30th Jun 2006, 06:36

The Rover 620ti is dirt cheap, got no chance of being nicked and is surprisingly quick - give all of you a little run for your money. Pick them up for £500-£1000!

8th Aug 2006, 16:35

Let's sort a few things out.

A MG ZS 180 Standard 0-60 is a lot less than 7.3.

Also an Autocar review of the MG ZS 180 gave this info in the magazine.

I found the Autocar review.

The lap times around a wet Castle Combe were:

1. Renault Clio 172 - 1:35.2

2. MG ZS 180 - 1:35.7

3. Peugeot 206 GTI - 1:36.1

4. Honda Civic Type-R - 1:36.2

5. Mini Cooper S - 1:36.4

15th Oct 2006, 20:49

It's quite simple really. The ZS180 is probably the most under-rated car ever, and probably the best value for money car ever. All you little boys with your souped up posing mobiles, annoying old Mrs Smith next door through your 8inch tailpipe, are obviously jealous. You've probably spent more on your induction kits and go faster stripes than most 180 owners spent on their car!!! And you're still struggling to keep up with the big boys. Ha Ha. There is no point in reading reviews from boy racer mags either, cos' they're all written by boy racers who are hardly going to be truthful about the 180, cos it's not "cool". And if they were to admit it was a far superior all round package AS STANDARD, (bar maybe the Impreza, but it's ugly and common as muck) than the other hotties, then they'd probably loose all credibility with their younger followers. You need to listen to the MG owners if you want the truth.

Bottom line is, the ZS180 is superb. As a family car, as a fast car, as a DRIVER'S car. There can't be many that beat it over all three catagories, and certainly not at the price. I first encountered the 180 at knockhill as a passenger, with a pro track driver, and fell for it right away. HE recommended it highly for performance, outstanding handling AND reliability. He couldn't tell me of any major breakdowns, and their cars get hammered on a very tight track, so I would really question the cylinder head problems. I've had mine for 18 months, 32000 miles, and not one problem.

Drive it hard, and "KEEP THAT NOISE DOWN".

1st Feb 2007, 14:16

I drive a MG ZS 180 and I think that boy racers in Saxo VTR should just shut up. It isn`t even in the same league as mg ZS. They do 0-60 in 10 seconds which is the same as my girl friends MG ZR 105, I raced one in it and they were the same, so the MG ZS 180 will just kill it.

28th Feb 2007, 12:53

The head gasket affected early models (1990's). Basically in order to heat up the engine quickly the coolant ran dry when the engine was first started until it reached temperature.

When the engine was hot the coolant was switched on and the sudden change in temperature weakened the gasket over time.

MG realised this and after two years revised the engines. (still in 1990's). So if you own a 2000+ model your fine.

If your REALLY concerned don't thrash your 6v till the engine is up to temperature. But this is general advice not specific to MG ZS's.

This info is from wikipedia (MG ZS 2.5 6v search).

6th Mar 2007, 10:53

I have a S2 Saxo VTR (100bhp) and unlike most I've kept mine bog standard.. I didn't want one and wasn't interested in one until I drove it. My brother has a mk1 Mr2 and in a drag race they are exactly even... the 0-60 is around 8.5s NOT 10s... For the money I'd have a 306 GTi6 any day... my old mans got one, it's very fast... I've raced Clio 182's and through the gears they've not got away from me. Plus you can get them for around £3000... bargain? However it's French, and bits do tend to fall off it.

24th Jul 2007, 10:31

Saxo VTRs do NOT do 0-60 in 8.5, and a 306 GTi will not keep up with a 182.

25th Jul 2007, 05:49

Regarding the last comment, it's another classic case of "my Saxo/ Clio Sport will beat any other car".

Sounds to me like you've done a few mods on it and you now think your 120bhp ish car can thrash a ZS180. The only way it will beat it is maybe up to 60mph due to it not weighing much, otherwise the ZS180 will trounce it. Sorry, but that's a fact so get real.

28th Jul 2007, 04:04

I beat a black saxo VTR in a little race on a duel carriage way. I don't know what there top speed is, but after about 70MPH he was just a dot in my rear view mirror.

31st Jul 2007, 08:39

Saxo vtr only have a 1.6 8v engine producing 80bhp. They are slow.

1st Sep 2007, 03:29

Thank you, I reckon that last comment was honest.

The Saxo aint a bad car, it is known to be a pretty tidy handler, and even the VTR doesn't feel slow, and the VTS is quite quick.

They are not, however on the same playing field as the ZS180, and this has been said to death.

One point though, there are ZS owners here saying silly things.

Who was comparing their ZS to an impreza saying "it was quicker, but not by much"

Well bear in mind that the difference between the ZS180 and an impreza is about the same as the difference between a VTS and an MG. MG would be faster, but not by a huge amount. Over 1 lap, it would add up, and the ZS would be a fair bit ahead.

However I notice a comment a while back from a ZS180 owners saying he "wiped the floor with a Jag XJ 4.2 supercharged." No you didn't, that's the XJR, and its very, very fast.

The ZS is a car I love, and defend to the hilt, my Friend owns a ZS 2.0CDTI, and slow though it is, its handling feels brilliant, super responsive.

However its not really helping the argument to make overblown claims about it. It won't beat an Impreza, it won't beat an XJR. It will keep up with a TYPE R and a Clio 172, depending on the driver, it will beat an ST170, it will beat a Saxo.

Check the links that chap posted in some of the ZS reviews. On a track, in an experienced drivers hands, he is overtaking Elises, and Imprezas, it is a weapon. But make no mistake, a large part of that is his driving.

If the Stig was to drive all these, the times would be: Impreza and XJR, then Clio, closely followed my MG and Civic, then ST170, then Paxo VTS.

However who would be having most fun? I reckon the MG is more fun than the Civic, the Civics chassis doesn't match its engine.

The Clio is Brilliant, the Impreza and Jag both give a very different driving experience, and the Paxo? Well it might be slower, but it would still be fun.

Oh and although people say MG has an image issue, but I would far rather be seen in an MG than in the Saxo, mainly because I dont want to be associated with the typical owners, Chavs who would rather do a burnout with the engine bouncing off the rev limiter than take 10 laps of a track.