1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Base 1.8L from North America


A reliable, compact, somewhat sporty mode of transportation


The water pump went at 138000.

I replaced timing belts at 138000 as a precaution.

It burns oil and smokes, about a quart every 800 miles.

The brakes could use a little work, but driveable.

General Comments:

I bought the car as a senior in high school to replace my aging Buick. It has proved to be very reliable in all sorts of conditions.

My gas mileage for this 1.8L, automatic was upper twenties in the city and mid to upper thirties on the highway. I can get over 400 miles per tank if I drive conservatively.

The engine is a bit sluggish off the line and when cold, but is very quick on the highway for it's size. All of the power is in the top end. (3000-6000rpm)

The car handles well, and the tight suspension hugs the corners with ease. The car is also balanced well. I live in a very snowy, cold climate, and I find it does well in the snow, except that it's so low to the ground. Also, the car has large blind spots because of the thick pillars in the back, so one has to be careful when changing lanes, etc.

The interior is very nice and very futuristic for the time it was made. Comfort is average. The driver sits with his or her feet forward, and I have just enough leg room for my frame. (6'2, 265lbs) I still have a couple inches of headroom to spare. The back seats are pretty much a joke for anyone larger than a 10 year old. The space is better used with the seats folded down. A lot of cargo can be carried this way. This car is pretty much a two seater.

The car has been in the Midwest all of it's life, and there's hardly any rust. The paint has faded in the back a bit, but it's still a beautiful, blue paint job.

The main complaint with this car is the oil consumption. The car smokes if it's been idling without movement, but it's not so bad on long distances. A thicker oil like 10w-40 and oil additives like STP oil treatment help it not to burn so much. It's not that bad, however, as long as one keeps a quart of oil in the car for longer trips.

Besides the water pump, I haven't had to replace anything out of necessity. This is a great car for a single person or a college student. It's reliability is hard to beat, and it still manages to be a bit sporty. Don't think about trying to race any souped up imports, however.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8 from North America


The drive train just wouldn't die, but the computer would go if you looked at it wrong


A/C was out when I bought it.

Needed a new clutch.

Computers tend to blow.

It smokes.

General Comments:

Considering the mileage and the abuse that had been laid on it, it was a good car.

The A/C goes out on everything and anything. Come to think of it, I've never had any A/C, ever.

The clutch is a wear item, you've got to expect that.

The computers (ECM) usually go out around 100,000 miles. If you replace it with a used computer, then expect it to go out at anytime. Either replace it with a new computer ($900) or a rebuilt computer ($350).

Mitsu's also tend to smoke.

I paid $500 for the car with a bad clutch, so it was well worth the money for the years I had it. When I sold it, it had popped the used computer I had put in it.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2001

5th Sep 2001, 11:29

The problem with the computer (ECU) is the capacitors tend to leak after about 7 years. This isn't rare for any electronic part and can be fixed for under $50 by having the capacitors replaced. If you know what you're doing you can even do it for the cost of the parts, about $5. --Bottom line. If you own a DSM, then get the capacitors checked for leakage and replace them if your car is more than 5-7 years old. This is probably true for ANY car.

20th Dec 2001, 16:19

My '90 Eagle Talon 2WD starts without incident sometimes, then has problems other times. The dealer said the idle speed motor went bad and took out the ECM. Does this sound reasonable? Can I seek the rebuilt part(s)?

1st May 2005, 12:27

I bought my 90 Eclipse GS 2.0 3 years ago with a bad exhaust valve. The engine still started every time with ease, ran good for the fact it was running on three cylinders at the time. The engine just wouldn't die. I haven't had any other problems with the engine. I've had other minor problems with the car, but for the fact there's 167k miles on the car it's been a good car.