27th Apr 2007, 10:50

Just seen a 2002 one of these for sale local for £3.5K with 50k on the clock, March MOT and Jan tax.

I have just got fed up with my Honda Civic 1.8 VTi so is this ZS worth buying?

13th Jul 2007, 09:46

No its not. They are slow drink petrol and suffer from head gasket faliure.

16th Jul 2007, 17:25

Look at the majority of owners comments, they are postive.

A good friend of mine just pulled a U turn, forgot about the Polo GTI, and bought a ZS Tractor (diesel) and so far has found it a great car. The interior quality isn't up to modern VW or even ford standards, but it is fairly attractive and well laid out. It's also a cracking drive, stiffly sprung, but full of feedback. And most of that is from the passenger seat.

And the headgasket worries apply to the K series, not the KV6. However, if you make enough, eventually one will fail. Don't use one example to tar a brand.

One of the most unreliable modern marques is VW. Yet how often do you hear questions raised about their engines? Not often enough....

Ignore the idiots, test drive one and if you are a proper driver, someone who understands what handling is, I am sure you will love it.

17th Jul 2007, 08:49

I disagree with the above comment. Rover/MG is well known and associated with un-reliability. But not just breaking down - the whole car is cheaply made and feels out-dated. The head gasket problem is wide spread (in fact anyone I know with a Rover or MG (F) has had a head gasket problem). The car is not built to a good standard. I also dis-agree with VW being one of the most un-reliable car companies- they have a few breaks, of course, but nothing major - for that, try the French!

27th Jul 2007, 04:33

There are bits in some of these comments that are way over exaggerated. I can believe that one of these are as quick as say an ST 170... just. But then they go on about the Civic Type R and things; now I'm no fan of the Type R, I don't like them with their raspy irritating engines, but a ZS 180 tank will not beat one, no way.

And then it goes on to the silly; someone said their mate swapped their Impreza Turbo in for one of these cos it's quicker??? Now I don't know what model Impreza exactly, and I've never driven a 180, but I have raced one in MY 54 WRX a few times, the same one from work, and while it's quick it's not a match, especially from the lights. It's a bit underpowered and heavy to be compared really; if Rover had put a 2.5 turbo in there or if owners had a turbo conversion done, it would take a lot to beat one then.

19th Aug 2007, 03:41

Reply to post from 17th July:

You disagree, fair enough.

I don't say the interior is quality, in fact, I agree the materials and build quality are sub-par.

I just said I liked the way its laid out. The Dials in front of you, I like the way the temp gauge and Fuel are angled slightly in the dash, some of the little details I like.

But that's personal opinion.

The point of my post was that the engines are fine, and people here are tarring the KV6 in the ZS180, with the reputation of the K series in just about everything else.

You then reveal your knowledge by talking about the MGF. Well, that had the K series, not the KV6.

Yes Rover has an image problem. But as someone posted after you, I was saying that you should not tar all of them with the same brush.

I believe that this works the other way round too. For example, some breakdown stats reveal that a mk4 Golf is something like 3 times as likely to break down as a focus, and yet do you ever hear of how unreliable VW are?

Also, read reviews of Passat and Golf Diesels. Many of them have had turbo/engine problems at about 60-80k miles. My own pafat was a nightmare, so this doesn't surprise me.

However, instead of assuming that these are isolated cases, I am now going to do what you did, and make a sweeping generalisation.

All VW are totally unreliable, and the engine WILL fail at about 60k.

See? - Its neither clever or fair to tar a marque like that.

26th Aug 2007, 10:06

The L Series Diesel, which I drive is so much fun, and trust me it's not the engine... solid and reliable that it is! If I had 180 BHP and a set of 215/45/17 holding it to the road, I would smile all the way to the bank! No turbo to worry about V6 fun... I love my dubs, I currently own a 86 Mk1 Gti and a 89 Scalla Scirocco... and would not hear a bad word said about them! But you have to get behind the wheel of a ZS, completely different league to the common chavish ZR. Just look how good it still does in the Touring car, and even when driven by a girl!!

Love it!

30th Jul 2008, 07:54

I own a MK2 ZS180, and have to agree it handles like a dream & the brakes are fantastic, and have push both to the limits.

OK it's no super car, & like some of the comments on this thread I find it hard to believe you can beat a turbo Scooby, my brothers will beat my ZS every time, but that’s 280bhp vs 180bhp.

But when you compare it to the stats of other beefed up family sized cars, its performance is amongst the top.

As for interior styling, sorry but I agree the mk1 sucked, the mk2 is a lot better, of course people always want more, but for the price these go for...

Eternally the ZS180 saloon with the grilles in the wings & the spoiler look superb.

Had mine for 1 year now, & added 30K to the clock; only ever needed routine stuff like brakes & regular services.

Looking to sell mine now reluctantly due to stupid tax & fuel prices.

27th Apr 2009, 08:34

I have 52 plate ZS 180. How do you get the brake problem fixed?

24th Aug 2010, 08:29

I've owned 3 Scoobys but the ZS handling beats all 3 of them, not for power but handling. Give me the ZS 180 any day.