30th Jun 2001, 11:05

I have a '99 Eclipse Spyder GS-T. I bought it used with 37k miles on it. I've had it for about a month, the only thing I've noticed is the windows rattling when they're *down* and only when I close the door.

Other wise, its fine.. no leakage at all.

This is a beautiful car and very fun to drive.. I just hope I don't experience the same problems you all have.


17th Aug 2001, 11:06

I own a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible.

Car looks great and drives great. Here is my disappointment... I have had the car in the shop 7 times and I have owned the car for 1.5 years. The same problem.. IT LEAKS..IT LEAKS.. IT LEAKS.

The dealer cannot fix it... I want Mitsubishi Corp to recall this car. If anyone else is experiencing this problem please contact me @ wgi1@swbell.net.

Let's do something about it... I'm tried of arriving late to work...

20th Aug 2001, 14:30

I own a '98 Eclipse. I love the car. It's got pep, great looking, etc...

My top, too, leaks. In "any" rain, I can rest assured that as soon as I open my driver's door, water drips onto my seat. In "hard" rain, I can be assured that I will have a very wet driver's seat, passenger seat and back passenger seat!

My front right speaker is ruined and now I noticed that water is getting into my back right speaker. I had the car to the dealership last week. They called me and informed me that 6 of my 8 main seals were shot. And for a mere $600 I can have them replaced, which would only be a temporary fix! I was like what? She informed me that in the 5 years she's worked at the dealership, this was only the 2nd Spyder that's come through with this problem.

Based on this message board alone, I know she's full of it! Anyway, I found the email address of someone who has an "inexpensive" kit that you can purchase to fix the leaks in only one hour of time! I have been watching this message board for a week and have found others who have purchased this kit and have also had success in fixing their leaks.

I have now emailed this guy to find out what it is since I've seen positive feedback. His email address is: adventur@vol.com for anyone else that is interested. I think the fact that this not even 4 year old car which has had leaks since I bought it (one year used) is crap! I've also been told by 2001 owners that theirs leak!

5th Sep 2001, 20:33

FYI, the engine in the Spyder GS is in fact a Mitsu engine, being a 2.4L 4G64. Same thing as the 1G GS engine, bored out a little bigger.

The '95+ N/A coupes have the 4A20 engine (Chrysler/Dodge Neon engine). The cars are designed in Japan, and built in the US (with Japanese parts). So blame the build quality on the Illinois plant they're built in, along with the Sebring and Avenger.

If you want to experience a good car (window rattle aside, I believe this is a minor annoyance shared by ALL 2G Eclipses), then try the GSX. Or even a GS-T, but the coupe version. Much more sturdier body shell than the chopped up Spyder, and less weight.

The best thing about the turbo Eclipses is the easy ability to mod them. You can easily pump them up to 240 hp without spending much more than a couple hundred dollars.

14th May 2002, 01:51

I recently bought a 99 eclipse spyder gs and yes... it leaks in any rain. The car hesitates now and then when I step on it. I love the attention it gets from people, but the hassles are beginning to pile up.

19th Jun 2002, 14:19

I have a '99 Eclipse Spyder Convertible and I have had no problem with the rain here (Southern California). No leaks!

I just turned 40k miles and the temperature gauge is starting to read overheat, but there are no symptoms of overheating. I will try replacing the thermostat.

I have had no problems with the windows rattling.

I did have a problem (and still do) with the horn going off seconds after I shut the engine off. The dealers said it's "just the on board" computer. But I don't have an alarm on it. They said, "actually, you do. You just don't know it." I have had the police called on me twice because I have no way to turn off this "alarm"...my key fob won't do it. (On-lookers think I am trying to steal the car... very embarrassing.) Happens every couple of months like clockwork.

4th Aug 2002, 13:41

I've owned a '97 GS-T Spyder since new. It's a 5-speed with close to 50K miles on it. Yes, it leaks and it handles like any choptop...loose. It has turbo-lag big time, but accelerates well at speed, even without downshifting. I've had the top replaced twice and the headliner once at the dealership's expense. I paid about $27K for it cash and have kept it longer than any other car I've owned. The car's white with chrome factory wheels and I've added white gauge faces, aluminum pedals, brushed aluminum dash kit, grillcraft white grille and a 3-piece, Wings West spoiler. The car looks awesome and never fails to turn heads. I love it, but am ready for something new. I like the WRX except you can't get a sun roof and after many convertibles, I'm hesitant to seal myself inside. The long view is that this car has some of the best styling for its' price and there's no end to the aftermarket upgrades available.

19th Sep 2002, 22:27

Just bought a '99 Spyder Convertible and found out hours later after closong the deal that IT LEAKS like its raining inside! Now I have a headache instead of enjoying what I thought would be hassle free sports car. Next time, I'll try anything, but this car. However, if you have a garage and only want to use the car around town on sunny days, then go for it. It turns a lot od heads and handles like a Porsche (almost).

12th Oct 2002, 15:20

I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I love it. I have absolutely no complaints and it does turn a lot of heads. I love the way it looks and the way it drives. This has been my dream car since it came out and now I have what I have always wanted.

18th Oct 2002, 12:50

You got it. The convertible top LEAKS and brake light stays on.

Can't complain about anything else yet.

30th Nov 2002, 17:18

I have a 1999 Spyder GS and have not had one problem since I bought it new. I did have a lower ball joint Recall, but that was painless. I live in Florida and we get those afternoon rainstorms and I guess I am one of the few lucky ones because mine doesn't leak a drop. I have the 2.4 and 5 speed. I am running a custom made air intake, Dynamax exhaust, Magnacor 8.5mm wires and Iridium plugs. I think these mods have given me about 15 maybe 20 more horses and it really moves the car when compared to stock. Those who feel too much cowl shake may want to try a Front Upper Strut Tower Stress Bar to stiffen the front end. I recommend using a QUALITY bar like those sold by Road Race Engineering. They cost about $100.00 but are well worth the money. They are simple and FUNCTIONAL! Most of the ones sold on those auction sites are for looks and not function, they probably offer some degree of stiffness, but nothing noticeable. The only drawback to owning a 2.4 is the lack of aftermarket stuff available. I am currently working on getting reverse glow guages made for the 2.4 equipped 2G Spyder. The ones made do not reflect our proper red-line or fuel requirements. If anyone knows of an aftermarket supplier who makes the guages please email me at kelloggs1996@aol.com.