16th Dec 2001, 12:26

I have to disagree. All cars performance is a reflection of the owners care.

I have a 94 LS with 125K on it and it runs fantastic. Every button, guage, lock etc works like new. I've taken this car across the country 2x and it's never failed me - even when hauling trailers.

You could have bought a lemon - it's possible. Buy my experience has been outstanding with this vehicle.

Hope you have better luck with your next vehicle.

4th Feb 2002, 21:30

I'd have to disagree.

I have a 1993 Diamate ES with 125000 miles on the engine, with only idle motor problems. Although I bought the car used, the owner had trouble giving it away because of his love for the car.

I've heard things about the valve stems, and I plan to get them inspected, I don't want an expensive repair, but the Diamante is a great investment if you know how to take care of it.

21st Aug 2002, 18:42

Own a 94 Diamante ES. Great Car for highway cruising. Meter is reading 140K and am just about to replace the struts. There are some weird sounds I hear coming from the wheels, dashboard that annoys me a lot. Hope I can get that fixed some day. Other than that, I had no trouble with the car. I remember having trouble with brakes (brake pads going out) and that was because it wasn't the right pad for the car. I'm noticing roll when turning, maybe due to the struts. Will find out after replacing them. Other major parts replaced: steering rack (due to busted boot), left and right front control arms due to damaged bushing. Oil leak caused that due to a bad gasket. Hope to see more trouble free miles.

2nd Oct 2002, 15:19

I own a 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante 1992 LS and it has 130K on it. I bought it used. Everything was in perfect working condition, inside and out, then two weeks after buying it and I haven't even made the first payment and had to replace timing belt. After replaced, I started to drive it and it threw timing belt again. I take it in again and they are telling me that it now needs cylinder heads, or something like that, so we are checking into a new motor, or a rebuilt/re-manufactured rather. Some of the prices on these motors, to get a decently lower mileage motor, cost as much as I paid for the dang car! It is crazy. I just luckily came across one, with under 45k miles on it and with shipping, $1000.00, with six months, unlimited miles warranty, if not mistaken. So, I plan to check this out. Thank goodness I decided to purchase a small warranty on this car, as it will cover the cost of most of it. I had to use some of it to fix the timing belt. I am not so sure that I will keep this car long once fixed. I think they aren't all they are cracked up to be, to be honest. Maybe with the newer engine, etc... it will be better.

2nd Oct 2002, 23:52

Hi to all in the US

Your Mitsubishi Diamante is Under the name of Verada here in Australia.

I read with interest as to how much problems some of you have had with these cars.

Apart from the timing chain which is a known fault and problem with most earlier Mitsubishis we don't seem to have any problems at all with them.

Maybe and I don't think so, but Mitsubishi might use different components for Australia compared with the US.

18th Oct 2002, 18:38

Hello All.

I own a 92 Diamante 3.0 DOHC with Euro suspension. I have had similar problems as described by others on this and other numerous boards.

I bought the car used with 45K miles on it in 95. The car has been meticulously maintained by the Mitsubishi dealer ($$$$) and me.

Litany of problems:

- First thing with went out at 60K was front passenger side wheel bearing.

- The next thing to fail at 65K was the front driver side air suspension strut.

- The water pump failed at 73K. Had to replace the water pump with timing belt.

- After that is started emitting blue smoke at about 105K miles.

- I put in used engine from reliable whole seller. He told me he buys engines from Japan and makes sure they are in running and good condition. Never trust used engines/dealers.

- The car ran for about 15K on used engine and then the timing belt slipped. I had the head job done on it and now there is a rattling noise when engine runs. My car is just sitting in garage for last 3 months.


The ride of this car is great when it runs, but surely is an unreliable car on own. The car has marvelous electronics in it, but the engine is piece of junk from the reliability perspective.

I would never buy a Mitsubishi again and would tell my friends/relatives/acquaintances to stay away from this car manufacturer.

Mitsubishi also has great targeted and appealing TV ads, but very poor products!



9th Jul 2003, 11:40

I am in the process of buying a 94 diamante with 195k miles, and would be curious to know how much rebuilding the engine would cost.

11th Jul 2003, 19:03

I have just purchased a 94' Diamante used. It has 157,000 on it, and I got it for $2000. The engine is in good condition, and the guy promised me I could get a good few more miles out of it. I just wanted anyone else's opinion on this. Thanks!

5th Aug 2003, 14:26

Have a 94 ES Diamante. Bad oil leaks in the engine since purchased, but have just kept an eye on the oil level. Purchased used at 128k and now has 185k running strong. About to put new struts and seal the engine. Only maintenence performed was a timing belt upon purchase and brakes at about 140k. Me and my fiancee have gotten our $$$ worth!

I beleive folks are confused with engine problems and proper upkeep. oil changes every 3,000 miles is a must and an oil LEAK is not an indication of a failing engine. Bad seals or gaskets could cause this or even the wrong grade of oil can cause an engine to leak. A strong indication of a "bad" engine with problems is billowing blue smoke from the tail pipe. A timing belt needing changed twice in a month sounds like a bad mechanic, as does a rebuilt engine failing just weeks after being dropped back in.

Any car approaching or over the 100k mark is going to recquire a watchful eye on oil levels. if your engine is leaking or burning a lot of oil you cannot ignore the oil levels or your engine will explode. just because the car rides smooth doesn't mean it has enough oil in the block!!!

2nd Sep 2003, 22:48

I have a 1993 Diamante ES, great riding car, but have noticed the car burning oil and emitting blue smoke. I would be interested in selling the car for parts OR if someone could tell me if the smoke is caused by:

Bad valve seals (easy to replace and inexpensive compared to a rebuild) possibly an intake manifold gasket or a bad PCV valve?

If it is common for the rings to go bad in these engines I would like to know that as well. Thank you.