30th Aug 2001, 20:49

I have a 97 GST (this means 2 liter turbo) and it has been great. I got it with 74500 and I now have 103000. It has had a few minor problems, but that goes for any high milage car. Sorry you got a lemon. Better luck next time.

9th Feb 2005, 14:35

(There are few TT (Twin-turbo) eclipses, and none of them are within the top 100 drag times. Way to go.)

I bought my 1996 Gsx with several problems; the front bumper had been victim to a head-on, the rotors were warped, a wheel almost fell off, etc.

With proper maintenance, I've still had problems since initially purchasing the car. The tranny needed an endclutch kit, the suspension had to be overhauled, electrical issues, and much more.

This isn't a car I would buy if I was worried about reliability. Dealer repairs are unusually expensive and like most sports cars, it requires more than its share of repair.

Under the hood, the car was well made. The Mitsu engine is strong, unlike the Chrysler counterpart. All other aspects of build quality are uninspiring; cheap interior, many electrical issues, suspension is too cushy.

A few problems to look for: 1) Crankwalk, which isn't as prevalent as people make it sound. 2) There's a recall on the rear diff.

The car is very fast, and handles very well. When you're in traffic and merging, people fall over themselves allowing you room. The car looks powerful, has a deep throaty sound, and generally commands respect on the road. AWD is a major benefit, and I would recomend getting it. The car has a low and wide stance, which with AWD makes it a safe winter car, if used with discretion.

Many people buy the cars to modify them... which isn't a bad idea. With two-to-three grand, the car generates 300awhp, but pulls twelve second quarter miles. That's the beauty of all wheel. For the record, the turbo charged eclipses (gs-t/gs-x) are the only ones cost effective to mod: the 4g63 Mitsu engine internals can take over 400hp. Road coarse work isn't bad either, I'm not a great driver, but at Laguna Seca the AWD with coilover suspension was wiping the floor with the BMW and Porsche clubs.

Everything said, I'd never own anything else. The speed and control are unreal. The cars have the rap of being cheap, quick, unreliable. I'd agree; decide what kind of car you want with your priorities. I looked at these reviews before I bought mine, and made a decision to buy that I'm still happy with.

What you learned: Do not buy the Chrsyler engine models, buy this car if you like tinker or have reserve funds for the dealer, and preferably mod the AWD. Have fun.