1995 Mitsubishi FTO gpx 2.0L mivec from UK and Ireland


Stunning,absolutely stunning.


Front ns strut

Big end (engine replacement needed)

General Comments:

Car is very quick for a NA FWD 2.0l.

Revs all the way up to 8k.

Is a bit heavy on petrol - but that is to be expected from a car with this kind of performance.

Cannot be beaten for the money.

Car handles alright, but it does have a slight tendency to over-steer when put to the test (quite rare in a FWD car!).

Car isn't lacking anything in the looks department - even if kept standard it's still a stunner.

Ride is firm. Seats are comfy - bucket seats all around.

Surprisingly large space in the back - short people will be comfy.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2006

1995 Mitsubishi FTO GR 2.0V6 from UK and Ireland


Good fun but, expencive running costs


No real faults as yet.

General Comments:

Nice sports car with very muscular looks. This car will destroy every hot hatch and will give big engines and turbos a run for there money.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 01:39

Fto's are crap!they drive like an old woman. buy something else.

26th Jun 2006, 07:48

Re: The previous quote "FTO's are crap" I'm guessing that the unnamed contributer is probably 12 or 13, never been anywhere near a FTO let alone in one. Only experience is on a Playstation. Anyone agree???


30th Jun 2006, 06:15

Yes I do think he sounds about 12 years old, I have a FTO 2.0 V6 manual, not added much to it, but I can tell you they are not slow not when you know how to drive a car like that. To all those moaning about the FWD,to get the car converted to a RWD is kind of expensive, but WELL worth it, it makes the car 100% more fun to drive, and don’t we all drive a car like this for fun?

1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX 2.0L Mivec from Australia and New Zealand


If you choose to buy one of these cars make sure the motor hasn't been given a hiding!


Shortly after purchasing the car I noticed a leak coming from the cam seal area. This cost $600 to fix, but I also had the timing belt changed this was $240.

Two days after the car coming back from the mechanic a serious leak developed around the head area. The car now has blown head gaskets and oil is being forced out the head area from the galleries.

Rusting Chassis Rails.

General Comments:

The Cars performance becomes noticeable at around 6000 RPM as this is when the MIVEC (variable valve timing) becomes operational, below that RPM range the car tends to be a little sluggish.

The car does however handle fantastic. For a front wheel drive car you wouldn't know where the wheels are being driven until the tires break traction, or if you encounter torque steer.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX 2.0 mivec from UK and Ireland


Slow sports car


So far, I haven't had any problems with the car.

General Comments:

The car is very reliable and comfortable, it also looks good and handles like a dream, but doesn't have the power you would expect from a 2.0 mivec.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2003

7th Nov 2003, 08:25

I don't think 0-60 in just over 6 seconds is slow! and the price you can pick up a gpx manual is fantastic-value for money and speed. As you can guess I own a gpx manual!


17th Aug 2005, 06:46

I agree, for the price and the fact that the engine isn't turbocharged this car is one of the quickest in it's category. I also own a manual GPX 2.0L V6 MIVEC, and if I am honest, I've driven a lot of FTO's...if the car has been treated well and the engine is in good nick it will impress, if it hasn't been well cared for, it will not. Simple as.

1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX 2.0L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


I saw one in 1995 it from then on wards was my dream car. FTO GPX dreams can come true!


I have completed a lot of Modifications on this car. My FTO GPX is now turbo charged which caused a lot of problems, it destroyed my trans and I had to rebuild it and strengthen it.

I recently have been in a Car accident with this car, while a front guard for most cars can be bought for less then $200, I have yet to find one for an FTO for under $600 and cannot find one in my state.

General Comments:

The FTO is a Rare car expect to pay lots if something goes wrong.

It's exterior and interior styling and complimenting curves are to be desired and will most deffinatley attract a lot of attention from on lookers. Expect some stares as the FTO is from and inspired by the era of crazy overly stylish Mitsubishi concept cars.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2003