5th Sep 2008, 12:43

There is a blower motor under the dash by the passenger seat. It is by the door and has a black foam filter over it the wire coming out of it. Pull it out and wiggle it back in. That's what worked for me.

19th Sep 2008, 12:13

I am a owner of a 2000 Mercury Villager. It has 138,900 miles on it. We are having an issue with the van shifting from 1st gear and going into 2nd; it jerks when it has the A/C on and the heater too. Is this normal? Anyone else having issues with that. Please email me at dsmmomma@peoplepc.com


20th Sep 2008, 06:09

I too had the rear heat control problem. The problem is usually in the circuit board behind the a/c controls up front. You can replace the board OR jury-rig it using other instructions you can google for, that will make it work BUT will prevent the rear fan from automatically turning off when you turn off the ignition. This worked for me.. just have to be careful to turn it off or it will drain the battery. A new circuit board was too much $

21st Sep 2008, 23:52

For the person who wishes to replace his fuel pump. I'm looking at buying a used Villager 97 year and it is in clean condition, but the fuel pump makes a constant humming noise, a real pain.

The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank, so run the fuel nearly out, then drop the tank, and located on the top is the fixture that will need to be twisted counter clockwise or simply removed with screws. Undue elect, and remove unit from the tank, pump is usually held in place with a small strap to the fuel float sending unit. It sounds complicated but it is a doable fix if you have some abilities. Buy a pump on the Internet, and save money, pump and labor!!!

12th Oct 2008, 20:01

Many of the questions posted can be answered by going to your local library an obtaining a Haynes auto repair manual for Mercury Villagers. The Nissan Quest is the same vehicle. You can also purchase one of these manuals at your local auto parts store.

22nd Oct 2008, 17:52

I have a 1999 Villager, and I'm having a brake problem; the pedal pulsates only if the vehicle is getting hot. The front brakes with rotors, rear brakes with drums, and wheel cylinders are all new ones.

15th Nov 2008, 16:19

If your brakes are pulsing even after replacing the rotors, it may be the wheel spindle (s). I do not own a Villager, but on my Focus wagon I had the same problem on the left front wheel and by replacing the bearing and spindle solved the problem.

1st Dec 2008, 19:38

I am looking at a 96 Villager GS Mercury minivan. It has 106000 miles on it. Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy it? Seller is wanting $2700.00 but willing to take 2000.00 because we know them. (acquaintances)

There is a moaning noise when braking? The door is hard and sticky when using the key to unlock driver side. He says the brakes have been checked out and everything is fine.

18th Dec 2008, 10:38

I have a 1997 Mercury Villager & it acted like it was out of gas & just died at the store, had to have it towed home. The only warning sign was a few days earlier I had an extreme fuel smell in the vehicle, but only for one day. Fuel pump is working & it showed no codes. People are still saying to try the TPS & of course the fuel filter. Any other suggestions?

Also, it will only start if I press the gas pedal all the way down, like you used to do with old vehicles & it will only stay running if I keep the pedal pressed halfway.



16th Jan 2009, 00:44

Hi, I have a 97 Mercury Villager, all in all it has been a good van, it always starts and gets me where I need to go (knock on wood).

I have had many of the same problems as other people on here; the check engine light is always on, the window on the sliding door fell off and is currently tied and taped on, the driver side back window is open and will not close, the wiper for the rear window always falls down like it's suppose to when you open the hatch (opening the hatch and closing it again fixes it), the locks have a mind of their own, my speedometer also has a mind of its own and rarely works, and so it doesn't clock miles very often because of this.

I had a problem with the battery randomly dying, but I replaced the alternator and no longer have that problem.

The light for the gear shift is out and the radio, heat, and A/C has no lighting.

I had a problem with what I was told was the fuel pump, but some how it seemed to fix itself.

The only thing that is bothersome to me is the speedometer not working, but I do not want to put any money into this vehicle because it is so old, and now has over 200,000 miles on it.

Other than all the minor annoying problems, it has been a great vehicle and I'll be sad the day she decides to go.

4th Jul 2009, 11:54

1996 Mercury Villager owner. CEL (check engine light) came on. Van started idling very rough, to the point of stalling. Autozone checked the codes (for free) got a laundry list of issues. EGR system, TPS, TCM, and so on.

I removed and cleaned the EGR valve, replaced the PCV valve and both were caked up terribly. Not an "easy" job but still able to do. I loosened the EGR valve and pushed off its bolts, then turned the valve to loosen it!

After that, still ran rough so new plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Runs better but now it shifts hard especially B/T 1st and 2nd.

Code readout says TPS and TCM/VSS, I replaced the TPS and a mechanic adjusted the TPS but code still says it is bad. I am going to check/replace the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) and the EGR solenoid and see what happens!

15th Jul 2009, 17:16

I bought a 1997 Mercury Villager GS in 2001. My wife has driven it and myself regularly. I have had only 4 minor problems.

The rear air is easy to fix for anyone with a little electrical/mechanical ability. A loose solder joint in the main air controller on the dash is all that it was on mine, and it's not hard to get to. Fixed it 5 yrs ago and has not failed yet.

A vacuum line that's about 4 inches long located at the firewall at the center of the engine was dry rotted, and caused the check engine light to come on. Replace it if it's broke and it will go away.

It does shift a little hard, but has for a long time.

And the passenger tail light keeps burning out.

At a 170000 miles replaced timing belt and water pump $700. It now has 185000 and still runs well.

19th Jul 2009, 16:17

I have a 1997 Villager. I have started smelling gasoline outside the car while it is running and for quite a while after I shut it off. If I run the AC on recirculate I don't smell the gas in the van. Anyone with an idea would be appreciated. I had this same problem on my 1994 Villager and fixed it by tightening a clamp on the fuel line. I cannot see a noticeable leak on the 97 and I did on the 94???