th Sep 2007, 21:26

I have a 1996 Mercury Villager. At first the check engine light wouldn't go off. Now the check engine light won't come on. Now I can't get it to pass inspection. We have replaced the EGR valve and O2 sensors. It still hasn't worked. We replaced the CV joints and now the ABS light won't go out. Anybody know anything that will help??

Other than these things the van runs good. I haven't had any problems since I bought it in 2002, until now. Please help!

5th Oct 2007, 20:42

I have a 97 Villager that after arriving in Florida from Canada suddenly wouldn't start one morning. The first indication was that it stalled and restarted on our way out then would not start when we stopped for gas. Towed it to the nearest service centre and found out it was the fuel pump. Replaced it and everything is fine.

9th Oct 2007, 23:33

I have a 1997 Mercury Villager with 135,000 miles. Was driving for about an hour on a highway when the car sputters and then shuts off. I has about 1/2 tank of gas. Was able to get off the road. After waiting for a service call for about 20 minutes the car start up fine and I filled it up with high test... Went on my way for another 2,5 hours without a problem. Now 2 days later on my return, also on I95 for about a hour, I stalled gain. What gives. Any suggestions? Thanks.

22nd Dec 2007, 13:54

My '95 Mercury Villager LS had 93,000 miles. Recently CEL (check engine light) came on and off. Stays on maybe for 30 minutes and goes off. Wondering if anything is wrong with the engine. Engine is slightly rough at idling. I change the engine oil every 3,000 miles. Also, the speedometer is not working. The digital display is at zero all the time. Does anyone has a similar problem like mine? Thank you.

17th Jan 2008, 00:38

97 Villager here... Check those Dashboard lights for a fray or rubbed raw wire. My engine light went on and off, fixed a few things (# 6 injector, flex pipe, etc) That took care of the issues I thought.. until 4 days later it goes on and off. Parked her for the night and 2 hours later she was in flames.

Fire stared behind the dashboard. Poor baby went up in flames. Just 74 k on her : ( (. Total loss. The engine was not touched, but the entire interior shot up into the trees. I'm certain someone will lovingly strip her for engine parts... but an electrical fire after parked for 2 plus hours was the last thing I ever expected. Also for the person that was looking for a fix for the rear AC going out... check under Nissan Quest Rear AC as one blog has directions for fixing it yourself. (No, I didn't get a chance to try that out)

18th Jan 2008, 02:50

I have 1997 Mercury Villager GS. I was coming from work and suddenly van lost power I noticed that trans is not shifting and it is constantly in the third gear. Pulled over checked oil, but its all at normal level. I let car cool down for about ten minutes and it started shifting for about three to four miles after that same problem again. When I star it O/D light is flashing constantly for about 30sec. this problem started to appear about a week ago, does anybody know if it is some kind of code for transmission. Or my trans is going bad. I was previous owner of 1994 villager GS that was a great van I had 250k miles on it with no major repair.

23rd Jan 2008, 11:01

Just purchased 1997 Villager for 1200 usd. Did I get a good deal. Also decided to drive in to work this morning for a test-about 16 miles one way and the ABS light came on. Other than that this car runs perfect so far. What can I do to make to ABS light go off?

20th Feb 2008, 13:39

I got my 1997 Mercury Villager about 8 months ago. I can tell you it's been a GREAT van (knock on wood). But lately with this cold mid west winter we've been having, it shakes and stalls so after taking off from work where it's sat all day. Also, I've had problems with it starting in the morning, it acts like it's going to stall out when I start it. Any suggestions to why it may be doing all this? And one more thing, anyone having problems with the sliding door not unlocking when you hit the button?

5th Mar 2008, 07:16

Drive over to an auto parts store and they can check for the codes that are causing your check engine light to be on.

26th Mar 2008, 14:15

My 1997 Mercury Villager has started skipping & running rough when it's been raining hard. On sunny days everything is fine. We replaced the distributor cap & plug wires, but it still does it. My mechanic says the code reads that cylinder #5 is misfiring, and the top of the plug is rusted. (Plugs are only a year old.) He says it looks like water is getting in, but can't figure out how that is happening; all tests show everything is working fine. What do I do now?

17th Apr 2008, 11:03

I Have a 1997 Mercury Villager, only need another 400KM to reach the 300,000. It still run's great. I will however need soon to change the left door and the back door due to rust. I did not change any major component beside having to change the rubber boots on both axles, and few ball joints and brakes pads, that I did it myself. The van is great never had to complain about it. Now my older son (17) is looking for a vehicle he'll probably be the next owner the van still have some way to go before resting in peace.




6th Jun 2008, 03:57

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Finland. I just purchased a 1993 mercury villager. The car runs quite well. The problem is that when the engine is started, there is a high tapping noise which seems to disappear on high motion. What could be wrong? Any suggestions? (suomi280@yahoo.com)

22nd Jul 2008, 00:03

I have a 1997 Mercury Villager GS... Has been the absolute perfect vehicle.. but she's getting old.

Never a single problem, until recently. The front air vents won't blow, but the back ones will.. any similar problems for anyone???

I have three sons, VERY soon to be drivers, and I already know that I want them to drive Mercury brand cars... They seem to be the best from my own experience. I've driven many others and they have failed.. BIG TIME!!!

MERCURY RULES, as far as I am concerned.

23rd Aug 2008, 13:54

I have a 1997 Mercury Villager with 125776 miles. We are original owners. Same problems as many others have mentioned. We did have that engine check light come on a few years ago and it was a sensor that had to be replaced. This had to be done in order to pass smog inspection. The fuel pump makes a loud whining noise. The mechanic said fuel pump is going out. I thought about replacing it myself but do not know where it is located. Any ideas? I have replaced a fuel pump on an old truck before, but this is a new kind of beast full of compact parts and wires. The transmission shifts rough now. The side window popped out and had to make shift bolts and glue to put it back in place. The front air works but the back air vents do not blow air. The door locks don't always work. Especially the rear door and side doors. When starting the Van, it clicks sometimes. I guess that would be the starter going out. We are a two car family and poor Van is slowly dying. We only drive it locally. All in all the Van has always been reliable. We even had it with us for several years when living in Honolulu, HI. But, guess it's time to either sell it or pay the money to get her fixed up.