2nd Dec 2005, 01:38

I Purchased my 1999 Galant ES In June of 2004 with 52000 Miles on it. Shortly after I bought my car, My battery died while driving thu an intersection.

80000 Miles - I had A Fuse to my ECU Blow that caused my car to shift when its not supposed to, and rough, As well as high idle.

I have a Ticking coming from what sounds and feels like cylinder 3 Made a light ticking around 60k Miles, This has Gotten worse. (On-going problem it seems, I blew a plug out of the same cylinder at 65000 miles) Replaced with Bosh platinum 4+ and that didn't Fix the ticking, but it ran great!

Got a Fuel injector Cleaner done at my local lube shop, And that Killed the ticking for about 10000 miles till it started again.

Today I have 85500 miles, And this Ticking Comes and goes as it wants, I've kinda grown used to the whole ticking bit ( I figure it's a result of my sub woofers )

Now When I start my car and it wants to die, and idles very inconsistently When warming up.

When I put the car into gear and try to go it bogs way down till I floor it. Then she runs like a champ till I turn the car off again, Even for a short period of time.

As far as the brakes go, I've driven 33500 Miles on this set of rotors and breaks, It does have a bad vibrate when the brakes are applied heavily, Downhills, or at high speeds. Haven't had them changed yet, Starting to squeak. Replacing with non factory drilled and slotted rotors. with lifetime pads.

My mother had a 1992 galant when they were new, and had to have her rotors and breaks replaced several times.

If anyone has any information regarding recalls or anything of the sort E-Mail me eclipse_thc@yahoo.com.