Lancer Evolution 4 2.0 petrol

True sport car from a past era of Japanese turbo cars

348 words, Finland

Lancer GL 1.5

A reliable car

39 words, Kenya

Lancer GLXi 1.6

I drove many different cars in my life, and this is one of if not the best car I have ever driven.

61 words, Trinidad and Tobago

Lancer GL 1.5 carb

Almost maintenance free

132 words, Philippines, 3 comments

Lancer GLX 1.3

Nice family car, really nice looks for its year!

53 words, Lithuania

Lancer GL 1.3 Gas

Perfect and smooth ride

118 words, Egypt

Lancer evo 4 2.0 turbo

Wet dream

57 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Lancer GLX 1.3 Carburettor

Very good car to keep for a long time

144 words, Uruguay

Lancer GLXI 1.6

Surpass your expectations

224 words, Philippines

Lancer Evolution IV GSR Turbocharged 2.0

Crazy car. Good value for money if you find a good one

109 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Lancer GLX 1.3 12V

Absolute Quality and Reliability

76 words, Greece

Lancer GLX 1.3

A reliable car, worth the money

37 words, Greece

Lancer GLXi 1.5 petrol

A weak car with no power that eats a lot of gas

212 words, Thailand, 17 comments

Lancer GL

The car is okay for everyday driving

56 words, Philippines