13th Jul 2012, 06:53

Original poster here. The car has now done as of today 132,000km, and it's still just as smooth, quiet, reliable and fun to drive as the day I drove it out of the dealership.

The gearbox is still snappy under load, yet slurrs perfectly into the next gear cruising along. The motor still revs sweetly and attacks the red line when it's needed. It's just faultless.. apart from the driver's seat electric adjustment, which is being a little temperamental. I'll get checked out next week.

I service it every 5 thousand kays now just to keep the oil looking clean. Really am happy with it.

I am on the hunt for a newer sedan (something I can do a bit of track work with). But the 380 is going nowhere. Considering how crap resale is of Magna/380's, I think I'll keep the 380 and just drive it into the ground. I'm only 21, and she's done 132,000... let's see how high I can get that odometer in the years to come!

10th Oct 2012, 04:16

Original poster here. 140,000km down, many many more to go!!!

24th Dec 2012, 00:47

I agree with your comments. Just bought a Mits 380 for my daughter (she paid for it). We were surprised by the value when we looked at it.

I am totally impressed by the machine - just did an oil change - very easy.

Lots of power, stops well, and good seating. The machine has done 110000 and we paid 6000 for it (2005 year).

This paint is not so good, with laminating an issue - probably why it was a bit cheaper!

I want one myself now. This is real value as far as I can see. The car is very straight.

27th Mar 2013, 00:19

Original poster here. You aren't wrong mate, they are a massive bang for your buck car, especially now a few years on from when they stopped production. I have seen a few around with clear coat issues. Mine has been garaged most of its life and so far (touch wood) the paint seems to be holding up. Mine just ticked over 150,000 and she's still a great smooth car; it is due for a comprehensive suspension check though. It is starting to feel a bit floaty over bumps. It has had a fairly hard life, so I wouldn't be surprised if the shocks and springs have started to loosen up a bit. Other than that, it's rock solid.

I'll report back in another 10,000km!

8th Aug 2013, 22:57

Hi original poster. I have read your comments eagerly, as we are looking to purchase either a GT or a Platinum model. Never had a Mitsi. But there are lots of good reviews on it, thanks.

1st Oct 2013, 02:22

Just bought a 2006 SX. I'm very happy with the car; only 65k and it runs like new. I am very interested in this thread.

10th Jan 2014, 20:01

Hi original poster, do you have any more to report?

15th Apr 2014, 00:39


Well the original poster seems gone so I will continue on with my 2006 SX. My car is now at 76000. I have driven it 11,000 km since I bought it in September; drives like new. A little heavy on fuel around town, but a great highway car & good on fuel in that sense.

The paint on the roof is starting to fade; an inherent Mitsubishi problem, so it will cost $700 to get the bonnet & roof resprayed.

Remember to have the transmission flushed with genuine Mitsubishi oil; I just did that and put on a transmission cooler. I also change the oil every 7500 km.

I put the US Galant snorkel on, which helps fuel economy a little.

I will report back at 90,000 km; all good so far.