2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 1.3 carb from Sri Lanka


Excellent car to drive NFS


This car had a right hand side noise on bumpy roads, and the shocks were replaced.

General Comments:

With comparing it to other cars, the acceleration is far superior. The sensation is far beyond the looks of the vehicle while passing other vehicles.

Trunk is very roomy, which is good for my family of 5.

It's comfortable and roomy compared to other cars.

The driving position is more like playing a video game; just do not feel any fear when driving it.

Well I'll have more updates with more experience with this.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2011

2002 Mitsubishi Lancer LS 2.0 from North America


The most awesome car I have ever owned


Replaced steering rack.

Replaced first clutch at 85,000 miles.

Replaced 2nd clutch 135,000 miles.

First set of brakes went at 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

I didn't like the first clutch. It shifted strangely from 1st to 2nd, and only lasted 85,000 miles. Dealer wanted to charge me over $2,000 to replace the clutch. They said it probably had engine damage. They offered me $400 for the car. I decided to keep the car and went to a different mechanic and had the 2nd clutch replaced for $800. It only lasted 50,000 miles. I went to a different mechanic, and had the clutch replaced for $950, and it has been running like a champ for 140,000 miles.

Lots of room.

Used it like a truck.


Excellent on gas.

The engine doesn't quit.

Doesn't leak oil.

Burns very little oil at 275,000 miles.

Extremely comfortable.

Interior fabric lasts forever. Still like new 9 years later.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2011

25th Apr 2011, 06:00


How about the timing belt. Did you change it?

2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 GT-A 2.0L turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Great real-world performance car that comes highly recommended


I purchased the car from an importer-dealer with a few very minor problems. I knew what the problems were so it was not a concern for me. The spark plugs were old and worn to a point where the engine was misfiring under very heavy load. Replacing them with OEM units fixed it and is something that was due to be done anyway. There was also a clunking sound in the front suspension which was the main lower control arm pivot bush. These cars being an extreme performance vehicle, use a pillow-ball bush for superb steering response so there is no rubber to flex. The trade-off is that they will need replacing a little more often than normal rubber. This is not really a reliability problem, it is just normal maintenance.

So far there have been no engine mechanical failures, no transmission problems, no interior breakages and no electrical problems. For a car with over 100,000km it is still in almost new condition. Even the original brake rotors are still well within spec.

General Comments:

This car is the 5-speed automatic version of the Evo 7. If you always wanted an Evo or an STI, but wanted something more suitable for sitting in daily traffic then this is the car for you! The gearbox is very smooth shifting, and you can always slide the gearstick across to the left and manually shift gears either from the stick itself or from the steering wheel buttons.

Handling is sublime. You can get away with murder on the streets, with this car giving you amazing levels of confidence. When you think you have reached the limit, there is always a little extra you can find in it. Turn in, go full throttle, and point where you want to go.

Power is great for a 2.0L auto. With a little practice sub-5.0 sec 0-100km/h times are possible, with a 13 second 1/4 time also a very easy thing to reach. Just a small prod of the throttle is all that is needed to have the gearbox smoothly kick back a gear and off you go.

Economy is not great, averaging around 330km for 37L. The car has a ridiculously small fuel tank, so expect to fill up often. Considering the car is permanent AWD, is not that light, and is a pure performance focused car, the below average economy has to be expected.

The transmission is also very well setup. The car pulls strongly off the traffic lights and is so much better than the WRX automatics that they should never be compared.

Brakes are awesome and fade-free, with a great feel and feedback. Not much more can be said.

Suspension is fractionally softer than the normal Evo, but for a road car this is much more preferred. It is firm but not rock hard, and generally will take potholes without causing a loss of teeth.

Interior-wise the car is no luxury machine. It is not bad, and is a little more upmarket than the normal Evo 7, but it is not great either. I replaced the seats with Evo 9 units I found second hand, and it has made the interior a much nicer place. Everything does wear well, with no visible signs of scuffs anywhere.

This vehicle comes highly recommended. I can cruise in heavy traffic without stressing, it is just as fast (if not faster) in a straight-line as the normal Evo 7. Even in auto-form it can out-corner just about everything on the road, and still stay compliant in the rough stuff. It has been rock-solid reliable too with nothing really wearing out even with high kms.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2009

17th Feb 2009, 02:53

I have found it difficult to find any reviews on the EVO V11

GA, and so finding this has answered quite a few queries.

I would have liked to know the owners impression of the Tiptronic feature as I have never driven one with this.

Interesting to note the economy figures, and I have to say that this may effect my final purchase decision.

It probably won't though as I have always wanted an EVO.

I have a 'Green Plan 'for fuel. The basis of this involves refining 'Whale Oil' as an eco friendly fuel.

This may not be popular.....especially with the whales.

All in all... happy to have found this review & great effort... cheers.

20th Nov 2009, 13:21

Hahaha agreed with you.. the fuel economy is poor... it was affecting my final decision, but just like you, this car has always been a dream.. I would recommend this as a weekend car... it's just not set up for traffic and all that.. keep a Eco-friendly car in the garage for the weekdays..

20th Oct 2010, 05:08

Good review. I have owned a GTA for a year now, it's a great car. I also have an early Evo and the GTA has a much better ride.

It takes a little time to get comfortable with the transmission when driving it as a manual. Gear changes are much better when you do it. The auto is best left for my wife.

The switches on the wheel are fantastic when used in conjunction with the stick. I have not seen a review that agrees with that, but maybe it's because they only have the car for a short time.