7th Jun 2015, 22:22

I agree also, my previous car was a VE SV6, and my SX 380 is head and shoulders above that car. Both cars were bought 2nd hand, and both had been ex-rentals. At least you know they've been washed and detailed continuously, and always serviced. A bit of clear coat fade on the roof, but livable for the time being. But it's only the used car trade that mark them down for that, so there are bargains to be had. Just had my timing belt replaced at 100K and the car drives like new. Although some there's squealing from the serpentine belt on start up - getting that looked at tomorrow.

3rd Aug 2015, 03:45

Hey, I have an ES 2007 380 ex-taxi. Have had it for 2 years now. It has about 520 000 km on it. We have done about 30 000 of them.

I replaced the trans speed output sensor, complete engine wiring loom, plugs, coils and regular servicing, and it hasn't let us down once.

I also have changed the trans fluid about 5 times to get the colour back nice.

Going to get timing belt and water pump done next week, but I'm going to do the internal trans filter myself.

It's pretty cool to be able to read threads like this. The car still goes hard. When it finally does let go, I'm just going to get a replacement motor, add extractors etc, and do shocks and all round rubbers / ball joints, as the car still has plenty of life left.

We paid 1800 for it, 400 for VRX wheels and four new tyres, plus around 400 worth of parts and materials.


4th Nov 2015, 23:23

Hey guys! Original poster here. Sorry for the delayed reply.

Well it happened. I traded the 380 in, for no other reason other than I felt it was time to drive something new. I traded it in with 180,986km on the clock. The final drive in it was over 2000km to the dealership I had purchased my replacement from.

The new car in question is an SSV ute. And while yes I am impressed with the new car... it's very fast, comfortable and surprisingly not to expensive to maintain. But the 2000 odd Kay journey really made me question if it was the right idea. The 380 was smooth and composed. It never argued with overtaking long roadtrains. It would still rev out to its redline with a purposeful growl (thanks to my aftermarket intake). I averaged 8.1 the whole trip. Yes, 8.1. It never went wrong in the time I owned it (26k right up till 180k). Even as of 2015, with the newest 380 you can purchase being 6-7 years old, I still say buy one. Buy two. Hell I'm trying to find a tidy GT to purchase.

I miss the 380 wholeheartedly. It became less of a car and more of an old pal. It had been through everything a car could go through and it did it without fuss. In a time where people prefer a small, pointless "SUVs", I say go against the grain. Buy an Australian made car before they are obsolete. If fuel economy is a concern, learn to drive more efficiently haha.

And on one final note, for those of you who have 380s and were posting updates, please continue. I love to read how your 380s are going. For now though, I bid my old 380 farewell. And with a bit of luck I can find another... or if I ever see mine again, I'll put in an offer they can't refuse haha. Cheers guys and gals.

3rd Jan 2016, 06:27

Thanks for the update!

3rd Jan 2016, 06:34

I am back as promised, not 105k, but now 116k in my 2006 SX. The car is still running like new. I replaced the passenger rear window regulator, which is very common (cost $90, 30 minute job) about 10k ago; other than that, all is good except for the dreaded paint fade; looking at getting the bonnet done next month for $600 (already had the boot lid & roof done some time ago).

I am buying another car later this year, but this one will be getting passed over to my wife. I like driving this car, and at my age (mid forties) I have had a few in my time.

I will report back at 130k.


11th Feb 2016, 03:53

We purchased our 380 (2006) 2nd hand around 2010 with 72000km on the clock. What a wonderful car it has been. It has now traveled 180000 kilometers and the repairs in total have totaled, two electric window winders and one thermostat. As mentioned by other writers, the ride is better than most other cars we've owned and it cruises the road really well. Fuel averages about between 8-9 litres per 100kph. We have never had a wheel alignment or anything else for that matter. Paint work is still very good (red), but under cover and is washed regularly. This vehicle should never have been taken off the market, a great Aussie car. A small diesel should have been an option before they stopped production.

Bob R.

13th Apr 2016, 02:06

Hi Team,

Bought our 380VRX at 150k km about 9 months ago. Got the car quite cheap for the condition it was in. Paid 6k for it mint. Had the ticking sound in the engine and it was the EGR solenoid that was faulty. $130 later and 10 secs to replace.

The car is now at 165k km and normally we would get it serviced at my mechanic, but he's gone now :( So I'm a Saturday mechanic on my Commodore, but this is my wife's car so I try to stay away from it. But with the mechanic gone, and the wife said the transmission was grinding, I grabbed some fluids and jumped under to do a transmission and engine oil dump. Honestly the easiest 1/2 hour in my life, and I tell you the transmission was black. I actually ended driving the car for 5 minutes to mix the new oil and then dumping it again and it was still black.

My wife uses it as a everyday through peak hours for work, so the transmission is under constant use. The filter is also internal and doesn't get changed so I would highly suggest a flush on them as it makes a world of difference.

The engine was using a large amount of oil while the EGR solenoid was faulty, but has stopping doing since replaced.

The paint is in VG condition, but I suspect it was garaged regularly.

The roof lining has gone and will cost 150 to replace.

The car's performance is quite exceptional, especially considering I drive the commodore. Both power and comfort are very nice.

Cons - the turning circle is similar to a naval vessel...

Many thanks to everyone who has posted, especially the OP. I have enjoyed reading the thread and don't normally post, so thank you again and drive safe.


14th Jul 2016, 01:54

MT back again reporting 130k in my 2006 SX. The car is still running great. I had to replace a coil ($100 ) about 10k ago and have just bought an EGR solenoid to stop the ticking noise (bought online for $76 delivered). I have also just flushed the gearbox which should be done every 40,000km minimum (an easy job & Mitsubishi genuine oil is cheap). I am still very happy with this car; it still drives like new, but we need to replace her car. I strongly suggest looking on the 380 forum site as below it is very helpful:


I will report back at 150k.


21st Feb 2017, 23:44

I have just bought another 380, 2008 sports model with only 80,000 on the clock, ex company car, paid $6300 at auction and it runs like a bird. Our other 2008 Platinum Edition 380 is my wife's car, also bought at auction for $5000 with 150,000 on clock, and we've had it for 4 years, also an ex company car with now 245,000km on the clock and runs like new.

They are a beautiful car to own and drive, and with regular servicing would expect at least 400,000 km of happy driving. Another good car that sells cheaply is the Nissan Maxima.

7th Jul 2017, 00:00

Thanks, now I know what the on and off ticking sound is...

12th Sep 2017, 01:28

Original poster here. Good to see other happy 380 owners racking up the kays!! I ended up replacing the SSV that replaced the 380 with a Triton. Whilst it isn't my beloved 380, it is at least a Mitsubishi. Close enough haha. I am still considering finding a mint 380 to buy again. I really do miss mine. And whenever I see an electro blue 380, I want to go and hug it haha. Cheers and happy motoring guys and gals!

3rd Jan 2018, 11:51

Great to hear MT.

4th Jun 2018, 06:52

MT back again, been a while, with my 2006 SX now at 175,000 km & still going strong, no issues to report since my last 130,000km report. My son has just bought a 2005 VRX manual as well. The paint on the bonnet & the doors are shot (which is common), but other than that this car has been great. I have driven it 110,000 km myself now (me & the wife). I wish Mitsubishi still made them.