2003 MG ZT-T 120 1.8L NA from UK and Ireland


Huge fun but undervalued family sports estate


Head gasket failure at 45,000.

Front O/S wheel bearing at 56,000.

Rear trailing link bushes at 58,000.

Liner register seal failure at 76,000.

General Comments:

Strong, solid car which can boast one of the highest lateral g-forces of many "family estates". The handling is amazing - have great fun on local clover-leafs eating up overpriced German rivals.

Superb fun to drive and swallows up luggage.

Useful, strong roof-rails, properly secured to body.

BMW-inspired lifting glass on hatch is very useful.

A physically big car with a small engine - regret not having a turbo, so only 33 to a gallon at best. Does prefer Total fuels.

Quality supportive seats and trim which is easy to clean;

Well-considered load space with quality "D"-rings and good stowage space - well-engineered combined dog-guard and load-space cover.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2014

2003 MG ZT-T + pack 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Bliss on a stick



General Comments:

I have wanted one of these since they first came out, & was gutted when MGR went bust. So I waited & waited for the price to drop to a reasonable level. I was going to wait another 18 months until the house was paid off, then buy one of these or a Rover P6B. But then this came up... high km's, but completely straight with a full service history.

My previous Rover experience was with a 1982 SD1 3500SE, which was always broken, & as I was young, so were my finances. The ZT-T has been a revelation. Everything works like a new car, with no hint of anything going to break. Nor a single squeak or rattle. So I can concentrate on updating any small bits like HT leads, radiator cap & other age related things, just to be safe.

The car is so very smooth & has huge road presence. You feel like a king in this wonderful, cosseting car. Acceleration isn't amazing, but it boogies in the mid range & the handling is superb. This is about intelligent driving rather than the 'more powerrrr' thing that is sadly so common, & point to point, the ZT-T is a very good thing!

Build quality is also great & the ambiance is just stunning. I don't care if in a few years The Guv'nor needs a new engine or transmission. This has been a dream car, & a Bentley couldn't prise me away.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2012

22nd Jan 2017, 07:43

I totally agree. After owning a ZT-T, I went on to buy a ZT 180 Sports Auto, which is even more fun. I'm sold on the model, and like you I will be repairing/upgrading/maintaining rather than selling.

2002 MG ZT-T + 2.5 V6 (160) from UK and Ireland


Top quality, you will enjoy it if you give it a try


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I upgraded from an MG ZR to the ZT-T due to a third child, and must admit it is a fantastic car.

Looks superb, and is very quiet and comfortable on motorway.

Handling is good for such a large car, but you do feel some of the bumps due to the sporty suspension.

I am quite happy with a return of between 30 - 35 mpg (motorway), considering it's a V6, but it could do with a bit more power. It will cruise along quite nicely along the motorway, but when you want a bit more speed to overtake, it takes a short while to give you the speed, or at least that's how it feels as it is very easy to forget how fast you are traveling, due to the smoothness and lack of any wind noise, even at 70mph.

Since I bought my ZT-T, I have installed the trip computer and had to visit the dealer to get it programmed to the car. Dealer was very helpful, but this has been my only dealing with them.

I have also fitted rear parking sensors; due to the length of the car, these have been very handy.

Parts are mostly available except for some bits of trim, but servicing parts are available.

I would also recommend joining the 75 & ZT owners forum, as you will find out loads of information on this great car.

Bad things about the car.

The A & B pillars are large and easily hide other cars, people etc.

It does not always fit length ways in car park spaces, however this can be a good thing, because you can see your car poking out from a distance.

It is a big car, and some repairs will be expensive, however that's the price you pay for a luxury car and it is luxury. However you will also pay these bills for a BMW, Merc, Jag, and the ZT-T is in the same class, it just never got the praise it deserves.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2011