2002 MG ZT-T + 2.5 V6 (160) from UK and Ireland


Top quality, you will enjoy it if you give it a try


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I upgraded from an MG ZR to the ZT-T due to a third child, and must admit it is a fantastic car.

Looks superb, and is very quiet and comfortable on motorway.

Handling is good for such a large car, but you do feel some of the bumps due to the sporty suspension.

I am quite happy with a return of between 30 - 35 mpg (motorway), considering it's a V6, but it could do with a bit more power. It will cruise along quite nicely along the motorway, but when you want a bit more speed to overtake, it takes a short while to give you the speed, or at least that's how it feels as it is very easy to forget how fast you are traveling, due to the smoothness and lack of any wind noise, even at 70mph.

Since I bought my ZT-T, I have installed the trip computer and had to visit the dealer to get it programmed to the car. Dealer was very helpful, but this has been my only dealing with them.

I have also fitted rear parking sensors; due to the length of the car, these have been very handy.

Parts are mostly available except for some bits of trim, but servicing parts are available.

I would also recommend joining the 75 & ZT owners forum, as you will find out loads of information on this great car.

Bad things about the car.

The A & B pillars are large and easily hide other cars, people etc.

It does not always fit length ways in car park spaces, however this can be a good thing, because you can see your car poking out from a distance.

It is a big car, and some repairs will be expensive, however that's the price you pay for a luxury car and it is luxury. However you will also pay these bills for a BMW, Merc, Jag, and the ZT-T is in the same class, it just never got the praise it deserves.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2011

2001 MG ZT-T 160+ 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


The best car I have ever owned


The drain from the chamber where the ECU is housed got blocked (a common fault, I believe), but luckily I heard the water swooshing around when I went round a corner at low speed, and was able to take action.

General Comments:

Absolutely stunning car! It's an estate, yet it handles like a sports car. In fact the only criticism I have of it is the sometimes stiff ride, but again that's down to the sports suspension.

If only more people had actually given these cars a go, instead of letting Top Gear decide their opinions for them, then perhaps we wouldn't be looking at a Chinese owned car industry in this country.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2010

16th May 2011, 16:02

Just to update this, I eventually got rid of the car in February 2011, having done 96,000 miles, as the cost of fuel commuting to work and back was just getting mad. But I still stand by my opinion that this was the best car that I've ever owned.

I replaced it with a Rover 75 diesel tourer, and whilst it's basically the same car, I still miss my old one. It felt like a beast when you were driving it, I could easily outpace boy racers if they fancied their chances, and I just miss the throaty roar of the engine, and well as the squat, muscular looks.

An absolutely stunning car, and, yes, I'm still seething at the way the last British owned volume car maker was bludgeoned to death.

2002 MG ZT-T 190 190 from UK and Ireland


Get a good one and have it checked (VIS/Z MOTOR)


I think I have had a problem car, but I still think it's a beast, shame its not the car I hoped it would be.

VIS motor failed on this engine. It opens the valves wider under higher revs, like VVTI on toyota engines.

Coolant vanished! there is a little bleed valve that may not have been opened when services so can't be sure.

Back 3 spark plugs are tucked behind a bulkhead and may not be replaced during services as hard to get to.

Unlike other MGRover examples the Rover KV6 engine has strong head gaskets so no worries there.

Tiny squeek from the back right hand seat! no idea what that's about, but its not a problem, just a niggle.

Battery upped and died had to get next door to jump it with there little corsa, needless to say they ripped me for days about the whole `David and Goliath` thing!

Slow puncture on the 18" wheels so kept topping it up.

Radio pick up not too hot.

Boot opens when it wants too!

All of these thing that have gone wrong, at then end of the day the car makes up for its failings.

General Comments:

Raw, Rude and you feel surrounded by quality.

I have told you all the stuff that went wrong, now let me tell you the good stuff.

I think I had a unloved one, nothing else. Had it been a 54 or a 05 reg the last ones I think it would have been different.

It handles like it should, goes like a rocket and stops like no ones business, My Vis motor doesn`t open so I never got that monster kick at 3000 rpm, but even without it the beast still motors up to what ever speed you need.

Corner and roundabouts are mad! even with the big old boot to swing you round!

Seats are firm with little or no wear.

Suspension is hard its true, but it works so well.

I love the whole MG ZT thing and I can say I was happy to own one, I have sold it now in favor or a ST 170 as I don`t trust the car not to fail and cost the earth, but for the month I have had it I have smiled every time I have driven it.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2007