21st Sep 2003, 20:31

A couple hundred bucks? Try a grand, but 50 hp for a grand is cheeeaaap in an import point of view... Remember, this isn't a muscle car. You can't just bore it out, switch the plugs, put a new head on and make 150 hp!

14th Mar 2004, 21:39

The 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a bad car. It has 300+ hp and has good handling, acceleration, and speed. It finished a 60'drag strip in 15.4 sec. at only 90 mph according to Tom Collins review on Extreme Motor sports. I recommend this bad car to anybody who loves imports and wants one that is fast at stock without making any upgrades. This car is perfect for street racing. All you need is body kit (I recommend "blitz" or "boom x") and a nitrous oxide package, maybe another fuel system and your ready to go.

18th Jun 2004, 19:47

Wow. the guy above me shouldn't be allowed to comment on a gsx dsm. ricer.

17th Jul 2004, 05:18

If you want a Eclipse, you get a gsx and be prepared to dump some cash into it. I don't know what some of these guys are talking about, I put 10,000 or more just on the engine and my gsx only runs low 12's. Please guys if your gonna comment on somebodies site know your cars and facts. You are just waiting peoples time. Nick.

7th Aug 2004, 19:20

I just bought a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and when I ran it at the track, it ran mid to high 13's. Not bad for being BONE STOCK.

Honestly, it's not the car's fault why people run slower times. It's all about the driver. If you aren't shifting on time, you're gonna be stuck in the 12's even WITH work done.

Just my opinion...


20th Aug 2004, 23:20

"all this car needs is a body kit" Please end yourself kthxdie. :) wtf runs 15.4 in a 60ft. drag strip???

24th Sep 2004, 11:35

If 10,000 was put into a 1996 GSX and all it put out was 12's, the mechanic was overpaid or all the parts were made of aluminum foil. I put 1000 in to a stock GST, and it runs low thirteens to high twelves.

18th Oct 2004, 23:37

Personally, I like the gsx's, but I have known quite a few people who had many problems with them. I.E. exhaust manifold, head gaskets, and other lesser problems. My friend put about $3500 into his and had it running high to mid 12's in the quarter. He was a mechanic as well, and ended up selling it for a integra type R which he has running the same numbers without a turbo. Go figure.

21st Jun 2005, 12:08

Low 16's sounds about right. All the dudes claiming high 12's and 13's with a bone stock Eclipse have never been to the track. If they only knew how hard it is to turn those times they would stop their bench racing.

As for the GSX I like the turbo 4 cyl and the AWD. It had a lot of potential, but it just paled in comparison to the Hondas (Acuras). With the AWD you would have thought it would out-handle any front wheel drive Honda, but it didn't. Also with the 210 hp you would have thought it would have a much better track time than the Honda, but it didn't. I think the torque and the weight of the GSX might have bogged it down, not sure though.

As for the guys who spent thousands of $$$, I know what you are saying. You always get scrutinized by kids who read a magazine with ads claiming massive HP from chips and headers. They think you are slow by doing 12's and spending thousands. So they go out and blow 6 7 hundred dollars on some mods and then get a rude awakening when they pull a 16 or even a 17 at the track. To make matters worse they come here and tell tall tales about how they did even better times than the factory publishes.

28th Jun 2005, 09:10

Low 16's sounds about right... if you have never done a tune up to your car... what are you talking about?

A stock GSX with a proper tune up should be at least in the low 15's with an average driver, and that's a very average driver. Low 15's is more like the time a GST would pull with a proper launch. That comment about 13's in a stock GSX are out of hand, with a very good driver, a stock GSX has a high 14's potential, but let me tell you, the car is full of bottle necks, it has a lot of potential, you get fast with half the money it takes to make a Honduh fast, and who said handling in a car had anything to do with your 1/4 mile time.

One last comment, DSM's can't be chipped, except the non turbo 97... just visit www.dsmtalk.com and learn a little bit before you do the talking.

6th Jul 2005, 23:43

Can any one help me, My front lights are all fogged up, and I don't know how to make them clear, email me a tpill_berry_doughboy@yahoo.com. Thank you, Miguel.

