2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 from North America


With bad paint, car catching fire and the brakes not working, it is just not a well built car


Black paint faded very badly after only 1 year of owning car; Mitsubishi said that there was nothing they could do, and it is not covered under the warranty.

Brakes kept going out; dealer could not find the problem, so about 10% of the time when I come up to a stop, the brakes would not work the first time I pressed them... I would have to pump them to get the car to stop. Rotors wore out after 2000 miles were on car.

Battery cable caught fire when trying to start the car. Luckily I saw the smoke and found the flame (could have been VERY bad). I drove this car like any other car I have owned, I was never rough with it.

General Comments:

I did like how the car drove and how it looked (for the first year anyway), but the car was too dangerous to drive, so I had to trade it in.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 24v from Lithuania


You can find better coupe

General Comments:

This was the first sports car and the first days of my driving licence. It's fun to remember...

Eclipse had that old Mitsubishi Sigma V6 engine, which produced 200HP (I had sports air filter and semi open exhaust, so the power was even higher) It was quite enough, but the fuel consumption was terrible. I don't really remember the numbers, but with the small 40 litre tank it was difficult to go out of town.

I was a bit disappointed with the stability and control. It seemed, that it would fail on every fast turn and there was also an overwhelming sense of fear when going at straights. (though I have only done 115mph with it)

The front wheel drive didn't match the car... The massive power would give an enormous burnout on the front tires, the car wouldn't go anywhere. Also it affected the steering and handling on corners - understeer of course...

The coolest part is the interior. I totally liked it! The seating position (like in a plane), the dashboard, the seats... No miracles at all, but it looked more than well.

The suspension's very low. And I mean very. Forget about some... not asphalt roads. Or even some of the asphalt ones, if you invite some 3-4 people to ride with you.

Terrible at winter of course...

I just had it for a half of the year, and hadn't really "gone into it". I believe it's quite a good ride, but only if it's your second one. Usable just for fun. No more to do with it.

If you really consider more than the engine and the looks, you shouldn't buy an eclipse. It just doesn't have more!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2007

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 V6 from North America


INCREDIBLE balance between performance, luxury, reliability and economy!!


SRS light sometimes comes on.

General Comments:

This has given me such an excellent balance between performance, luxury, economy and reliability. I've owned it for a year and it has been all I could want plus more.

I typically get 25 MPG in driving around town.

I swear by the traction control feature- it saved me from a potentially fatal accident!!

The engine runs very smooth and the transmission shifts very crisp.

The ride is surprisingly comfortable too, I remember the first time I got in this I felt like I was in the cockpit of a fighter plane!

Never before have I owned a car that has gotten so many complements.

I know many people talk about how Mitsubishi is going down the tubes, but I would honestly take this over a Nissan or a Volvo anyday.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2006

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2.4 from North America


This car is the worst investment I have ever made


I was left stranded 5 times with in 3 months of purchasing my vehicle.

Wiring from the clutch to the ignition had to be completely replaced (according to dealer)

Wheels are very weak. Normal driving has left them bent.

By 40,000 miles you must force gear shift into reverse.

When idling, there is a rattling noise that goes away when you press the clutch in.

Difficult to shift from 4th to 5th gear.

Top leaks when driving in the rain.

There is some type of frame damage underneath the car because everytime it rains my back floor board will be filled with water, (but the dealer can't figure out why)

General Comments:

The car handles very well.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005