26th Jan 2003, 16:54

Bought my MG ZT 190+ last year. Yes, it does have a hard ride, and yes, it does drink petrol - I'm getting about 20 to the gallon around town, but it more than makes up for that when you're out on the open road where it handles really well - goes where you point it - looks fantastic in silver, and is relatively exclusive. If it ever became as common as a BMW 3 series - I'd sell it.

14th Mar 2003, 15:28

I have one of these and its probably the best car I've driven - gorgeous to look at, great handling and BRILLIANT performance!

I suspect the negative review (s) were written by someone who hasn't actually owned one of these fabulous motor cars - but I would like to state that I have previously owned BMW's (overpriced, hideously expensive to maintain+repair AND overrated performance/handling), Citroen (quirky, but hideously expensive to maintain+repair), Renault (hideously expensive to maintain+repair AND overrated performance/handling) - all European cars built abroad. I agree that British cars were poor in the early 80's, but they have come a LONG way since - the ZT and the S-type Jags are gorgeous! Basically, the negative reviewers don't say ANYTHING about the car, they are just sounding off - a case of a big mouth and nothing to say ;)

If you want a family cruiser with great comfort, go for Rover 75 Tourer. If you want fun, handling, performance and great looks - buy the ZT!

9th Apr 2003, 06:42

I fully agree these cars are absolute rubbish, the 190 is completely gutless and they look like a child has been let loose in Halfords with a low budget.

16th May 2003, 05:03

My last BMW328i was no where near as good a car as the ZT.

It was very expensive to run and had a very boring interior. The ZT interior is very nice and well built. The exterior is as good as anything the Germans can make.

The engine is smooth and quiet, maybe not blisteringly fast, but is refined and reliable.

I will keep mine for a long time as I cannot think of anything nearly as good for the price!!

10th Jun 2003, 07:14

I am in Melbourne, Australia, and recently purchased an MG ZT 180. It is great in all respects, and compares very favorably to previous top-of-the range cars I have had. But I am biased because I love most things British!

29th Aug 2003, 12:10

I have owned my ZT 190 for a year now and covered 13,000 miles in it without a single complaint. I took it to germany this year and drove it around the Nurburgring 15 mile circuit which has huge gradients and 130 odd corners, some of which are off camber etc, I completed 7 laps on the day I went with no problems (not even brake fade which has occurred on my previous cars with Race Brakes fitted).

I have gone through a set of tyres, probably due to the Germany trip and the oil gets changed every 3000miles. I don't plan on selling the ZT for a while yet, but could be persuaded when the V8 model arrives. Best sports saloon I've driven in a while.

25th Mar 2004, 10:56

I bought the MG ZT +190 in May 2002. I was thrilled with it until... April 200,after 7500 miles, the clutch system burnt out completely on me. This was replaced under guarantee, but I was very worried as I have been driving for nearly 28 years, in all manner of vehicles and never had a clutch go. I tried to find out what the problem had been, but MG Rover could never give me a definitive answer. Another eleven months later having driven about 16000 miles, exactly the same thing has happened again. I am now involved in a wrangle with MG Rover as to why and who is going to pay...

28th May 2004, 15:30

I have an odd problem, puncturing front tyres. They are so low profile, they have burst driving over a pothole and clipping a kerb.

7th Jul 2004, 08:23

I have just read the comment about clutch failure. I also had mine fail at about the 1st year service, 10,000 miles. My local dealer presented me with a bill for appx £1000 claiming it must be the way I drive it. The bill was reduced to £250 which I paid in order to get the car back on the road. Has anyone else had similar problems?

1st Nov 2004, 11:26

I purchased my MG ZT 190+ with every extra from the book bar sat nav as an ex demonstrator with 6000 miles on the clock for £14K. For the price and mileage on the clock it is a stunning different saloon with grunt. The fuel's not great at about 26mpg, but for foot down fun it's unbeatable. The clutch started to slip at 10K and was replaced without question by MG Rover under warranty as 'a known problem'. Unfortunately the tyres at £200 each for factory fit Michelin Pilot Sport are an expensive bug bear - but this is the trade off of driving something different. On balance the pleasure to drive and admiration it attracts far out weigh weaknesses of running costs. My only regret is buying in silver not trophy blue for fear the thing would get keyed.

8th Aug 2005, 18:00

I received my 2004 ZT 190+ 2.5 V6 a few days ago and it probably the best car I've had the pleasure of driving. Smooth and quiet around town, but all hell breaks loose when you open up the V6 at about 3,000RPM. I can't get enough!

8th Nov 2005, 07:17

Got an MGZT 1.8T last November and absolutely love it. Quick, responsive and everybody comments on its looks. A great car to cruise in or 'send on'! I have had a 3series and an A4 and the ZT is a more desirable car overall.

The clutch just starting slipping at 12k though and I'm about to find out if my dealer is covering it!!


5th Dec 2005, 12:30

I've got a 2002 MG ZT 180+ Auto. I think it's a fantastic car, but recently the air bag warning light has started to come on intermittantly. Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it a common failure and will it be expensive to fix?



19th Aug 2007, 04:37

Jeremy Clarkson; possibly the worst PR MG Rover has ever suffered.

Most MG fans probably wouldn't brake if they saw him crossing.

Want to know what what he said about the ZT190?

I think it was Sunday Times Motoring, and he compared it with the BMW 320 Sport (might have been 323, I can't remember).

His conclusion?

England 5, Germany 1.

And that's from a Rover hater.

He also liked the later MG ZT V8 rwd, driven on Top Gear.

22nd Nov 2008, 19:51

I own an MG ZT 190 and all I can say, it's really really awesome car to drive! I sometimes wonder if those really expensive sport sedans are any better to drive. Nothing can beat this car for it's price. One day they will be very rare collectibles I am more than sure.

16th Feb 2010, 21:15

Terrific new, but expensive and not so reliable second hand. An amazing looking car. Fantastic to drive.

27th Feb 2010, 14:58

I've had a ZT190 for two years now. Great car to drive, drinks fuel, which is expensive, and my clutch went too. It has a plastic slave cylinder which melts!! Mine lasted 40,000km. Overall though I would recommend one if you like driving.

23rd Jun 2010, 04:19

I found this site while looking for MG ZT reviews. I saw the car as a possible alternative to an Audi A4 for my son here in Sydney.

I must say that hearing about the myriad clutch problems has dampened my ardour. You people who have had one or more go at ridiculously low mileages, and are still loyalists, must be confirmed (at any price) "Brit" buyers.

There are just too many good cars now to put up with such nonsense. As an expat, I'd hoped that (as with my Triumph motorcycles) things had changed, but it's back to the A4 I guess.