1st Aug 2008, 06:58

The K-series has been so widely used not because of the cost, but due to its compact size and light weight; both of which are key in motorsports. At under 100kg with its fluids.

12th Sep 2008, 16:52

Right here we go. The MG ZS180 is a good car, I do own one, but this is about honesty. The interior is terribly dated as in the early 90's, and the build quality is pretty bad as well, though nothing has fallen off mine yet and it's six years old.

However the handling is great, and traction in the wet or dry rates very well, but do if possible fit the recommended tyres for the car. Now this is a car that despite being built within the last eight years, does not rely on traction control, it doesn't have it. There is no ESP either, in fact the only driver aids you get are power steering and ABS - that's it.

Now a lot of other medium cars I see, the Focus, the Astra, NOT A SAXO that's a super mini, well in their high end performance models and in many other manufacturers you will see ESP, traction control and a whole lot of things to improve the cars handling. Now when you check back on many reviews of the ZS 180, you will see the handling is well credited. Makes you wonder doesn't it, an old 1990's based car with no ESP or traction control handling wise can mix it with modern Ford, Audi, Vauxhall and many others that do.

7th May 2010, 02:33

The Clio ain't as quick as the Civic; well not on Top Gear or Fifth Gear, driven by the Stig and Tiff Needell; both professional racing drivers.

7th Jan 2011, 09:39

Well, what can be said about this argument really? I've got a ZS V6, and my two close mates have Civic Type Rs. Mods to mine are forced air induction and zorst, and they both have cold feeds, so no great power gains from either car, and yet my ZS will sit behind them all day long, but will not get past them.

But have a look on fastest laps website, and around the same track, the ZS beats the Civic by nearly a second, so depending on type of roads, the outcome will be different. I agree that the Type R is a brilliant car, but my advice to solve this argument would be be if you have 5 grand to buy a Civic, you should buy a ZS V6 for 2 grand, and spend the other 3 grand on mods, and leave most hot hatches standing LOL.

All told, you will all back your own car, but don't argue about something if you don't know the facts, or you haven't proved what you're saying...

8th Feb 2012, 04:49

BHP doesn't mean anything if the car weighs a ton or two. It's all about power to weight ratios, and torque. Don't just look at BHP, as it's only half the story. A VTS would give the 180 a good race, and would have it on the corners for sure. I've had both cars before you ask.

8th Feb 2012, 11:09

The ZS is a completely different drive to the Civic; it's got oodles of torque and requires little effort to go quick. The Civic is definitely the quicker car though. It comes down to the relatively large power to weight deficit; the 180 has just under 140bhp per ton; compare that to the CTR's 160bhp per ton, and it's obvious which the faster car is. When I had a 180, they would pull a couple of cars lengths on me after any time, and it's exactly what you'd expect.

As for the price difference, it's each to their own. The ZS represents good value for money, but the reliability and added fuel costs of a thirsty V6 mean you could end up paying more in the long term (I did!), plus people will happily buy second hand Hondas for good money, meaning you are less likely to have trouble selling it on where you're done. All things to consider. I would have a Type R instead if I could do it again.

15th Feb 2012, 12:31

The Saxo VTR and Fiesta Zetec S are great little hatches, but a ZS180 would easily beat them in a straight line and round the bends if both are standard... Now a VTS / 106 GTi et al, yes they do give the Zed a run for its money on performance, but I think back to my old 106 GTi and remember the awkward offset pedals, cramped interior, rattles, and the fact they sound like utter crap compared to a V6.

The ZS180 is a brilliant performance machine, which can be picked up for nothing now... Get one before the boy racers cotton on to them, and destroy them all!

2nd Apr 2012, 05:05

Rover 600's were not produced with a "V" engine. Engines available were 1.8, 2.0 and 2.3, all of which were Honda straight 4 engines. Rover did, however, offer two of their own engines, the L-series turbo diesel (a Perkins diesel, which was derived from the O series engine (itself derived from the E series engine)) and a 2.0 turbo petrol (T series, basically a 16v head on an O series block - plus Garret turbo). Great car, the 620Ti.

Anyway, back to the MG ZS 180. I own one, Pearl Black 54 plate, and cost me £1300 in Feb of this year.

Sold my ZT190+ for it. Around 10 horses shy of the ZT, but around 300kg lighter - and it shows on the road!

VIS valves working, so a good kick at 3000rpm. The VIS valves/motors are a known problem on the KV6.

A good £400 or so to replace the inlet plenum. Weak clutch hydraulics and a plastic thermostat housing are also known problems, and I've not even mentioned the cam belt and 2 rear timing belt change costs!

Agree with other posters that the KV6 head gaskets are not a known problem, this misconception, I believe, comes from the KV6 engines that were fitted to late Rover 800's (825), the KV6 in the 825 replaced the Honda 2.7V6. BMW ownership largely sorted this problem. The 4 cylinder K series does have a known problem, namely plastic dowels, which were used to align the head to the block, allowing the head to shift. This helped head gasket failure. As another poster commented, keep an eye on the coolant, and problems may not occur. Although the general consensus is the head gasket WILL blow in the engine's lifetime!

My mate's got a Type R, I'm very impressed by it, boy, is it quick!! But for me it became tiresome after driving it for half an hour; you've got to keep the revs on song to get the "rush" out it - nearly all the time. Great car though.

ZS for me though, it's no slouch. Love it!!!

16th May 2012, 05:24

I agree with the Honda comment; as good as they are, until you get the Honda data unit, the torque in the lower revs is very disappointing, especially for what you pay for a Civic Type-R nowadays, and tuning them isn't cheap! My friend owns a well tuned Type-R, and until he hits VTEC in second gear, he's doing the same 200ft launch, and this is a tuned to 250 bhp Honda?!?! I'm not slating the Type-R at all; just saying how good the MG ZS 180 KV6 is for the money; top car!