9th Jan 2002, 06:57

My '95 Eclipse is in the shop with a simular problem. The timing belt was replaced and then the new belt was chewed up because of a faulty bolt that holds the pulley tensioner plate in place. The problem was know about by Mitsubishi in May of 1998, but it was never corrected in my car. Now they are talking about $2000 in repairs. I am trying to get some help from Mitsubishi for their mistake.

20th Jun 2002, 11:45

I was thinking of getting my daughter a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse for her sixteenth birthday, and I was wondering if that car would be reliable enough for her.

3rd Jun 2003, 17:24

I have a '95 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I love it, the only problem I have is both side mirrors won't move up, that's it, great speed, great suspension, great handling, I have 16" wheels on it with 50/16's tires. 5 speed, power sunroof, great sound system, very nice silver color. I just love it, sorry to hear about some of you having problems with this cars, but I highly recommend it.

1st Oct 2003, 11:44

I have a 95' Eclipse. My car has only 120,000 miles on it and it still runs good. My only problem is that I don't know how to take out my headlamp in the front driver side? I would like to know how to clean it out. Is anybody out there who can help me out?

4th Oct 2003, 02:07

I have a '95 Eclipse GS, which I bought used in 2001. It's too bad that many of those who have commented were having problems with their cars. Since I had it, I have had some problems, such as the horn, radiator replacement, power steering belt replacement, and a leaking sunroof. The car is great, though! The car had over 105,000 miles when I first bought it, but the previous owner was very good at maintaining the engine and getting oil changes periodically. I usually get good comments about the attractiveness of the car, as well as the speed...

In order to clean the front head lights, buy plastic cleaner or Mothers and rub on the surface. You don't need to take it off.

14th May 2004, 12:21

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with 2.0L DOHC,16 valve,6 cylinder engine and automatic 4 speed transmission with overdrive. Car was bought new in January 1996. Serious oil leak after seven years. One quart of oil per month. Where is the problem? Not the oil level sending unit. Mechanic says probably a warped aluminum head that allows leakage around the gasket. Big money for this repair. Any other ideas where this leak is coming from?

Have replaced two door handles and rebuilt the transmission ($1000+) with less than a 100,000 miles and seven years of city driving around Indianapolis. Car has been driven in only three Indiana counties. No high speeds for long periods.

Have always had the gas odor, but Mitsubishi cannot find the problem. Other owners have said it is the gasket at the fuel pump or fuel line. Brake noise problem has been present since the purchase. Also, a noise when braking when the fuel tank is not full. Indianapolis owner who purchased car in Greenwood (just south of Indy).

7th Oct 2004, 20:50

I would like to say that I purchased a 1995 eclipse.. I have had problems with the alternator I have had a fan burn out do to the alternator... no the computer has gone out to.. Now I am sitting at dell with-out a car waiting for the the repair shop to find out what computer to put in it.. So far I have had a bad experience with my used car.. I love the car, but it seems I might have to let her go.. she is costing me a world of money...

28th Nov 2004, 12:34

I own a 1995 Eclipse RS. This is by far the worst car I have ever owned! Within having the car only 2 months a rod starting knocking resulting in an engine rebuild $1500.

The right controller arm broke and ripped the axle from the tranny resulting in a $900 repair bill.

The horn doesn't work, leaks anti-freeze, and now with 145,000 miles (only 5,000 after the rebuild) the headgasket is starting to leak AGAIN. I will never buy another Mitsubishi again and have told everyone I know the same!!!

1st Nov 2005, 13:04

I am about to buy a 1995 eclipse gs. It has 154,000 miles. It runs great, but I am a little iffy about buying it now because of the things I have been hearing about them. the guy was willing to settle for $2,400 Someone give me some advice.

9th Nov 2006, 20:36

Yea I just bought a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 151,000 miles on it. It runs good,...nice and smooth, but it has an excessive oil leak. I have to add oil every two days. My mechanic said it would be a $600 job because the oil was comming from the crankshaft seal. The man wanted $1500 but I only got him to lower it to $1300. It's a nice car when the oil is filled :P.

9th Jan 2007, 09:04

I have a 95 eclipse with 141k on it. So far I have replaced. Transmission, Head Gasket (had the head milled.05".. yikes), water pump& timing belt, alternator, battery, brakes and rotors, Idle air control motor, cam position sensor, coil, crank position sensor, complete exhaust, drivers side axle, rear shocks, fuel pump and sending unit, rear hub, parking brake cable's, and now the engine controle module. I am sure that there are many more parts that I have replaced that I cannot remember, But it's a fun car to drive. This is the last eclipse that I buy at least for a while.

21st Apr 2007, 21:56

I have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with 119,000 miles on it. I love driving the car. I've only had a few minor repair jobs: brake pads and rotors, radiator cap, and upper radiator hose leak. I afraid of what could happen after hearing all of these negative comments, but I certainly enjoy having people turn their heads to check out my car. Is it true that the Eclipse GS has a Chrysler engine in it??

30th Apr 2007, 13:58

Yeah, I have 90k on my 95 GS, it's on its 3rd transmission (automatic). I've replaced soo much stuff.

If you have an RS or a GS, basically you have a Chrysler in a mitsubishi body. And everything that breaks on the RS and GS is Chrysler parts, not Mitsubishi, so don't be hating Mitsubishi for this, hate Chrysler. The motor is the 420A out of the Dodge Neon RT.

If you get a GS-T or GS-X, it's all Mitsubishi parts, and they are much more reliable than the lousy Chrysler parts, so if you are going to buy one, get a GS-T or GS-X. The insurance will be higher, but you will save money in not having to repair it every 2 months.

22nd Jul 2007, 16:14

95 Mitubishi Eclipse repairs so far:

Power Steering replaced

Head gasket job

Horn does not work

Cannot get car to pass emissions

Needs new transmission, 3rd gear grinds (5 speed)

Belt Pulley problem now... has shredded 3 belts within 2 months now

Sun roof leaks.

My husband says that my car is cursed.. but like the comments ababove cannot get it running long enough to sell...UGGGGGGHH!