19th Mar 2003, 08:29

I have just purchased a year old Mitsubishi Galant V6 Sport, and the bodywork condition is excellent, even allowing for UK weather. As the vehicle comes with one of the best warranties (unlimited mileage for 3 years, with the option of extending at a reasonable price) and a 6 year anti corrosion warranty, I am somewhat perplexed at the problems the original submitter claims to have encountered. It sounds as if there could be more to this outburst than is advised. Like the previous answerer, I hope that the guy gets sorted, and am happy with my purchase... it even gives me 30mpg UK!

23rd Mar 2003, 12:32

As the only other negative impression on a galant comes from the USA and points out likely problem in the Mitsubishi North America factory, it may be the case that Japanese-built cars are fine while American ones not that good... Had a 1990 Galant that lasted me 1.5 day (head gasket went and I took the car back to the used dealer who 'd sold it to me), but still have a v positive image of Japanese cars, which has been reinforced by my short stint at Jaguar headquarters.

29th Jan 2004, 12:51

I think car problems depend on the dealer and the state that you live in. I have a 2003 Galant ES and the car is great, better than I expected in fact. I just take care of the regular maintenance and it runs great.. no rusting at all. Its unfortunate that your car experience rusting, it seems very strange to me. I know other people that own the Galant and they tell me it's a very solid car. I would look into the dealer or place you purchased your Galant, that sounds very out of the Ordinary. Hope you get it resolved.

9th Nov 2005, 18:50

I have a 2001 Galant ES-V6 and I am not very happy with it. First and foremost, there is a problem with the suspension. I had wheel allignment done 3 times within 20K miles. I've also noticed the transmission slipping for a while, but when I took it to the dealer, they said nothing was wrong with it. Well, the warranty expired and so is the transmission. Unfortunatlely for me, they have to replace the whole transmission and I have to pay for it. What else can be wrong with it... The keyless entry remote does not work - I replaced the battery, re-programmed the remote and still does not work. The Air Condition does not work - it does not get cold anymore even after recharging the freon. Did I also mention that the seat sometimes dis-engages - pushing me backward further from the steering wheel while driving?

4th Jan 2006, 11:45

It is amazing to me that it shows only 2 reviews in the beginning section. You then click on show all posts for this year and you have 6 more.. All negative.. The two "best written" are positive. 6 of 8 people are disatisified and yet the best written ones are positive reviews... I am wondering if Mitsubishi isn't trying to sway the consumer??