1991 Mitsubishi Lancer CB 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Perfect for a teenager


Nothing much has gone really wrong.

Replaced alternator and fan belt, as it had splits.

Replaced air filter, as it got a bit smelly.

Replaced windscreen wipers and blades, as a bit faded and rusted, and just moved the water all over the window instead of off the window.

Rust spots (really little) on boot and roof. And underneath the car.

Replace brake pads.

Previous owner had stained all seats and carpet, however seat covers and mats hide those well.

Interior fell apart, the plastic clips for the walls break real easy.

Near the window is a black strip of plastic (don't know what it's called), it's on all cars, and 3 out of 4 dislodged.

Low/bad tint. So the car heats up quite a bit in the sun.

Battery stopped working 167,000 due to new stereo (we think). However the battery is small, and been going for so long, plus I recently installed a CD player with speakers. However the battery area is quite large, so I replaced it with a larger battery than before.

Broke a visor.

Plastic on the dashboard is all split (previous owner?) and the plastic surrounding the speedometer broke, dislodging some buttons.

It is 19 years old; the poor car needs some loving.

General Comments:

Car is really fuel efficient, cost $40 to fuel up and it lasts a week and a half, even more.

Car that gets from A to B, and has yet to break down (touch wood).

Air conditioner is fantastic, it gets really cold and really hot.

Installed a CD deck plus 2 6 "9 speakers and an amplifier. 2 front speakers with the car work fine with the deck. Did the installation and it was "not that hard".

Back seats can fold up, to provide a larger back space.

Car is not power steering.

Not good for tall, long-ish people.

Hardly chews oil, fuel, coolant or brake fluid.

In the hatchback, there are 2 speakers near the shelf. These no longer work anymore, and it's a complete waste of space.

Most of these "problems" were fixed, and the car runs great/better.

It's comfortable and appealing.

Perfect for a teenager.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010

1991 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi 1.5 from Nigeria


An excellent surprise


Only the shock absorbers make a little noise on bad roads now.

General Comments:

An excellent surprise with very good fuel economy and torque.

But for its low suspension on R13 tires, it delivers just the right drive and satisfaction.

Good value for your money, and it is very cheap to maintain, making it good for the low income earner, and as an errand utility vehicle.

It is indeed an excellent surprise.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2010

1991 Mitsubishi Lancer 5d GLXi 1.5i petrol 66kW from Finland


For city driving


Rust all over the body and bottom (some holes had to be welded).

ECU broke around 260000km.

Alternator broke twice, around 265000km and 280000km.

Humidity getting inside distributor, causing oxidation and failures to start in wet weather.

Timing belt clamp-wheel did split around 290000km, almost causing engine destruction (luckily discovered because of weird noise from engine, before more serious damage occurred: belt was still running around half of the clamp-wheel)

General Comments:

Nice to drive in city because of decent mid rpm torque (peaks around 3000rpm), small turning radius, good visibility and short gear ratios.

Liftback body is capable of transporting large objects when rear seats are folded.

Lights are weak.

Short gear ratios hurt fuel consumption.

Noisy and not very stable at high speeds - requires constant steering.

Low body and short seat are not suitable for tall drivers.

Cabin warms up fast during winter.

GLX-level equipment is quite good, considering the year and cost of the car (includes heated & power adjustable mirrors, heated seats, seat height & steering wheel distance adjustments)

Engine is still rock solid, despite 300 megameters, and consumes no oil.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2010