13th May 2003, 14:18

I agree with the person who replied before I did ;)

14th May 2003, 11:02

I agree with both people before me. It sounds as if this guy just doesn't know how to handle a car.

14th Jul 2003, 18:49

I agree with the owner of the car!!! I belong to a 3000gt and stealth car club, largest I believe anywhere. I know of many, many owners of these cars who have had more than their fair share of problems and very expensive ones at that. The owner did not lie about the cost of repairs, I have also had to replace many of the parts he or she has mentioned. I will tell you this, I will never again buy a car made by Mitsubishi! My son has an Eclispe and also is having problems. Ask yourself this, why are there so many used ones for sale???

16th Oct 2003, 21:37

I should note that the dealer costs for anything are going to be through the roof and it would be less expensive to buy parts from a junkyard, have them painted to match and installed by a local mechanic at a fraction of the price that the dealer wants just to say hello to you. The pricing is all in where you shop. You can find many aftermarket things like "headlamp assemblies" for pennies on the dollar of what Mitsubishi wants for them. In my opinion, this driver did not take care of what he had. It seems that he dogged it and expected it to bounce back forever on a wing and a prayer.

21st Jan 2004, 22:59

For the money... go buy a Porsche 928S V-8 and get real power, performance, handling, refinement, and eye candy.

Stealths and 3000GTs are also known for bad oil pumps. A very expensive repair.

19th May 2004, 09:07

I own a 91 mitsu 3000gt my mom owns a mirage my sister owns a galant. none of us have had anywhere near this many problems. my 3GT parts are expensive if you go through mitsu. but if you search you will find outside dealers with the exact same parts. I also drive my 3GT every day since it is the only car I have. I bought the car for $8,000 with 99,453 miles on it and currently it now has 150,549 miles on it. I have only had to replace the transmission which the dealership handled for me (its called EXTENDED Warranty). nothing else has been faulty. and just as a final note... I was offered 12,900 for my car at an auction (which I did not accept) so for me.. it has been every bit worth the expense.. I am truly a happy 3000GT owner. :)

27th Aug 2004, 20:41

I am a proud owner of a 3000GT sl. I did have to rebuild the transmission at 75,000 miles, but other than that this thing is fast and furious. I would buy the vr4 if I had the cash, but I love my 3GT SL and I think the owner of the article GT beat the life out of the car.

12th Jan 2005, 16:37

I loved the way my 3000GT looked, and so did the girls. However, be careful of the car you buy. I was tricked into buying an abused car. The day before I was going to sell it, whenever the car was turned on, oil shooted out past the front tire. Lucky me though, I found someone more stupid then I. After six months of having the car, I sold it for $1500 more.

22nd Jan 2005, 16:21

To the last comment. Yeah, pat yourself on the back buddy. What you did was unethical in the extreme and moreover could be regarded as illegal if taken on by a good attorney. What you did was dispicable.

26th Jul 2005, 17:59

Yeah I agree with the above. Selling the car in any state with knowledge of the problem stated would be grounds for a lawsuit. "Buyer beware" does not apply in cases where the owner knew of a problem and did not disclose. That was not a very good thing to do, or write about. Remember, what goes around comes around.

26th Jul 2005, 23:34

That guy that sold a lemon knowingly is a loser, and I'm glad you don't own one of our cars anymore. Go drive a Pinto!

18th Sep 2005, 00:11

I am the owner of not 1 or 2, but 3 GTs! I have a '92 and '98 GTSLs, as well as a '93 VR-4.

Let's begin with the negatives: Yes, purchasing replacement parts from MITSU are VERY expensive, with a probable 'mark up' of almost 100%. And yes, there ARE after market parts, some good, and some bad, so as always, buyer beware! But most owners of 3000GTs are very well aware of this. It's NOT ANY DIFFERENT than the guy having to go to the Chevy dealer to get a replacement part for his 'Vette. Any high end sports vehicle will always cost more in replacement parts. BTW, has anybody looked at replacement parts for some of the higher end SUVs or minivans lately??!?!? EGH!!!

Anyhow, I had to respond to some of these guys who are not too happy with their GTs. Let's see, most of them have had a couple of accidents (was the car too quick and got away from them?), or some tried to MOD their vehicles (with parts that might have not been the right mod(s)?). And there is nothing wrong with modding, as long as you know what you are doing, or at least check with a mechanic that knows these cars.

Why do I have 3 of these vehicles? Well, I liked the '92 GTSL so much (I'm the second owner for the past 12 years), that I bought a '98 GTSL in 2001 with only 53000 miles on her. It now has 104,000 miles on her. Yeah, I had to do the timing belt with the water pump and all those good little things you have to do, BUT, so?? You have to do that on ANY car!

Again, I like these cars so much, I just bought a '93 VR-4 two months ago with 91,000 original miles on her from the original owner! But like any other vehicle, if you TAKE CARE of the care, IT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! Oh, and by the way; for anyone who cares, the first one that I had bought, the '92?... She has 287,000 miles on her!! And no, that is not a TYPO, I said 287,000 miles on her!

ORIGINAL ENGINE and TRANSMISSION! YES, ORIGINAL TRANNY!! So, do these cars last very long?? I don't know (LOL), I've got three of them that says THEY WILL LAST. I do a lot of driving, and no, I do not work for Mitsubishi. I think one of the company's BIGGEST MISTAKES was when they decided to phase out the Sports Car Concept, and PLEASE don't tell me that they have the Eclipse! Nothing against those little cars, but putting a 6'3" frame in an Eclipse is like trying to seat yourself in an UPHOLSTERED ROLLERSKATE!

Alright, I'm done, let's make room for someone else, PRO or CON...

5th Dec 2005, 18:58

1994 3000 GT --> 153,400 miles... not a single problem except alternator, O2 sensor, and Clutch going out... oh and the glove box mechanism died ^_^ go figure.

8th Aug 2006, 10:16

Thank you to whoever wrote the above comment. I'm about to buy a Stealth/3kGT, and it was very reassuring to someone who really only gets one shot at buying a good car. Everything I read about these cars makes me feel that they're underrated and under appreciated, which is disturbing, if only because there's the feeling that maybe people are right. From the cars that I've looked at and driven, they seem like great cars, and cheap alternatives to "super cars" like Porsches and the like, and FAR more reliable. consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com gave a 3000GT a 3/10 in class rating, which stunned me.