29th Jun 2006, 14:26

Well!, having read some of the above comments on the MGZS180, (and being an owner of a 2002 51 plate saloon example myself!) - I'd just like to add the following!

Head Gasket Failures!:-

Some people don't seem to be able to get past this "issue" concerning the "K" series engines, and indeed - a lot of the time when I hear people being negative about MGR products - this is usually mentioned somewhere in the conversation! - to this I simply say "grow up!" - Yes the EARLIER versions of the KV6 were known for head gasket failures - and indeed the 4 pot "k" series engines can suffer from this too!, but it's not as big a problem as some folk seem to think!

I for one have NEVER heard of anyone with a modern MG ZS/MG ZT with the KV6 engine complaining of head gasket failure! - indeed - look around on the various associated MGR forums - and you'll notice how infrequent (if at all!) stories of failed head gasket's actually are - at least where the KV6 is concerned! - And even the "k4" engined cars aren't bad!

The ZS180 is slow!:-

In answer to this, I would ask what those who say this are trying to compare the 180 to!?? I can personally lay claim to having a ZS180 that can match or beat cars of such notability - such as Honda Accord Type R's, Integra type R's, & the Civic Type R too! Yes my car isn't standard spec from a tuning point of view, but in tuning terms - the car is only VERY mildly tweaked! (exhaust system upgrade, as well as an induction system- but that's about it really!) - Now consider that the saloon ZS180 is HEAVIER, & in standard form has less power than say the civic Type R - then for a mildly tuned one such as mine to be able to keep up with - or indeed beat a car like the Civic, then I think a re-evaluation is in order by some of the previous posters!

Indeed - even a STANDARD ZS180 will toast any Focus st170 - from both a performance & handling point of view! - If you doubt me - then go drive one! My boss at work was famous for ribbing me about my choice of car! - that is until I actually took him out in it! - He SOON changed his opinion!, and indeed has now even gone as far as buying his wife ZS120 (1.8k series engined car!) - because he was so impressed by my own 180! Since having that car - he has been full of praise for the handling/ general specification available (especially as a 2nd hand buy!) - and indeed has even laid waste to several car's that could be classed as "superior!" - Even in his lowly 1.8 litre engined car!

To sum up!

The modern MG range is VERY adept at surprising those who are ignorant of the brand, and have never even driven one!

The handling of the car's can only really be described as "eye opening!" - if you really think the car's are shabby handler's - then all I would say "what the hell do you drive every day!? - Cos it MUST be something VERY special indeed! - you'll be AMAZED at how capable these car's really are!

As for fuel economy - then yes! - you may indeed consider the fuel consumption poor on say a ZS180/ZT190! - if you're coming from an Eco friendly/fuel efficient family run around!, but being an owner of such a car - and having to use it EVERY day - then I have certainly NEVER thought of the fuel consumption as BAD! If you want to drive everywhere at Warp Factor Nine - then YES - a car like the 180 WILL drink fuel - but if you're actually level headed and reasonably sensible - then I think they're actually pretty good for what they are, and what they can do!

Indeed! - in the right hands - a car like the 180 WILL embarrass things you wouldn't believe (as I have witnessed with my own eyes!)

I kind of suspect that most of the folk who speak negatively of a car like the ZS180! - have NEVER driven one!, And as such - are unqualified to speak!

30th Jun 2006, 04:17

The ZS180 is without doubt one of the biggest surprise packages on our roads at the moment. Superb Drive.

30th Jun 2006, 19:09

Here's the MG ZS on a race track.



As ya will see, it's no slouch.

A lot of you kiddies on here need to grow up and get a life. I mean driving round with England flags on your foreign, rubbish cars, which in my eyes is hypocritical.

Go here and see what well tuned MGs and Rovers can do.


Go watch the videos and see how stupid you are making yourselves look.

End of rant.

1st Jul 2006, 01:07

The ZS180 is a very very very under-estimated car.

Reliability not an issue. Had mine for a year and covered 35000 miles, never broken down or missed a beat, absolutely nothing has broken or fallen off. Only thing I've had to spend money on is 2 oil changes.

As said before HGF is not an issue with these later KV6's, but as soon as you mention MGR that is what people say immediately. What Tripe.

It has been said before, and I'll say it again very under-estimated car. I have wiped the floor clean with many cars that I have gone up against and many that have surprised me. Especially on my recent trip to Santa Pod!

Handling is superb for a front drive car. There's no torque steer, under-steer is only a problem if you are stupid in the wet. Under normal hard driving conditions it's unstoppable.

Fair comment about the interior being dated as it is. But when your having that much fun you're not looking at the dash board plastics, trust me!

Consider what other performance car you could buy to match the ZS180 from as little as £2k now?

One final comment. I know someone that uses their ZS180 for track-days, their previous car was an impreza turbo. When I asked why he had swapped his scoob for the MG his answer was simple, because it's quicker.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are considering one, take one for a test drive, they are the performance bargain of the moment.

Probably Britain's best kept secret.

1st Jul 2006, 03:44

Shhhhhsh!!! don't give the game away that the ZS 180 is one of the most under rated cars on the road.

5th Dec 2006, 15:08

I also own a ZS180. 52 plate. Car has done 35000 miles. It has only broken down once and that was only a small fault. (and I didn't own the car at the time).

As to one of the above comments about M3's. Lets be serious boys, they are far too quick for the 180, but cost over 30 grand. For the cost of the 180 the performance is outstanding. I paid 7000 for mine 10 months ago with 18000 on the clock. Not a problem with it so far apart from the odd rattle.

People that want a quick car that is also reliable, then buy a ZS180. You really will be surprised!!

And for people that want to buy an Astra Turbo. Go get one and watch it break down.