3rd Aug 2010, 01:39



Well anyway. I had my car for almost a year now as of 8-2-10. Driven exactly 10000 miles since I bought it.

For my experience on my 4 cyl Eclipse. With 84k miles. Since I got it last year. These are all the issues I had and the things I did to my car:

1) I replace both front bearings. No more noise in front.

2) With the radiator issue, I replaced the thermostat. STOPPED overheating for a time. THEN it started heating up again. I decided that radiator is CLOGGED! I bought a new one. Replaced myself. EVER since I did these 2 things, NO MORE issues with the cooling system.

3) Normal maintenance. Tires, brakes etc.

4) Had the A/C checked. Mechanic just recharged the system, cost me $80. A/C WORKS!!! GREAT! One month later, it gives up again! FIGURES! I really believe there is a LEAK!

5) Alternator & CLICKING starter issue. NOT only the "clicking" I had an issue with, ALONG with it was very LOW voltage at idle. Lights always DIM, and windows always very slow, and radio would cut off if I had it loud. ALL this especially if the car was OFF! BUT when it's running and ABOVE idle, it's OK!!! So anyway, one day, the starter was not operating. I jumped it. It started. THEN I decided I needed a new battery. Bought it. THEN TO MY SURPRISE, ever since I put in a new battery, the "clicking" starter had STOPPED! NOT only that. NO MORE issues with LOW voltage at idle! COOL! NICE! I later found out that the battery had ONE cell completely DEAD. That's what was causing that "clicking" somehow!

BUT as of today 8-2-10. My car needs bearings on the rear. They make noise. One is "grinding". The other is "clicking" when I brake. Also could use a couple motor mounts. PLUS I need to fix the leak in the A/C system. I'm planning to charge the system again. Do it myself until I can fix it.

OK! Enough of things I've done to car. NOW for my review.

An update on how I like the Eclipse.

I in fact get an average low of 22 and average high 25 MPG. The power is BETTER than a typical 1.8 liter. More power than an 08 Toyota Corolla, & 06 Nissan Sentra, company cars I use. Now the NICE thing here: I DO get a LOT of compliments about this car. A lot of people like my Eclipse. They love the style! Especially since I put 18" chrome rims. LOOK really cool!! So for me, the style & the COOL extras (sunroof, keyless, spoiler, etc) are the BEST part here!

Well some things I still dislike on this car.

1) Still uncomfortable.

2) A pain to get in & out, and get kids in & out. (until the kids walks in themselves).

3) Quality issues with the interior plastics. (And rest of cosmetics of whole car, inside & out). I have a cracking dashboard. Has some dash squeaks and rattles. Annoying.

4) Those stupid sun visors. Don't even bother putting on side windows. They don't cover my face from sun; instead they point downward. NOT NICE!

5) The IDEA that car has issues with radiator, A/C, paint etc TOO early in its life. Only 8 years old with 75000 miles.

6) Just don't like how "rough" the car operates! The annoying vibration and noise (motor mounts). Make it FEEL OLD, like a 1970's Pinto!

7) The DOORS of car. They DON'T stay in place! I have to HOLD them open with my hand. Or they will close. That can be dangerous for my kids if their hands are there when doors close if I'm not holding it open. Not only that, they seem to open too wide!

17th Aug 2010, 01:42

I love this so much!

It's a personal journal of the Eclipse experience. I know many people might not comment, but I'm sure as hell they'll look!

For the style the car has, the money is great! I haven't had many problems with mine (besides the usual caring).

Probably a smart thing for people to start writing journals like the OP.

18th Dec 2010, 09:38

I've been reading your comments, and I have a 2002 Eclipse Spyder GS. It has 120,200 miles on it. It's a great car, I love it a lot! It looks great, and despite having a 4 cylinder, it has pretty good performance.

I have the same issue as you. I have great A/C, but horrible heat! It's in the middle of winter here, and we are being hit with this huge snow storm, and my car takes forever to heat up, and the heat's not even that strong! On my Mom's SUV, when I turn the heat on, it heats up so much that it hurts to have your hand in front of it at first, and I wish my car was somewhat like that. Did you fix that, or have any idea why the Eclipse does that???

31st Dec 2010, 16:25

I also have a 02 GS. I put in a throttle body spacer and a K&N air filter with a stage 3 racing clutch, with a short throw shifter. It now has great power with no other problems.

1st Jan 2011, 12:12

How much power could you possible gain with these two minor mods? I had a V6, and it was fun to drive, but the car was extremely cheaply put together. The V6 was pretty fast overall. I hated the extreme amount of torque steer on it though.

21st Jan 2011, 23:11

For 18th Dec 2010, 09:38.

I have found that the heater does not work good on my 02, because the temperature switch system has a problem. It's like something in the blower motor area. The mechanical part does not adjust to make all hot or all cold. It somehow stays in between. I know, because on my 02, when I have the temp set on heat (all the way in the red area), the driver's side vent blows less hot air than the vents on passenger side. Happens when using A/C (when it works that is), it's the opposite. The air is colder on the driver's vents than the passenger vents.

