8th Oct 2011, 00:02

OP here again! My car has 98120 miles to date. 10-7-11. Still the same as my last post. Temp needle once in a while shoots up to hot! Once in a while only though. NOT a reliability issue though. My 02 Eclipse is indeed leaking coolant. Not a lot. I believe it's coming from the heater hose. I could be dead wrong though. But it's been doing this for at least a good year now. The dash board is worse now! It's falling apart. I got so fed up with the look of it, I decided to buy a dash cover, so I don't have to look at the crap cracking dashboard.

I have been using my 02 a little more lately. The engine and transmission runs great otherwise. At this point, I CAN rely on this car to get the job done. I could TRUST my 02 to go cross country if I had to. For the 2+ years I had the car for, it has been trustworthy overall, despite those annoying small issues. Oh BTW, about the complaint I had with A/C mechanic, I received a small settlement of $135. Bringing the cost of A/C work to $900. And I feel that all my 02 needed was a simple $40 part to FIX the leak! (expansion valve), and they charged me to replace the whole system. As of now, I'm having no problems with A/C now... BETTER BE for that price. 3 months since repair.

SO another new update. Nearing 24000 miles. Need to add water and the temp shooting up once in a while, no big issue here. That's the ONLY thing that's a bigger issue as of now, that's it. Nothing else I need to worry about other than normal tires, etc.

26th Mar 2015, 22:25

Does your car have a plugged cabin filter?