22nd May 2010, 05:34

Update: now at 160K km, just had its service. Had two rocker cover gaskets replaced. Auto tranny fluid still clean and pink.

About 8 months ago, replaced the fuel pump. Got a brand new, non-original one for NZ$250; the original Mitsubishi one costs NZ$850! That was a shock -- Audi and BMW ones only cost about NZ$450-500.

One thing I've noticed; every few months or so, I need to replace a headlamp bulb. Those H7 bulbs are expensive, considering they are not double-filament units. No idea why, but a friend of mine also with a Galant has noticed the same thing. Perhaps the headlamp design doesn't dissipate heat well enough.

Else, nothing wrong, still dependable and reliable.

11th Jan 2012, 15:23

Thanks for the updates on your Galant. What about a 2011 update, or have I missed it? Thanks.

12th Jan 2012, 13:34

Hi - original reviewer here, replying to the last comment. Just as well I recognised the title - I traded in the Galant in September 2010 for a 2001 BMW 316ti Compact with a manual gearbox.

The Galant I traded in was bought by one of the staff of the franchised car dealership when they drove my car and saw it was well-cared for. They didn't send it off to be auctioned. It had done about 165K km.

My sum-up of the car - reliable, smooth, very roomy. Good engine, automatic gearbox wasn't bad, but the tiptronic function is practically useless if you want the car to act like a manual. The automatic climate control I'd rather not have, and would just have simple dials (but doesn't come with that version). Road noise for NZ coarse-chip pavements is quite loud, but on smooth roads it's fine. Seats are average. Fuel consumption was as expected for a medium-sized automatic car (8 km/L or about 24 UK MPG).

Because NZ roads outside cities are twisty and winding, I really wanted a manual gearbox (which is now very rare in NZ because of used Japan-market import cars) for control; had I owned the rarer Galant V6 with manual, I may still have had it.

Good car, no regrets on that one. How's my newer car faring? Very well - no repairs over the last 15 or so months, road noise is less pronounced (or, a different frequency). And the mileage is very surprising at 11.5 km/L or 35 UK MPG.