7th Jul 2011, 00:31

********** 20,000 mile, 2 year REPORT!

Yes I'm STILL the original poster here! We NOW had our Eclipse 4 cyl car for close to 2 years! Driven NOW almost 20000 as of 7-6-2011, since buying this 4 cyl Eclipse in 8-2009.

1) The noise on one front bearing CAME BACK! UGH! Replaced bearing AGAIN! But, however, the last bearing I had was a USED one, not new. Bought the part for $39 on Ebay, put it on myself. No more noise once again.

2) The radiator issue CAME BACK... WHAT NOW! I just did NOT pay attention to the needle. No problems for the last year of not paying attention! And loses just a little water. Overall the cooling has NOT been a headache.

3) Replaced rear wheel bearings. Replaced rear brakes. No clicking any more.

4) The low voltage issue is STILL there! Still problems at idle. But is NOT a reliable thing though, just ANNOYING! Maybe the alternator or battery cable. (I replace the neg)

5) Car has issues with the front shaking upon braking. Brake rotor needs turning. TYPICAL with Mitsubishi.

6) Replaced the other motor mount! THAT one was indeed broken. NOW it rides beautifully! Replaced all the others, thinking they were bad! Wasted my time and money! UGH. Did it myself though at least!

7) I had a check engine light. Using my scanner, it was to do with the idle adjustment (engine speed higher than expected code). Adjusted the idle. No more problems since.

8) About the A/C. I took it to a mechanic to repair the LEAK (I don't know about A/Cs well enough, and I don't have the proper equipment). They replaced the compressor and expansion valve with the 12 month warranty. $680 later, OK now. 1 month later, LEAKED OUT AGAIN! Idiots! I told them to fix the leak, NOT throw parts at me to see if it will fix it! Take it back. Only for them to tell me, the valve stems are leaking. $60 later, OK again. 2 days later, A/C completely dies! Take it back for 3rd time. Expecting full warranty work! Only for them to tell me I need a new condenser, $300. At the end I learned it's just the drier they did. $300 later, now OK again... for HOW LONG! $1040 total when I ONLY wanted to find the LEAK! Currently complaint pending at B.A.R.

As of now the A/C works well, BUT with the low voltage at idle issue I have, it loses its "cool" at idle. But still works. It works best while I'm steady on freeway or constant above idle.

9) I have not fixed the problem with the temp switch system. Heater does NOT work well on driver side or AT ALL sometimes. But OK only on the passenger side. For A/C it's the opposite. Works good on the driver's side, not as good on the passenger side.

10) Have more issues with the cosmetic parts. VERY ANNOYING! More cracks in dash. Plastics are VERY flimsy. CHEAP materials! Door trim pieces keep falling off or are loose! Same thing with the exterior plastics.

11) Replaced the trunk shocks. Now the trunk does NOT fall on me anymore. Especially during the cold days.

12) Seems like a small leak in the power steering pump area. And other minor oil leaks. But no puddles on the floor yet though.

13) The headlights lenses are dulled out! Make it look like a 20 year old car!

14) GAS MILEAGE DROPPING! What's up NOW! I was getting typically getting 22-25 MPG. But it's now been only 16-20 MPG. MIGHT AS WELL USE MY VAN... GEEE. This is getting me very upset! Maybe the A/C is killing the MPG or something? I don't know. This car is weird. Sometimes I get about 350 on a tank of gas. Particularly when using it on the freeway with no A/C. Other times I get only 230 on a tank! And back and forth!


How I STILL feel about our car as of 2 years and 20k miles.

How I like the car?: This 2002 9 year old Eclipse has TOO MANY ISSUES! I'm starting to really dislike this car. I want to SELL IT NOW! I really think that the last owner must have disconnected the odometer or something, because this 2002 feels like it is 15 or 20 years old. And with all those things going bad, including A/C, IT'S TOO EARLY in its life to be doing all those things! This would be expected on a car with close to 200k miles! NOT 93k miles! On the Carfax, it DID show that this car was a 4 year lease. And showed no odometer rollbacks etc. Says original miles. BUT it's NOT gonna know that someone just disconnected the speedometer. Hmmm, I wonder.

But I guess there are things I can say I still like. Now that the motor mount is done, it rides very NICE now. Nice and SMOOTH! I love it NOW! Power is good, not great, but GOOD though. The dash panel area is boring styling, just a plain orange display, very plain and very DULL to look at! The engine and transmission are GREAT! They been reliable as of now anyway. No burning of oil or anything. I don't have issues with check engine lights as of now. Trans shifts very smoothly. No jerks! That's NICE! But can get annoying when it "hunts" the gears. I just use the autostick feature to overcome this. And of course the great styling! I still get compliments about our car!

But I dislike the car more than I like it! Mostly cause of the multiple issues that should NOT exist for a car that's not old!