3rd Nov 2008, 21:13

Bought my 1995 Eclipse GS back in 1997 with 24,000 miles (now 185,000 and it is my main transportation).

After reading all the comments I guess, I am pretty lucky with this car. The saying goes... "If you take care of your car it'll take care of you in the long run" in a good sense.

I did have to replace the driver side door handle twice, replaced the clutch at 120,000 miles and finally my computer module carped out last month.

Considering after owning my car over 10 years, I am satisfied with it.

My common complaint is, why are most of the common parts that will give up after some time not available at your common automotive part store, like the tensioner pulley. The dealer wants $140.00 for that little thing and I'm still looking. Does anyone knows where I could get this at reasonable price? Please email me at e2lock@juno.com. Would greatly appreciate it.

-Lucky 95 GS owner.

12th Feb 2009, 01:11

I got my 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS wrecked. At first it had some little problems, because the front was damaged really badly. Later I brought the car back to life, and even gave it a better look. I'm taking care of it and it drives perfectly.

I just love it. At the current moment I have 56.000 original miles. This is an amazing car...

I suggest you take care of it. Ed.

14th May 2009, 08:24

I own a 1995 Eclipse GS with only 78,000 miles on it, and the timing belt just blew, bending my pistons. Mechanics say $2,000 or more, so yeah. Guess I'm saying goodbye to my sh**subishi.

10th Jul 2009, 23:05

I got a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS as a present from my Dad.

It was used and has about 143,000 miles on it and it needed some work.

Braking system was a little messed up (had to replace the wheel cylinder, which was hard to find so I had to order one. And soon as I got that fixed, the powersteering drivebelt blew.

I haven't even taken it out on the road yet. I was just starting it up and it blew.

I like the looks of the car (it is Lime Green)

To top that off I need to take it on a 10 hour drive down south.

Email Chet91@live.com with any advice. IDK what I'm gonna do.

20th Jul 2009, 13:24

I purchased my 1995 Eclipse GS brand new in Aug of 1994 and I've put over 206,000 miles on it with only 1 break down. It's been a great car and I hope to keep it for another 200,000 miles or more. Yeah, there are things that are known to be problems with the door hands and the original head gasket. But overall, I would give this car two thumbs up!

31st Aug 2009, 18:05

I purchased a 1995 Eclipse RS in August 2008, for my daughter to use for college. Here it is again a year later and the car has cost me money to replace radiator, rotors, calipers, transmission serviced, and a lot more other maintenance and now the timing belt/water pump is bad. Stalled right in the middle of the highway without warning. Could have gotten killed. Either way, I've invested a lot of money in this car and my daughter is in college and still no car. What a waste, my daughter only got a chance to drive it less than 10 times because every time something else went wrong. Very disappointed with this purchase. Wanted to trade it in for cash for clunkers, but it didn't run and I've exhausted all my funds.

20th Nov 2009, 23:53

Check it out, I just bought this 1995 Eclipse GSX Turbo, and I'm wondering where's a good place to find a grille? The only repairs I've had to make have been the steering knuckle, and a wheel bearing, also the door pins on the drivers side door. All in all I'm satisfied with the car, paid 3200 for a beautiful car.

22nd Nov 2009, 15:16

Eclipses are not friendly everyday cars. But if you know how to take care of it, then it's a wonderful little machine to own. I'm now on my third Eclipse, and it's got problems. But, it sure beats anything else in terms of fun, gas mileage (27-30) and decent looks. Not to mention the car was only $2,000. I'm sorry, but a Civic of the same year is twice as much. I'd rather buy this and put a new transmission in.

23rd Mar 2010, 21:19

Well all that you heard isn't true. You can't just get in a car and drive it. Check it before you drive it; oil, water, etc.

15th Sep 2010, 04:49

I bought my 95 Eclipse GS in 2001 and I have it to this day (2010)!

Not only do I love my Eclipse, but I take the time to take care of her (her name is Eclipse). It's a GS modeel but after throwing some performance parts under the hood it's fast and fun.

I have only driven 25,000 miles since I got her in 01 but it still is fun to do Sunday sweeps or take to the track.

These cars are great if you know how to take care of them.

11th Oct 2010, 14:24

I purchased a 95 Eclipse GS back in Spring of 09, and it's been a wonderful car... Only repairs consist of radiator, alternator, and new struts because I lowered it with a Eibach pro-kit. The car has 204,000 miles on it, and I can whoop up on any stock Civic, even a S/I. To hell with Honda, because it's all about that DSM!!!

11th Nov 2010, 22:58

I just bought a 95 GS Eclipse.. only paid 1400, and expect to put another 1600 into it.. gonna be fun I hope, and it all depends on how you drive and maintain the car I believe.. it is mechanical, and is made to break.. Sorry to hear about all the bad luck some have had.

16th Oct 2011, 22:38

It's sad to hear people with all these problems. I have had 3 Eclipses, and my current one gets ran hard. I use it for a dirt track race car. I run it every weekend, and it holds a 7500rpm all the way around the track, and never gave me any problems. Everyone I know with an Eclipse has had nothing but luck with them, besides the typical maintenance problems.

18th Feb 2012, 14:11

I have a 96 Eclipse GS and a 97 GSX AWD Turbo, and have never had a problem with either one of mine.

These cars are great cars, and if the one you have is having all these problems, it might have been messed around with before. Especially if it's a turbo; people mod them, and have no idea what they're doing. They beat the crap out of them, and then expect them not to blow up.

My GS had 118000 miles on it when I bought it, and now has over 178000, and runs just as strong as when I bought it.

These cars aren't cars where you can just put maintenance off, and not expect to run into problems. Not many people know how to work on them, and are able to do things the right way, so I'd suggest you find someone that knows how to work on a DSM, and get them to do the work for you.

But to say Mitsubishi doesn't make great cars is untrue. It doesn't matter what car it is; Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, Mitsubishi... etc, if you don't take care of them, they won't run for you... but if you do, they will run for as long as you have the car.

Yes, there will be problems, but you can't expect any car to run perfectly, and be problem free forever. At some point you'll have to fix something.

18th Feb 2012, 14:25

You have to take off the front bumper (should be three fender liner clips on each side that need to be removed to access the 2 bolts holding the bumper to the fenders). It's easier to access the 2nd bolt by popping out the side marker lights. Five 10mm bolts on top part of the bumper under the hood. A couple clips holding the splash shield underneath the bumper; if yours is still there, mine's gone ha ha. The last thing is four 14mm bolts under the car holding in the reinforcement. 2 on each side. Then the whole bumper comes off as one assembly with reinforcement bar. Then there's 3 or 4 bolts holding the light in. They're pretty tight, so you'll probably need an extension, and it's much easier if you have access to air tools... Unplug it and it should pop right out. Hope this helps out.