2nd Jun 2007, 15:56

I own a 94 3000GT and the only two things have had to be replaced, the stereo and the antenna. Its got 145k on it. This is a fantastic car, it handles like a sedan even when you get to 100mph.

8th Jul 2007, 20:49

I have a 1995 3000GT, Base Model. When I purchased it in 1996 it had about 6K miles on and now it has about 80K. This has been the greatest car ever... I have not had any major problems. I replaced the clutch after about 6 years ($900). Twice, I spent less than $300 to replace a few miscellaneous parts that had gone bad. I have had to replace the battery twice (less than $100 each time), and because I have a need for speed - I'm on my 4th set of tires. However, outside of that I've only had to do normal maintenance, oil/filter changes, radiator flushes, gasoline cleaning, alignment, etc. It may sound like a lot of work was needed, but not really when you do the math on how much I spent and also take into consideration I've had this car 11 years. This car still gets all the attention on the road even next to a BMW... and gets mistaken for a Lamborghini by non-enthusiasts all the time. I have no complaints about this car whatsoever! If it's well taken care of, I wouldn't expect any problems - although when buying used vehicles, you can't always be sure. I think it's a darned shame they stopped making this model!!!

22nd Oct 2008, 13:22

I've got a 95 stock 3000 that I bought for 5000 dollars, but honestly I am not as happy as I would be owning a twin-turbo VR-4. I am really trying my hardest to get my hands on a twin, but I can't find one. I don't want to start putting money in and boosting my stock front wheel drive; you know that would suck. But can anyone please help me find one that is in South Florida?

28th May 2009, 16:32

You'd better do some more homework man, there is a reason why the 3000 GT is no longer made, and it's not because "the good die young" If you are looking for a sports car to fix up and mod a little, then stay away from Mitsu. I don't care what you get, but these cars really were garbage. If you HAVE to have a Mitsu then get an EVO or something. To be perfectly honest I wouldn't be caught dead in anything Mitsu. All I'm sayin is if it's money you want spend on a car, then the 3000 is a super-massive black hole that will be happy to oblige you. Have fun with the multitude of electrical, trans and upper intake adventures, and good luck with figuring out that body panel alignment (even the factory was stumped).

Sorry man, not tyring to hate on you or the car. No offense intended. It is, what it is and if that's what your into, then run it, but good luck.

9th Dec 2009, 09:20

If you properly (emphasis on properly) maintain a Mitsubishi, they're as good as any other car. In fact, I'd rather take my old Eclipse anyday over another Japanese car. Where else would I get 30 mpg, 210 hp, and a nice sleek sexy car for under $4K? Not to mention the thing had 228K miles on it before needing an engine.

A Civic of the same year cost on average $1,000 more and: no turbo, no power, high theft rate, no sunroof, no leather, no power seat, no alloy wheels, no...etc.