2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Want information about the 4cyl Eclipse. HERE IT IS!


Well it seems like I bought a car that had been abused in certain ways. IE: Never washed/waxed. Not garaged, mother with kids owned etc.

As of now I have driven 1000 miles. I KNOW that's NOT A lot, but the evaluation of overall on how I like the 02 Eclipse 4 cyl, Auto.

First thing I notice is car had been repainted. Mitsubishi I know for a fact that they are famous for paint wearing off early in their lives.

Makes a wheel bearing noise, and I can easily tell the front wheel is way off alignment. (probably got hit there. So in that case I don't blame the car for this).

Has rust in the coolant. Having a hard time getting rid it, despite flushing it a few times.

The engine makes a faint knocking sound at idle.

Air conditioner or heater not working properly. Blower is strong, but little cold air and heat is not strong either.

Having issues with the starter only operating half the time.

General Comments:

As of 1000 miles I driven. The things I comment about our 02 Eclipse GS with the 2.4L 4 cyl, and automatic with the auto stick feature.

What I like on our Eclipse are.

1) The KILLER style! Very sleek and sporty. NOT The BORING typical style 90's Toyota Corolla, Ford etc

2) Standard alloy wheels, all the extras like the sunroof, keyless entry

3) Generous amount of space in the trunk for being a sports car.

4) Maintenance & economy of a regular 4 cyl small car. It's everything like a traditional 4 cyl small car, BUT with the SPORTS car body! No premium gas or special sports car parts needed.

5) That auto stick feature. SO COOL. I use this feature when I don't want to be annoyed by transmission "hunting" gears.

The things I really DON'T like about it.

1) Not a very comfortable car at all! It's hard to get in & out! When I get in the car, it's like... I'M FALLING IN! I have 2 small kids. They fit in car well, but it's very difficult to get them in & out. It's a real pain anyway. Even as a small/medium size adult, I don't have much room to stretch. Feel REALLY cramped up. (Well that's a Sports car)

2) CRAPPY visibility on rear. I CAN'T SEE in the back AT ALL! Even the sides and front has bad visibility too.

3) NOISY car. I can hear & feel every LITTLE bump. Lots of wind noise. ADDS to the discomfort. (Well that's a sports car too!)

4) Don't like the idea that there's no key slot on passenger door.

5) Car only gives me 22 mpg. And the performance is NOT anything like a "sports car". The Eclipse may NOT be boring looking like a Corolla BUT the performance SURE IS the same as a typical 4 cyl Toyota Corolla or For Escort etc.

So all in all. Because of the very sporty looks. I think it's overall decently fun to own. Cause it's different from what all my family have! I feel this car is great for taking a little cruise around town, between just me & my wife, going to In & Out burger drive thru. It's fun to do that type of thing using the Eclipse! But THAT'S ALL though.

But it's having quality issues. The main one I have is the starter. It operates only half the time. It always gives me the "click". Annoying when I have to keep "clicking" until it works. I looked at the battery cable. The neg terminal is a little loose and has corrosion where cable touches the chassis of car (not at battery). I guess that's all it is. Then the rust in the coolant. I do hear that knocking noise, but it goes away when I'm above idle. All this at 75000.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2009

19th Dec 2009, 02:33

I'm the OP here. Now as of close to 3 months of owning this 4 cyl Eclipse, I have driven about 2500 miles.

This is an update. I still have not been able to fix the "clicking" starter. It still does the "clicking". Has not failed to operate eventually though.

The front wheel bearing noise got really loud. I had to do the alignment. Ever since this, the car rides beautifully. Bearing noise cut in half. Replaced 1 wheel bearing. Still need to replace other. I also needed to replace a motor mount too. Vibration on steering wheel cut in half after replacement of 1 motor mount. Seems like the radiator needs to be poured. Looses water through reservoir after I turn off car. Does NOT over heat though! I found out the faint "knocking" sound in engine at idle is NORMAL. It's just a very FAINT sound. It was my imagination. I don't hear any kind of unusual noises from engine (such as pinging) with hard acceleration. So engine is good. Transmission operate beautifully. No complaints. I am getting on average of about 22-24 MPG.

If motor mounts or bearings were not an issue. This car IS decently smooth riding after all! But road noise is still pronounced! That's the way these Eclipses are. Plus the comment about the performance of this 4 cyl. It DOES have GOOD get up and go power. It gets up to speed very quickly when entering freeway. Thus it IS more zip than a typical Corolla. BUT... NOT THAT MUCH MORE.

Recently, I needed to pass a Hyundai Accent that was obviously "flooring" it getting on the freeway. I really COULD NOT EASILY PASS IT! (That's embarrassment) Just like one poster said. This Eclipse will get smoked by any sport (modded) 4 cyl such as a Honda Civic (modded only). I CAN BELIEVE THAT!

So all in all as of 3 months/ 2500 miles of owning. I really feel this Eclipse is FUN to own & drive. Power is OK/good, Better than the typical 1.8 ltr for sure. MPG is just decent. The engine & trans feels reliable (no noise, jerks etc). One little thing I don't like is NO interior dome light, just map lights only, and lack of key slot on pass door. Oh well. It's just minor things.

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder gs from North America


Spyders are NIGHTMARES, stay far away from them unless you bring an oar to paddle around with!!!


I have had nothing, but problems with my 2002 Sypder Gs. The top leaks uncontrollably when it rains. I have gone so far as to have the top and rubber seals replaced and it STILL leaks. My car has been in and out of the shop at least 30 times in the last year for problems with the top. Every time they say the leaks have been fixed, next time it rains my drivers side front and back seat are FULL of water again. It's not visible as to where the water is coming from and I don't know what to do anymore! Because of the water leaks my radio and speakers have blown and I have mold and a smell in my car. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to fix this problem, find the leaks that the experts somehow aren't able to, and help me get turn my boat back into a car again?

General Comments:

Other than the horrible leaks I haven't had any other problems with the car and love the way that it looks and drives. I don't think that the sleak looks of the car quite match up to the buckets of water that I have to drive around with every day though! Please help, ANY advice would be GREATLY apprectiated!!!

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Review Date: 27th December, 2006

2nd Feb 2007, 08:02

Well I own a 2002 Spyder as well and I have had a leak once from my top and I got it fixed with a little bit of rubber insulation and I haven't had a leak since.

8th Mar 2014, 10:30

What kind of rubber insulation did you use and how do I apply it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!