1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL 3.0 DOHC from North America


3000gt's are extremely nice, but they are expensive!!


The rear wiper motor was broken when I bought the car.

The dimmer switch recently went out.

I had to replace the passenger side front caliper at 65,000 miles.

All of the factory speakers are busted except for the front passenger side.

General Comments:

This car is extremely quick and reliable. I have never gotten in my car and it not start. Everything has performed really well except for the small things mentioned above.

This car grabs a lot of attention, especially when it is clean.

I would recommend this car to anyone that is ready to pay a lot to maintain it.

It only gets around 22 miles per gallon.

My Honda got around 38 miles per gallon.

If you want a car that everyone will notice, including your checking account, then buy one. If you are looking for a cheap car with cheap maintenance then do not purchase this car.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2005

3rd Oct 2005, 12:57

You are on the dot right about every bit of this cars performance. I just recentley bought an SL model and have had some transmission problems. Over all, the attention I get in it is unbeleavable.

23rd Apr 2006, 00:40

I don't see how you can say your car is expensive to maintain?.you've had very little go wrong with your car, but you put it down?. I've had nothing go wrong with my 3000GT apart from a CV joint which cost $104.00.My previous car was a Chevy Malibu which I owned the car from new and after 2 years I had already spent $6,000.00 fixing it.

1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL V6 DOHC from North America


Cool and reliable


Door molding clip broken. Keeps hitting the fender (making the door difficult to open).

Front speakers blown.

Glove Box broken (drops all the way).

General Comments:

Plenty of "get-up-and-go".

Tons of compliments.

Handles like a dream even at high (100+) speeds.

At 3,500 pounds, it's too heavy for any hard-core street racing.

No cargo room.

Excellent braking.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2004

1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT vr-4 spyder 3.0 liter twin turbocharged from North America


Only car in the world with retractable hardtop all wheel drive, all wheel steering and twin turbos


There have been no problems. The prior owner took excellent care of the car and had it serviced regularly.

General Comments:

The acceleration is fantastic.

The car handles like it is on rails

The retractable hardtop is a show stopper

The paint is new looking and glossy

No one can believe the car is not new

The interior is cockpit like

The seats fit very well and the power side bolsters are a nice touch

The climate control works perfectly

The rear seat is for show only

The infinity sound system is excellent even with the top down

The gas mileage averages 20 miles per gallon

The styling is timeless on the car.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2003

10th Sep 2004, 12:46

SURE!!! '03 Cobra > You.

2nd Mar 2005, 20:57

Yea, like anyone would buy a poor excuse for a car like the mustang over a vr4... get real...

19th Oct 2005, 20:53

With regard to the above comments, a cobra isn't exactly in the same league as a vr-4, or rather a vr-4 is not in the same league as a cobra. The comparison makes little sense because the cars are nothing alike. In terms of design ingenuity I believe the vr-4 does win over the mustang though, because it not only closes the horsepower gap with a turbo, but also mitigates the turbo's primary weakness, lag, with a twin turbo. Mitsubishi packed quite a few nifty gadgets into the 3000GT, especially the vr-4 and it is my personal opinion that all of these features allow a V6 like 3000GT VR-4 to not only give a mustang V8 a run for its money, but beat it. In the same way that the GSX is so impressive with its powerful combination of turbo and 4 wheel drive, the VR-4 is formidable machine. In all honesty, I personally think a better rival for this car is the supra, assuming both are unmodified mind you.

11th Feb 2007, 01:21

This is an amazing car I got it a year ago and i never want to get rid of it. It handles like a dream. I will never get rid of this car even if it dies on me and becomes no use to me anymore i will still keep it. It is such an amazing car!