30th Apr 2007, 02:14

Hi, can anyone give me some advice? I'm thinking of buying an fto, but don't really know much about them, I'm worried they will use a lot of petrol or be expensive to maintain, and I've never driven a semi automatic so don't know what they would be like to drive, basically don't have a clue about them except they look great! would you recommend buying one?

Thanks sarah.

8th Aug 2007, 10:19

Hi, I have an FTO GR. Love the damn thing.

It's recently kept dying out, and no one knows what's wrong with it. Can anyone tell me any special relays, or something I can look at?


21st Sep 2007, 15:27

Consider the fuel filter if you have problems with the engine dying on you. I had this problem which was due to my using a petrol treatment to clean the injectors. Bad idea as it shifted dirt from the tank to the fuel filter and blocked it. Not a major job. The filter can be changed without removing the rear manifold I was told. Consider cleaning the injectors too, which is also a reasonable job. Do not (in my experience) use a main dealer... for anything, as the one I used simply did not understand the car. They diagnosed the above fault as a £600.00 new head gasket task. My second opinion was well worth seeking. I am three years into ownership and very happy indeed. The MIVEC V6 is a classic.


15th Nov 2007, 17:17

I have just bought a GR. Owned it one day and I love it, the engines sound beautiful, a bit of a rough ride, think bushes are worn, but to sum it up it's a dream to drive.

22nd Oct 2008, 16:46

I had a 2.0 GR model for 3 years until 2005. Best car I've ever driven. 25-30 mpg average. Fast. Sexy. Pillar-less doors are great. Handling superb. Flat-out at traffic lights, no wheel spin. Only ever had 3 problems. Firstly heater matrix, fixed under warranty. And then 2 alternators went, costing around £200 a time to fix in back-street garage, sourced parts via FTO owners club.

11th Aug 2009, 07:47

I have a limited edition yellow gpx and it's an amazing car, Only problem when they go wrong boy do you get a massive bill, They arnt that fast but who cares?limit is 70. Its cost me a fortune to keep on the road.

24th Nov 2010, 11:03

Looking back. FTO's are crap. Barely keeps up with a Mondeo! I owned a GPX version for 4 years until Jan 2009 until I realised I looked like a chav driving around in a car regarded 10 years out of fashion. There weren't many problems with FTO's except for common starter motor clogging up, or alternator failing. Engine was robust that hammering it occasionally would not affect the engine. Performance was crap. The MIVEC was certainly the most prominent feature of this car. I got rid of this Cartoon looking car & bought a 500bhp Mercedes SL600 Bi-Turbo last November.

11th Jan 2011, 00:02

I just brought a 1995 GR Black FTO. I must say it's a pretty fast car for its money. Heard it's expensive to maintain. =\

Anyone know how long (KM) this baby would go with full petrol? Also, how long after the low petrol sign is on?



27th May 2014, 12:51

I just did a 15s 1/4 on the weekend with my GR. That's not too slow.

1st Aug 2014, 07:49

No more expensive to own or run than any other classic. Other than in most cases it's usually used as a daily driver that is, rather than a weekender. Fuel wise 25 ish. A good GPX flat out on an autobahn should get close to 150. Is that slow?!