1991 Mitsubishi Lancer 1500 GLX gasoline from Croatia


Mostly just maintenance stuff: light bulbs, battery, but this is OK, since it's stuff which needs regular replacement anyways.

The ash lighter, back glass heater and light adjustment doesn't work anymore (lights can be manually adjusted by turning a certain screw in the back of the light), but this just adds to the charm and will hopefully be repaired one day.

Also, it was jumped on and was in 3 crashes (two on the side and one in back) and its roof is slowly rusting on a few places because it got hit with a very heavy ice pellets. But other than that, it's perfectly fine.

Once after months of standing I couldn't manage to start it, but this is because I flooded the carburetor, my mistake. We took it to a carburetor specialist and they fixed it.

General Comments:


It's a great car.

We've owned it in the family for some 5 - 6 years now and we don't want to change the car.


This particular car is in a very good condition because it was hardly used. It was owned by a wealthy family and they had better cars to drive, so it was hardly used and in a garage.

It had around 100.000 km at that point we got it (maybe even less), which is nothing as these engines can go 500.000km without a major overhaul.

My aunt had a light crash with it, when a modern Peugeot crashed into the back bumper. The Peugeot was reportedly damaged, while we never needed to repair the bumper. It's just a little dented. Bumper is solid iron, not plastic.


It's a tough, reliable, big, comfortable car. After a lifetime driving small cars, this car was like sun after rain; it was comfortable, solid, "floaty", and simply a quality car.

It's a simple car, everything is manual, no electronics. No A/C, crank windows, manual door lock, no servo.

It's built honestly, meaning that it will last a long time to come. My mother (who also drives it) is very happy with it and loves its reliability. So, it's a long-term keeper.

When I have more money, I will invest in refurbishing it (new paint).

I plan to install LPG in it so it's cheaper to drive. This car doesn't have a servo nor A/C, but we don't really feel they are missing.

We did all kinds of stuff with it. We've driven it to holidays, stuffed 5 people in and a full trunk, and it did 170km/h on highway. We've hauled stuff in when we moved office. The car was completely stuffed with paper, it almost dragged on the ground, it was more than overloaded.

It will for up to 170km/h on the highway, but I mostly drive it easy. It isn't very fast on acceleration and has a more cruising feel, which I like.


Reliable, reliable, reliable. It's a car I can sit in right now, load a tank of fuel and head towards other side of continent without worrying that it will break down.

Honest build - no in-built breakdown time.

Simple - no electronics to break down and eat your money.

Doesn't depreciate - bought it for 600€, can sell it for 600€ (which completely doesn't pay off to do).

Really small fuel consumption (5-6l/100km) on highway for a car of its age and engine size, if you keep it around 110km/h.


Under the radar - too old and too obscure to be stolen.

Tough - 3 crashes, some assholes jumping on it, hauling in overload, no problems.

Trunk is flat, so you can sit on it to admire the scenery when stopping to eat during traveling somewhere.


Fuel consumption - it spends about 10l/100km in stop-and-go traffic, which is damn expensive, but is more annoying than really unbearable. Fuel consumption at some 50-60km/h is a lot smaller.

Impractical spare wheel arrangement - spare wheel is turned downwards in the trunk, meaning you need to take out the entire wheel to check it for air and pump it.

Sedan trunk - really impractical when loading big items, like bicycles (difficult) or a washing machine (impossible). There is also a hatchback version which is more practical for this.

During winter, cold air can come in and around the foot area, and I remember I had to put toilet paper inside my shoes to keep the feet warm, although the internal heating worked really well.

In the end, I'm happy with the car. It does the job perfectly, does everything we ask it to, and I look forward to it becoming an old timer soon. And it's really cool when you learn to recognize the other 7 cars of the same model in 800.000 resident city. This gives it a kind of special status.

I don't know if I'd buy a modern Mitsubishi, simply because this one is going to (unless it gets stolen or crashed) be around for a long time, and also because I don't like modern cars in general and how they feel. Modern cars are simply not built to be as long lasting and are not as good an investment.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2017

1991 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.5 petrol from Kenya




Had to replace the CV joints and the rear brake at about 250,000km.

Had to change the starter brushes most recently.

On cold starts it's a bit difficult to start the car immediately. When the engine has been running for a long time (e.g. for about an hour), it becomes difficult to start the car until after about 30 minutes.

I may need to replace the alternator, since the battery does not seem to charge properly.

Besides that it's a really brilliant and reliable car.

General Comments:

The car is generally fast and easy to run... low consumption, especially on long drives.

It's very comfortable to drive and doesn't seem to breakdown midway. At least it will get you home.

Runs faster than most new rides around, especially on highways.

The car gives me about 10,000km before any service is required.

The car does not smoke.

I've had to change the lead wires for better performance, and it worked.

Changed the differential oil immediately I got the car, and the ride doesn't disappoint.

It's a car I'd recommend for anyone shopping for a first car...

It's brilliant and comfortable.

Its clock speed is 200kph, and it does well to keep up with other fast cats on the road...

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Review Date: 15th May, 2015