2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder gs from North America


Spyders are NIGHTMARES, stay far away from them unless you bring an oar to paddle around with!!!


I have had nothing, but problems with my 2002 Sypder Gs. The top leaks uncontrollably when it rains. I have gone so far as to have the top and rubber seals replaced and it STILL leaks. My car has been in and out of the shop at least 30 times in the last year for problems with the top. Every time they say the leaks have been fixed, next time it rains my drivers side front and back seat are FULL of water again. It's not visible as to where the water is coming from and I don't know what to do anymore! Because of the water leaks my radio and speakers have blown and I have mold and a smell in my car. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to fix this problem, find the leaks that the experts somehow aren't able to, and help me get turn my boat back into a car again?

General Comments:

Other than the horrible leaks I haven't had any other problems with the car and love the way that it looks and drives. I don't think that the sleak looks of the car quite match up to the buckets of water that I have to drive around with every day though! Please help, ANY advice would be GREATLY apprectiated!!!

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Review Date: 27th December, 2006

2nd Feb 2007, 08:02

Well I own a 2002 Spyder as well and I have had a leak once from my top and I got it fixed with a little bit of rubber insulation and I haven't had a leak since.

8th Mar 2014, 10:30

What kind of rubber insulation did you use and how do I apply it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 6 cylinder from North America


Beautiful and fast sports car


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with the car as of yet.

General Comments:

Beautiful sports car and extremely fast. Very fun to drive in any kind of weather-however the interior can be very easily scratched. I traded in my 99 spyder (Which was an absolute nightmare) for this car and am very happy with my choice so far.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 2.4L Inline 4 from North America


Lance Armstrong riding a 500 pound bicycle


Fowl stench from the catalytic converter is emitted once the engine is stressed.

Gas mileage keeps dropping.

The dashboard and console will rattled from lack of solid build and insulation.

General Comments:

Poor engine performance and very heavy curb weight as compared to Acura RSX, Toyota Celica, Honda Civic.

This car will get smoked by any sport compact car.

Very poor gas mileage for a four cylinder engine (20 mpg).

The exterior and interior are Ferrari F40 inspired, which is very good.

Due to the heavy built of the exterior, the car is virtually untouchable in fender-benders.

Very good safety rating.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2004

17th Jul 2007, 12:05

This car gets 29 highway..

4th Jun 2008, 10:47

If you wanted better performance you should've gone with the GT. Gas mileage is gonna suck if you're constantly thrashing it.

23rd Mar 2009, 19:44

Your cataletic converter is going out, hence the foul smell and bad gas mileage. Gas mileage is great in the 4 banger of 2002. Get her changed and watch her go!

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 V6 from North America


A sleek sleeper


I tried to install a push button starter and I engaged the starter kill switch. It cost $250 to get it fixed.

General Comments:

This car has great throtle response.

My friends complain about the minimal space in the rear seats.

I dislike the fact that it is front wheel drive.

Too many people think the new eclipse is a girl's car.

The Cockpit was designed very well.

I like the 7 speaker 210 watt sound system.

It can run with a Naturally Aspirated Toyota Supra.

It has the capability of running a 75 shot of nitrous oxide without any engine problems occurring.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2004

23rd Sep 2004, 11:14

I'm also trying to install a push button starter, did you ever get it installed? If so I need pointers on the wiring if you can help.. thanks in advance.

22nd Jul 2005, 00:15

Hey, don't be dissing the eclipse. Against a N/A supra he might be able to compete with it. Chances are that he'll stick with it to about 100 mph, after that the supra will pull away. Then again, sometimes it depends on the driver, if you have a sixteen year old kid who purchased a supra for his first car against someone that is around thirty years old, has lots of driving experience and knows some tricks, it can be a whole different ball game.

10th Aug 2005, 23:27

Uh Shifting cleanly and timing.