1998 Mitsubishi Lancer MX 1.5 injection, twin cam from Mauritius


Wonderful car


Nothing wrong to this date.

General Comments:

This was imported from Japan.

It is a very good car, very reliable.

As long as you keep the rev under 3,000 rev/min, it is very economical.

I have all the comfort needed.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2003

2nd Oct 2011, 11:41

Hi, I am also going for a 1.5 twin cam for my 2004 Lancer.. What advice to you have for me?

1998 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi 1.3 from Singapore


Bad sound isolation


Loud road noise heard in the cabin. Worst belting ever had, getting noisy and " gheet " sound from the belt especially during rainy days or early morning. Change the belt many times, but comes back again after a while.

Fuel consumption is not very good for urban drive (with reference of 1.3 liter engine)

When going on highway, it takes long time to reach 140 Km/h.

Never never drive fast on the wet surface, tends to float when going through a pool of water even if with a good tire.

General Comments:

After all not a bad choice for a 1.3 liter class.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

15th Nov 2003, 00:35

I don't agree with this review. My car is also a Lancer (same model), and I would like to explain some of the comments shown.

1. Slow to reach 140 kph - It's a 1.3 engine, so in terms of engine strength, what would you expect? Even more, when you carry 5 people in it.

2. Gas consumption not good - City driving is different because of the traffic situation (stop and go situation, wherein your attained speed will stop soon because of traffic, thus wasting gas). Driving habits also play a part in consumption.Plus, if you carry heavy loads in a "weak" engine, you would get poor consumption.

3. Floating in water on road at great speeds - Its called "aquaplaning"...it's a natural thing to happen if you're going fast. Cars have a tendency to "float" when passing by a puddle of water at great speeds. Even good tires can be victims. Its not the car, but its more of a natural thing, like when no car no matter how great, can stop immediately, but because of the laws of physics.

1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 2.0 turbocharged l-4 DOHC from UK and Ireland


High performance BEAST


I got so excited while accelerating, I put it in 2nd gear too hard and broke the gear stick.

General Comments:

I am a rally driver and my dad is the Cyprus rally champion of 1995. I have 2 evolutions one is a later model than this, which is a evolution 4 which I use for rallying and I have to say, at 4WD this cars can handle any surface at any speed on any terrain. Absolutely magical, Long live Mitsubishi.

At 280ps/6,500rpm, this car is amazingly fast and the acceleration stops your blood flow to the brain. The engine Roar turns me on, just as good as my girlfriend does!

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Review Date: 30th September, 2002

27th Sep 2010, 17:44

Yeah, I agree, Evos rock. Sure Cadburys make pistons for Scoobys :) Pure chocolate pistons...

30th Sep 2010, 10:31

Not getting into which the better car is but the Scooby Boxer engine burble is a far nicer sound as the Evo sounds nothing special!

30th Sep 2010, 10:38

Looking at the cars purely based on sound, the Subaru is definitely the winner.

The Boxer engine sounds much more unique and burbles more and you can tell it's an Impreza coming round the corner before you even see it. I am not defending the pistons or talking about performance, but on sound, the Evo is just another turbo petrol compared to the Impreza's Boxer engine.

1st Feb 2011, 01:54

On sound probably you are right. The Scooby wins by a slight margin, but on handling, speed, looks, comfort... All that, leave it for Evo especially the Evo 10.

Gives me a more tingling effect.


6th Feb 2011, 08:56

After all the back to back comparisons every time the new models come out, there is never much between them. Sound is by far better in the Scooby, but reliability, the Evo has it! I'm not a fan of the current hatch Scooby, and much prefer the Evo.