2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse spyder gs from North America


A bargain for a quality convertible!


Basically, nothing.

Factory paint imperfection on hood (small bubbles) in 1" diameter location, and only visible up close.

General Comments:

Great price for a sharp looking convertible!

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 from North America


5 speed GT Rattle is Normal..What?


Throwout Bearing rattle.

Moon roof sticks.

Lighting unacceptable.

Breaks squeak.

Turn radius is ridiculous.

General Comments:

Don't bother taking your throwout bearing rattle to the dealer. He will hand you a piece of paper and it says its normal!

Expect bad brakes and replacing the cheap rotors.

Paid $25,000 and dealer expects me to live with a rattle that gets worse.

I didn't expect problems until my loan was paid off, who can afford brake rotors for $500, Getting the transmission fixed and then shell out $700 for the 17 inch tires, all on top of your 400-500 loan payment?

I had a smart idea last week, trade it in and let someone else worry about it.

It's a shame, nice looking car with some pep, but you won't have this car past 5 yrs without financial drainage.

If you got the 5 speed GT, you have a rattle by your left front tire, when you push the clutch in it goes away.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2004

11th Jul 2005, 11:25

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse and have not experienced any of the problems in this post. A couple of issues I did have when I first purchased the car, the dealer fixed with no problem. I have now given the 2001 to my son and purchased a 2005 for myself. Love them both and love the service from Delaware Mitsubishi!

27th Sep 2005, 12:14

I had a 2000 GT with a 5-speed and I never had any rattles coming from it. It was not a very well made car, however, and I started having things come apart at very low mileage. The seal around the passenger door fell off, the shelf in the back hooked to the hatchback came apart, the heater panel broke and was loose in the console and of course the cheapo gas cap broke at 2,500 miles (I replaced it with the aluminum one). Just minor things, but annoying non the less. I am an adult and I babied the car the whole time I had it. The interior wa definately sub-par to Toyota and Honda and along the lines of a Nissan. Definately the work of a car company that has lost billions of dollars over the years and is constantly in financial trouble. The reviewer shouldn't complain about tires as an extra expense, though, as they wear according to driving style and abuse and they are normal wear items on a car. You can't fault the car for that.

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 from North America


Good Looking Fun Car


Have a slight rattle/ticking sound by the left front tire when the clutch is out.

Once the clutch is pressed it goes away.

The lighting is the worst ever. The Low beam only goes out maybe 50 ft. I was driving 40mph and I ran over a dog that was running same way as car, never had a chance to stop. High beam is excellent.

Inside lighting in 2001 GT is horrible.

The 2 little lights on rear view mirror do not cut it!

There even isn't a light in glove box.

General Comments:

I bought the car for the looks. Its hard finding a nice looking car under $25,000.

The Negatives are, expensive 17 inch tires, bad lighting, and stiff ride.

I went to the dealer today 3/27/04 for my clutch problem and was given a paper to read, it says:

Clutch/Manual Trans axle Rattle

2000-03 3.0L M/T

Customers may report a slight rattle from the clutch/trans axle. This occurs after the vehicle has been driven for at least 30 minutes at moderate speeds and the outside temperature is 80 degrees or higher. This condition is NORMAL. If you confirm this condition. Do Not Attempt Repairs At This Time.

The rattle doesn't bother me at this time. I went to the dealer to see if this was a major problem or could lead to one. Its called the throwout bearing rattle, but its either the clutch disk, or the clutch springs that are the problem.

I am happy with my Eclipse GT after 34,400 miles.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2004

17th Apr 2004, 19:59

I bought my 2001 Eclipse GT Brand New in April 2001. I was hoping to get maybe 7-10 years with minimal problems. I like the looks of the car and decent performance. Turning is like turning a truck with a very wide radius. Lighting is horrible, don't drop something at night unless you got a flashlight handy. If you have passengers in the back while traveling at night, you won't see their faces until your in a lit area. No dome light in the GT with moon roof. Glove box is dark also.

I lost all confidence now in my third year and only 35,000 miles. The manual transmission has a throwout bearing problem. A ticking sound by the left front tire is annoying and only goes away when you press the clutch down. I took it to the dealer and they had a paper ready to give me saying its normal! There have been thousands of complaints and they don't want to deal with it. I have a $25,000 car which should be covered under warranty. I won't accept a clutch going after 35,000 miles, my old Nissan 240sx had 219,000 until the clutch finally went. I don't like my brakes either, lots of squeaking even after getting new pads and rotors turned. My Good Year tires got a few thousand left which would take me to 38,000.

I lost confidence in this car and it's a time bomb waiting to happen. New tires coming, that's $700. Brake rotors $300-$500. The clutch noise, who knows $300 to $1000. I still have my $435 payment for 2 more years.

I traded it in a couple days ago. Let it be somebody else's problem.