27th Jan 2003, 07:12

I also own a 99 spyder with the same brake light problem and top leaking.

I wish there was a recall on the car!

2nd Feb 2003, 00:00

Can anyone help with the top leaking in an eclipse spyder? I have been to numerous leak specialist and they have not been able to help me.



22nd Feb 2003, 11:01

'98 Eclipse Spyder GST, oh the leaks!!! The top, the trunk, the whole car is filled with water... Someone please help!! If you know of a kit to fix it, please e-mail me at jaknaus@comcast.net


Other than the wetness, I love it!

1st Mar 2003, 22:45

I own a 1997 Eclipse Spyder GST and like most of you, my car leaks as well, has been since I bought it in 1999. I attempted to get the dealership to fix it, but they blamed it on the weatherstripping needing to be replaced. Parts and labor for weatherstripping turned out to be $1200. I refuse to pay that for a few pieces of black sponge, it's just ridiculous. Does anyone know where one can purchase aftermarket Mitsubishi parts such as weatherstripping?



14th Mar 2003, 08:57

I own a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS - 5 speed. Same thing - The roof leaks every time it rains! I haven't had any problems with the brake lights yet... But this is one expensive car to work on. Also the brakes are very poor. Other than that, It's a great looking car; I just wish they would recall the leaky top...

23rd Mar 2003, 14:25

I have a 97 Spyder GST that the top will not close all the way down - it appears that it does not fold back enough to fit in behind the seat. The dealer, of course, said the top motor needs to be replaced, which I am not buying. I would have to think there is an adjustment that can be made to get it folding back into the proper place. Has anyone dealt with this or know of a place I could get some info?


29th Mar 2003, 11:43

I have a 97 spyder and it leaks terrible, that's the only thing I don't like about the car, and it's getting worse. And the people that are leaving the comments about the brake like staying, try replacing your brake pads, it's a sensor when the pads get down to a certain percentage the brake like comes on and stays on. It will start just when you apply the brakes, the when the pads get low enough the light will stay on, there is nothing wrong with your car.!

21st Apr 2003, 06:12

I, too, have a '99 Spyder, and I'll bet you'll never guess what's wrong with it. Yes, it leaks like a sieve. I'm interested in the repair that someone mentioned, and will email them for more info. I'll post again if it works.

Is this just localized to the 1999? I believe the Spyder was redesigned in 2000, and perhaps this is why. I love the look, but hate to compound the problem by trading it in on a newer model so that I can pay MORE to get rained on.


25th Apr 2003, 10:51

Hey Guys.

I had a 1997 Eclipse RS which was JUST picked up today because the engine got water in through my CAI. Sucks.

Now I'm looking into getting a 1998 GS convt. I already know the top leaks, but I still want to get it. I figure I can roll w/my girl when it rains. & I guess getting a car cover is a good idea since I live on a military installation & don't have a garage.

I just REALLY want a convt...haha...They look sharp as sh*t.

If anyone has any info on how to correct the problem of leaky tops... help us out!


5th May 2003, 12:53

Another leaky top comment. In addition to using Scotchguard, if the top leaks because of the seal drying out where it meets the windshield - that is easily resolved by buying a roll of 1/4"x1" (1/4" thick, 1" wide) foam sealant strips. You can get this at any decent hardware store. It has adhesive on one side and it is black in color. The 1" wide strip fits perfectly along the original rubber seal on the top of the windshield and provides a very snug fit when the top is closed. If you do a nice job you can't even tell you added the strip! No trimming necessary. You keep up with both of these and you should be enjoying a leak-free ride without having to replace the top. Incidentally though, my rear window leaks also and I can't seem to find a fix for that. Granted it does not cause any problem other than a buildup of water behind the back seat - but it sure fogs up the windows because of the water when it gets warm and your windows are closed! I thought about silicone around the edge, but am concerned about causing more damage or if it would even stick. Any thoughts?

7th May 2003, 16:17

I have had my 99 Spyder GS for almost a year now. My complaints-of course the leaks. It has been terrible weather here and my seats are soaking wet (which then leaves stains). If I come to a red light the water drains inside from the seal at the top of the window. It does have a ball joint recall. And now my alarm has decided not to work. Dealer told me to bring it in and he could read the manual on how to reprogam it for $40.00 (thanks, but no thanks). The brakes are bad, and in the cold the gears don't want to change and forget about taking off. It does ding very easily. My pros- it is a beautiful car and is fun to drive (as long as it is not cold or raining). I love my car, but just a little tired of driving with my pants wet!

22nd Aug 2003, 20:00

I got a '97 Spider eclipse Gs in April '03. My dad always warned me that convertibles are terrible and will leak in the rain. However, I was in-love with every spider I saw... so I went ahead and got one anyway. Well of course, it leaked! Some times it leak on the driver side, then it would leak on the passenger. Then maybe both sides, and then the back two seats! It was horrible and it is so annoying . I have a black eclipse with tan top and tan interior. So every time it leaked on my seats, it stain the interior. And every time I clean it, it rain again! So finally my dad used starch guard , it really works well! It never leaks in the front seats. However once in a while the back seats do leak from the back two mirrors. I am still pondering what I can do. Does anyone have any ideas? I have no other problems with my eclipse, except I do need to get new brakes (but every car gets them eventually ). I also am getting new belts as well soon. The truth about spider eclipse is:yes they do leak, yes they do have some problems, but so do every cars, but yes when its sunny out they are just as fun as they look!