16th Mar 2014, 08:03

I also own a Mitsubishi Challenger. Sadly this car is a lemon; one of the issues is the loss of power that you also speak of.

27th Mar 2014, 08:17

Author of the original review.

Mitsubishi dealer appears to have fixed the problem. Have not had a problem since getting it back from the dealer; don't ask me what they did to it!

I should add that Mitsubishi Australia tried to tell me that what I was experiencing was normal for this vehicle. If you want, I can try and find details of exactly what was done to the vehicle; it may assist you.

24th Apr 2014, 23:17

Ahhhh I have just bought one, a Challenger that is. They seem to get good reviews, but then the reviewers are paid to write the reviews, so how they can have any credibility I don't know.

But I did enjoy the 2 test drives, and compared to others out there, the ride is superior and noise levels not as bad. Just hope the one I bought is not a lemon...

BUT one suggestion I would make to anyone who owns a modern car; invest the $10 or so and buy an OBD (on board diagnostics) reader off eBay; allows you to read off fault codes so that in the event of a roadside breakdown, you can tell whoever you have phoned for help exactly what the problem is.

There is a socket usually up behind the driver's pedals where it is plugged in.

23rd Dec 2015, 04:27

If it's an automatic, keep your foot away from the brake pedal; if you lightly touch the pedal while driving, it will go into idle mode (ABS) system.

8th Mar 2016, 01:09

Author of the original review. This vehicle left me stranded next to the road the weekend before last; blown turbo hose supposedly. The engine has now pushed coolant into the overflow tank and it is not flowing back into the radiator as per normal when cooled.

Coolant has overflowed and been lost. These vehicles have been subject of a recall; apparently a batch of cylinder heads were not machined correctly. This vehicle has been back for the recall check and was said to be OK. One of the remedies done at this check was to install a radiator cap of increased pressure, which was presumably to suppress or delay the failure of the faulty head machining. I suspect that this coolant loss is a result of a gasket or head failure. Vehicle into dealer - DISGUSTED.

10th Mar 2016, 08:28

Informed by the dealer that they have removed the cylinder head; apparently there is visible damage to the engine as they have suggested to the manufacturer that a new short motor be installed. They are awaiting an OK to proceed; must admit I am puzzled that the cylinder head can be OK for use, given that I would have thought that was the main suspect in this failure. When the repairs are finished, I will use it for a while, then have it independently assessed to see if it is in good order.

14th Mar 2016, 02:12

Author of the original review.

Fitment of short motor has been authorised by Mitsubishi Australia. I would caution anybody contemplating a Mitsubishi vehicle powered by a 4D56 diesel of this vintage to seriously BUY SOMETHING ELSE; these engines appear to have serious flaws.

22nd Mar 2016, 03:37

I have been told that a long motor has been authorized and fitted, and I now have the car back. Over the short period I have had it back, the vehicle displays exactly the symptoms it has had since new and with the previous engine with coolant going into the overflow tank and not drawn back when the engine cools. Will monitor and drive for the moment. I can only hope that this replacement engine is not of the same defective batch as before.

2nd Apr 2016, 12:08

Another breakdown; have been told it is a faulty cam sensor. ZERO confidence in this vehicle, towed home with a breakdown truck.

6th Apr 2016, 00:25

Examined the motor myself after being towed home. The cam belt has become dislodged and has been forced through the lower cam belt cover on the front of the motor.

The vehicle was towed into the dealer and I have had it returned to me. They have admitted that when they installed the new motor, a key that locates one of the cam belt pulleys was incorrectly installed and caused the pulley to jam and dislodge the cam belt.

Although this motor is an interference design, they assure me that no damage has been done.

17th Nov 2016, 19:54

Author of the original post.

New motor fitted under warranty; has now done approximately 10000km and has not malfunctioned. It does not lose coolant, which happened with the original motor. I have taken it on several long trips and it functions normally. Now generally happy with the vehicle.

27th Feb 2018, 12:34

Author of original post. The vehicle has now done 20000 km on the replacement engine running faultlessly; a pity Mitsubishi could not have assembled it properly to start with. Purely a result of bad or lack of quality control at the factory.

Happy with the vehicle.