7th Jul 2005, 16:28

What do you actually tune on a fuel injected car? Change spark plugs and adjust timing. You think that will give you a second or two in the quarter mile faster than a stock Eclipse? Please please please go to the track and try it out and then talk. Just go once, that's all I ask. See what the others are doing and how much money they have spent to break into the 14's. It is surely not just a tune-up and a good pass. Another thing, why would the factory publish 1/4 mile times for the Eclipse at around 15 seconds when they could do better? Why wouldn't they hire a good driver, do your magical tune-up and do 14's? You probably are not aware, but the factory published times are very hard to attain.

12th Feb 2006, 19:58

LOL, this thread is hilarious. FYI, stock MOTOR TREND numbers for the 210hp GSX = 14.8 in the 1/4 mile. That's a professional driver. Expect mid-15's if you're an average driver who is at all concerned with clutch life. Yes they have potential. There are some REALLY GOOD DRIVERS running low 13's/high 12's with a boost controller, aftermarket (or deleted) exhaust and an intake. Keep in mind- the turbo plumbing & components are better on the 1st gen cars (the ugly ones). Also beware that if you get an AWD car and mod it to anywhere near 300hp and launch it hard you WILL break tranny's eventually. I've seen it. GSX's are good cars though... I just prefer my 'ugly' WRX :)

6th Nov 2010, 20:15

I have a 1996 Eclipse GST. I have not ran my car at the track yet.

I have to say, I have had my car for years, and I would say that it is bullet proof. I do all my own mechanics.

I have a lot of upgrades that I myself have done. I have installed a Turbonetics t3/t4 hybrid turbo, a Tial 38mm external waste gate, 3" exhaust, NGK O2 sensor, Megan Racing turbo header, Kool pipe turbo piping, OBX adjustable cam gears, OBX pulley set, OBX under drive crank pulley, 650cc injectors, OBX fuel rail, Megan racing fuel pressure regulator, Maukuni 54mm throttle body, 80%overstock Venom intake manifold, Mishimoto intercooler, Greddy waste gate controller, Apexi BOV, Mishimoto aluminum radiator, Gates radiator hoses, Greddy Profect B boost controller, Greddy timer, B&M short shifter, energy suspension motor mounts, Borg Warner stage 2 clutch, H&R springs, ceramic brake pads, Mishimoto strut support bars, autometer air/fuel ratio gauge and boost gauge, and a full wire tuck, and all of that is stuffed under the hood of a decent looking Eclipse that is in need of a paint job.

I got a full molded body kit and 18" Motegi racing wheels. All of that, and I have not ran it at the track or had it dynoed yet. If anyone has any thoughts on what my hp will be, let me know. I've got my own ideas, but I would like some other opinions.

31st Jul 2011, 22:18

OK well, I'm sure no one is going to see this, but just in case...

To the poster above who said the GSX "pales" in comparison to the Hondas/Acuras... you're plain incorrect. The Honda/Acuras may have a slight advantage in handling (this really only goes for the RSX Type S and Integra Type R), but in straight line speed, NO stock Integra (including the Type R), Prelude, Civic Si, etc can match a stock GSX/GST in a straight line.

The GST and GSX hit 60mph well under 7 seconds, anywhere from 6.2 to 6.5. The Preludes, Integras and Si's are hard pressed to reach 60 in under 7 seconds stock. The only Honda/Acura product that can surpass the turbo Eclipses is the RSX Type S, which is still a driver's race (not good for the RSX, considering it's a much newer vehicle). With a good driver, the Honda/Acuras can hang about a 1 car to 1/4 car length behind the GST/GSX.

I owned a 1999 GST 5 speed MTX with 75,000k on the motor, all stock, and I never lost to any stock Prelude Si, Integra GSR, Civic Si (including the most recent model years). I also pulled on some modded Civic Si and Preludes. Unless the Eclipse is ATX and the Honda/Acura is MTX, or the DSM driver just blows, the Hondas/Acuras won't pull.

For comparison, I owned a 1994 Ford Probe GT, and was able to pull on Preludes, Integra GSR and Civic Si in that car, which was also stock and had over 100,000 miles (granted the races were sometimes very close).

I would still have that 99 GST if it weren't for my stint in rehab that forced me to sell it. Shame.

Just thought I'd clear that up...