1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse gst 2.0 turbo from North America


The ultimate driving experience


The pulley came off of my power steering pump at about 95000 miles, resulting in having to buy a whole new pump. Whoever worked on the car previous to me buying it obviously did not put it back together properly. The next day I had to replace the fuel pump.

General Comments:

This car is wicked fast. Before buying this car, never would I have ever imagined such raw power from such a small car. Car handles just as well as it runs. Wicked fast and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2005

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0 DOHC from North America


Perfect for me


I had the battery replaced, so I need the radio code (anyways I'll buy a new radio)besides that everything is running ok despite the high miles (highway) and since I live in Florida the lovebugs are destroying my paint

General Comments:

I just love eclipses, but I really want a GST or GSX is there any way to upgrade my GS?

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Review Date: 15th May, 2005

29th Feb 2008, 13:47

Yes, you can upgrade your car by putting a turbocharger in it. It will make it a little faster than the GS-T.

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS DOHC 2.0 litre from North America


Its nice

General Comments:

I recently bought a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. everything on it is good it runs strong, and its got good handling the only problem is that it has too many miles. it has about 170K. I'm saving money so I can rebuild my engine, but I was wondering if any one knows if its possible to make my eclipse engine a v-tec.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

8th Apr 2005, 00:41

Sorry. Vtec is Honda. It is near impossible. Throw a turbo kit on the car. Expensive. But very nice.

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 2.0 turbo from North America


It doesn't get any better than this!


The valve cover gasket was blown, but this was due to the previous owners neglect.

General Comments:

This car was amazing. It handled extremely well and hugged the curves. I lowered the car 1 1/4 in. and added after market suspension, and it was like the car was on rails, even at high speeds.

The engine was rebuilt at 160000, and it runs amazingly strong. I added a Blow Off Valve and a Turbo Timer, along with a cat-back exhaust system, now the car will do 100mph in third gear.

The clutch and transmission were very responsive, even at the red line. I previously owned an automatic of the same model and will never again own an automatic of any make or model vehicle.

I am 6 foot one, so I had a small problem with leg room.

I regret the fact that I had to get rid of the car because I could not afford to replace the 215/45/R17 tires.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2004

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 2.0 turbo from North America


1995 GSX - The car I love to hate


Dreaded crank walk at 60,000 miles (Recognized manufacturing flaw). *Engine rebuild required.

Windows leaked allowing water to seep into the inner driver's door. Rust has shorted out the power door lock actuator rendering the keyless entry system in-operatable.

Paint on both driver and passenger mirrors has faded.

E-brake cables rusted and fused; brake locked (late for work!).

Sunroof drive cable snapped. Inner sunroof shade fell off track.

Infinity CD Changer mysteriously malfunctioned. No longer recognizes disc's.

General Comments:

The car I love to hate. This automobile has provided a spectrum of emotions. The GSX is untouchable after installing about $3,000 of after market parts. But beware; Unless you are willing to invest thousands of dollars in general maintenance and repairs it will spend more time with your mechanic than parked in your driveway. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my V-8 slayer for the world. I always get that warm feeling after embarrassing a guy who spent 3 times the money on an inferior product. After all my heartache of dealing with repairs I must admit my eclipse is running stronger than ever, but requires more attention than an 18 year old girlfriend.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

3rd Jul 2005, 13:05

I doubt an Eclipse with only $3000 in mods can "slay" any V8 with mods worth "three times as much", unless it's Grandpa's 1980s Crown Victoria.

26th Jul 2005, 23:49

My 1995 gsx smoked a moded mustang gt bone stock. On stock boost, exhaust, and intake. I have no problems with my GSX. It is so fun to shut the guys up that have money with a 15000 dollar GT that daddy bought them with a 6000 dollar 4 banger!!!

5th Oct 2005, 00:06

Amen to that I drive a 1998 GSX with over 15K in mods and I'm pushing well into 600 WHP. It's a complete rush eating cars that think you can't push a 4 banger this high.

31st Mar 2006, 14:06

Sorry to hear that you had problems, but I run a 1995 GSX & the only problem I had is the BISS screw that fell out which is normal, and as previously said, this car can easily push 300-600 horses under the hood.

19th Apr 2006, 08:14

What is a biss screw? My friend has a 1995 and it flat doesn't want to run. We're trying everything. Please e-mail jamesmetairie@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions on how to fix his car. Thanks.

13th Mar 2010, 21:02

I love my Eclipse GSX, but right now I'm getting no compression. The rocker arms and lifters on one came came loose and broke. So before buying them, I carelessly went without checking the compression, then came to find out after I thought all would be well, there is no compression. Gonna have to buy a full new head for the Eclipse.