10th Feb 2006, 12:26

I must also add that I agree that this person must have test driven the entry level 1.8 model which is not the fastest with 120bhp. If this isn't the case then perhaps the car was f!$ked.

22nd Aug 2006, 11:03

Although FTO GPX Mivecs are far from slow, they aren't as impressive as you'd believe! UK versions (manual) did 0-60 in 7.2, with 140ish top speed (see parkers.co.uk for full spec), and the same 200bhp!

However, a good 94-99 Toyota Celica GT, standard 2.0 litre, producing 172ish BHP will easily match you, not only in a straight line, but also around the twisties, giving better MPG and a lot easier on the car insurance! Although in all fairness, they don't look anywhere near as nice, or sound as nice!

5th Dec 2007, 08:42

Did anyone know that FTO stands for "funny tree oak"

17th Jan 2008, 02:05

I hope that was just a joke FTO = "Fresh Touring Origination"

My next car will hopefully be a 1997 GPX manual, have seen many around the state between 11 and 20 thousand Australian dollars. Very reasonable price/performance ratio and they look and sound gorgeous :)

Keep on saving those pennies.

5th Feb 2008, 05:59

I am looking to buy one of these sexy motor's, but I would just like to confirm that the manual is better than the Tiptronic??



1st Aug 2009, 04:00

You have to love these people who quote 'Parkers' performance figures or any publication for that matter...

Drive the car before making assumptions going off magazine figures (0-60 crap for starters) as only young baseball cap wearers attempt to do 0-60 on the roads and 99% of the time fail to match the quoted figures but manage to smoke their clutch or snap some driveshafts!!

Another thing... 0.8 seconds difference to 60 or 100mph for that matter is frankly nothing in real world driving, what is more important is how well a car can overtake at road speeds / how it handles and more importantly how it stops!!

The Mitsubishi FTO GPX is an awesome piece of kit and makes driving fun to say the least... I have been lucky enough to have owned plenty of your hot hatches/fast saloons in my past from Clio 16v / R5 GTT to Capri 2.8i / Sierra XR4x4 Turbo Technics / Vectra GSI... I won't bore you any longer... I kid you not, this little Japanese blaster is up there with the best of them in its category :)

29th Sep 2010, 11:41

I just purchased a 1995 auto tiptonic version, 200 BHP, Japanese import, and to say I am very impressed is an understatement. It is a very fast (for getting you outta trouble) and reliable car and also very reasonably priced at a bargain £800.

22nd Jan 2011, 18:14

Right, first of all, I've had my FTO since 2006. It started life as a standard GPX mivec. Now it is highly modified show car. This car gets more looks than many other expensive cars with a quad double exhaust on each side, and a decat, fully serviced, and ready to roar down the streets. Sounds absolutely amazing. Also, one off body mods. Soon going to get it in a mag. Thanks for reading.